Howie Mandel Videobomb Fox LA LIVE Newscast – Why I’m Guilty as an Accessory

Sunday, 6 January, 2013

Howie Mandel #videobomb Fox LA LIVE Newscast

Did you see the talented comedian Howie Mandel (@HowieMandel) #videobomb Fox LA LIVE Newscast on Jan 2nd, 2013?! That was an awesome moment! And we (a few friends and I) were guilty as charged in coaxing Howie to make his impromptu LIVE TV appearance! Here is the funny clip of Howie Mandel #videobomb Fox LA LIVE Newscast!

So why are we guilty as charged?! What roles did we play in coaxing Howie? Well, you are in for a special treat! “Crimes/pranks” have never quite been captured like this, from the inception, to the coaxing, to the actual execution, and then the final we laughing our heads off all over a few short minutes! Have a watch of how we created this magical #videobomb moment right in our Fox LA Google+ Hangout!

I just LOVE Howie in his quick witted spontaneity, you just can’t fake stuff like this. I first met and listened to Howie live when he came to the yearly Banff World Media Festival in 2011 to receive an award of distinction.

Howie Mandel at Banff World Media Festival 2011

You can watch this very entertaining non-stop funny “In Conversation with: Award of Distinction Winner, Howie Mandel” (with transcript). Here is an excerpt,

Everything I’ve ever been punished for, expelled for, hit for, is what I seem to get paid for and now I’m being distinguished for it, but the thing is the people who supported me are the people who love like, and those were few and far between, my family and my friends, but when I got into this business, what’s amazing is it’s such a group effort so any cameraman that I’ve ever worked with, any script writer that I’ve ever worked with, any producer, network executive or anything, they’ve all supported me and made this possible.

All I do really, and this is what Woody Allen says, is “I just show up.” 90% of success is just showing up and I’ve always done that from day one, from when my career started. I didn’t even have a career, I wasn’t pursuing a careers. I’m still not really pursuing a career. I’m not, I showed up at Yuk Yuks in April 1977 I showed up at Yuk Yuks because I don’t dance, and didn’t like going to discos and they’d opened a comedy club in Toronto and I showed up to see a show and I was fascinated […]

I can’t speak more highly of Howie as great comedian and as a frank, blunt and honest person willing to talk about his own life challenges. And if you have time, also watch this insightful interview of Howie by Howard Stern which I watched to prepare my Google+ Hangout questions for Howie.

Concluding Thoughts about our Google+ magic

I’m a Google+ Hangout News Consultant and I’ve been using using Google+ Hangout since the beginning in July 2011 and Google+ Hangout On Air (G+ HOA) since its launch in September 2011. To me, G+ HOA is one of the most powerful new broadcasting tools available. But like in the world of cooking, even if you have a great knife, an awesome mixer, etc you still have to have great chefs and first rate ingredients to create magic!

And in our first 2013 Fox LA Google+ Hangout with Howie Mandel, that magic was created because our guest Howie rocked and we rocked! Who are we? We are our host Maria Quiban, and co-hosts Anthony Ramos, DeAno Jackson, Jimmy Louis, Kempton Lam (me), Kim Beasley, Matt Moore, Paul Roustan, Sheila B. DuBois, Stormy Henderson (screen thumbnail order from left to right).

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Two 12/12/12 12:12:12 moments frozen in time

Wednesday, 12 December, 2012

In case you miss these times last night and later today, I time-travelled to freeze the two 12/12/12 12:12:12 moments for your enjoyment.

The two 12/12/12 12:12:12 moments frozen in time

I call these twin 12/12/12 12:12:12 moments, the 12 x 6 moments. Mathematically,

12 x 6

= 72

42 (Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything)

+ 30 (the smallest Giuga number)

Q.E.D (or QED)

P.S. Hope you enjoyed reading the above as much in I in spending time to create them out of nothing! :)

Tequila Sunrise – a cool step-by-step

Thursday, 29 November, 2012

A Classy Man's Tequila Sunrise - pix 4

I just watched a nice video showing me how to make the above cool looking Tequila Sunrise! The video by Andy is in Cantonese and has clear English subtitles. You should be able understand everything and make the drink yourself. Have a watch of  A Classy Man’s Tequila Sunrise (龍舌蘭日出) video! Thanks Andy for making the great video. (note: The instructional part starts at time code ~3:16 if you want to start learning how make it right away! :)

Subscribe to Andy’s A Classy Man’s YouTube channel for more videos. Like his Facebook and follow his Instagram. Fans of the first video have already asked Andy to make a dessert video! Finally, if you have made your own Tequila Sunrise (龍舌蘭日出), please post a picture to let us share your fun!

A Classy Man's Tequila Sunrise - pix 1

A Classy Man's Tequila Sunrise - pix 2

A Classy Man's Tequila Sunrise - pix 3

President Obama Jimmy Kimmel being funny at 2012 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Sunday, 29 April, 2012

President Obama at the 2012 White House Correspondents' Dinner

I have been watching these jokes for the last few years now. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I can’t stop laughing after watching the first two minutes of Jimmy Kimmel’s beeping and blurring humour! Have fun.

