Dream and Day Dream @Kempton – My name is Kempton 錦堂 #cool #UnabashedSelfPromo

Tweet: Dream: Lucky @Kempton re Horses&Money! Day Dream with open eyes: Betting my life & savings @kempton to live a productive & meaningful life!


Tweet: Since my twitter id @Kempton is same as famed UK horse racing track Kempton Park, I couldn’t resist some wordplay with a Thomas E. Lawrence quote I love.


A short note about my name

First of all, my name’s origin is not UK and really have nothing to do with Kempton Park even I am (as @Kempton) often confused on twitter with Kempton Park. (see here, here, and here just to name a few)

My parents actually named me “Kempton” after their American boss (his last name) because, according to them, they liked how the name sounded. And my Chinese name “錦堂” is actually a phonetic translation of “Kempton” which sounded nice. You see, “錦堂” turns out to be a very traditional name in its Chinese thinking. (see next section)

One way to “literally translate” the two words “錦堂” is “glory to the family”. Yes, a friend with much cooler sounding abstract Chinese name once noticed this literal translation and explained to me and reminded me how “traditional” (implying “not as cool”) sounding my Chinese name is. (big smile)

My twin brother (in name), the famed Cantonese Opera singer

Well, how traditional is 林錦堂 as a name? You see, a famed Chinese opera singer’s name is also 林錦堂! (no relation) How cool is this?!! Being a 林錦堂, I am happy to receive the undeserved deep admiration for skills in operatic singing, teachings, plus many adoring fans (see video as proof)! Very cool.

Have a watch of the following cool videos with 林錦堂 for his performance in 2010 Shanghai Expo and his time in Shanghai with fans and hear him speak!

原創越界音樂劇場《情話紫釵》上海世博會演繹現代愛情故事 (廣東話)


Here is a brief intro, 林錦堂先生簡介


P.S. If my memory serves me, my “operatic twin-brother in name” originally used a different name “林錦棠” in the industry. I remember having to explain to people & friends the slight difference in the last word of our “phonetically identical but different in writing” names. His name being “棠” vs me being “堂” (I like to say “上堂 嘅 堂” meaning “going to school”).

P.P.S. Speaking about names, I also like to mention the famed Chinese/Taiwanese writer Mr. Lin Yutang. His name 林語堂 and my name differs also by one word. In Yutang‘s case, I have been interested in Lin Yutang‘s humourous and deeply insightful writings all my life since I was young in my secondary school days.

How insightful and “cool” is Lin Yutang/林語堂 ? Well, as I quoted extensively here in Chinese “再遇幽默大師林語堂”, Yutang burned his marriage certificate on his wedding day! What?! Yes, he burned his marriage