Apr 30 Update: THR, “Jimmy Kimmel Plays It Safe With White House Correspondents’ Dinner Speech

President Obama at the 2012 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Jimmy Kimmel at the 2012 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

P.S. Jimmy did a great job! If Stephen Colbert’s 2006 WHCD is a 11/10, Jimmy got a 7/10 from me.

Note: At ~24:00 in Jimmy’s bit, Canada gets an honourable mention! :)

BREAKING NEWS: Chicken Dance – The Making of a Soy Sauce Chicken in 4D rereleased

Saturday, 31 March, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: After worldwide success of the Whole Chicken in Pieces Trilogy, Youtube classic Chicken Dance – The Making of a Soy Sauce Chicken has been rereleased in 4D by Studio Gibberish.

Banned: This video is banned in the Vegan State of Salad since exactly one chicken was brutally cooked for audiences’ entertainment.

Awesome FollowMeFoodie Mijune – Will vlog for a great meal – Vancouver Sun

Sunday, 18 March, 2012

Full half page photo of FollowMeFoodie MiJune

(Photo credit: @CoffeeGeek)

Hello foodies, check out this Vancouver Sun article “Will vlog for a great meal” featuring the awesome Mijune (Twitter/Facebook). Here is an excerpt from  “Will vlog” (emphasis added),

“But when it comes to food vloggers — that is, bloggers who post videos — it’s the new order. Vlogging requires crazy commitment and passion. Sure, cellphones and pocket cameras can easily capture video, but scripting, shooting, editing and uploading is another thing. It takes a sizable bite out of one’s life and exquisite patience. Ouch!

One such local vlogger, Mijune Pak, of Richmond, posts on YouTube and on her blog, Follow Me Foodie. “I know the food blogging community is very saturated right now but vlogging hasn’t been touched,” she says.

Here’s the reason in a nutshell. She and her two-man crew shot for three hours, then edited for six hours to produce a 1.5 minute video. Who’s got that kind of time or expertise?

We’re doing it because we’re passionate and it’s a good way of getting exposure,” says Pak, 25. One video, The Things Foodies Say [note: see below], “went crazy,” she says. “It’s very challenging because most viewers click off after two or three minutes. To lock in a recipe in two or three minutes is very challenging.”

Also check out her FollowMeFoodie YouTube channel and this really funny 90 seconds clip. If you love food, I bet you will laugh at recognizing things you or your friends say! Enjoy.

Shit Foodies Say – Episode 1

Disclosure: I’ve known Mijune personally for years and I think she is doing some great creative work with her FollowMeFoodie site and FollowMeFoodie YouTube channel.

Aviation experts vs. Lego man

Sunday, 29 January, 2012

Lego man in space - Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad - pix 02

According to TorStar, “Aviation experts worry about Lego man copycats

“Most weather balloons are launched from known sites, according to Capt. Barry Wiszniowski, chairman of Air Canada Pilots Association’s safety division. If other balloons are being sent up, it could pose a concern to aviation. […]

A pilot might not have enough reaction time if such a balloon popped up unexpectedly, he said. With the speed of a plane, the impact could be similar to a bird strike and could cause damage, especially if something was sucked into an engine, he said.

Unmanned balloon flights are not governed by the Canadian Aviation Regulations, but Transport Canada should be informed ahead of any such launch to ensure aviation safety is not threatened, said spokesperson Kelly James.”

OK, no one want any plane accidents and I am not disputing Air Canada Pilots Association’s safety division’s and Transport Canada’s concerns. I especially respect their job and duty to worry. But at the same time, I do think there may be a bit of too much worrying here. May be with an added dose of just-in-case cya.

I am not an expert but here are some of my unscientific “justifications”:

* Planes’ engines are designed to withstand the impact of a flying bird or two. In fact, I think aircraft engine manufacturers are required to test their engines to ensure flying birds may destroy an engine but the engine enclosure should hold up, localizing the damage.

* I believe planes are designed to be able to fly and land with lost of one engine. So even in the unlikely event of losing an engine, the plane can and should still be able to land.

* Don’t know if I am close in this guestimate but, in terms of probability, we may be talking about throwing a rock to hit a speeding bullet thousands of feets away. It is possible (like me winning a lottery) but it might be very very unlikely.

* Finally, are we going to have hundreds or thousands of kids rushing out to fly stuff up into near-space? I don’t know but I kinda doubt it. I guess I will worry more when there are many more cases of such attempts.

P.S. I am glad I don’t work for Air Canada Pilots Association’s safety division or Transport Canada! Otherwise I will likely have the same worry and issue the same warning!

Jan 29, 2012 update: TorStar, “The science and engineering behind Lego Man’s balloon voyage

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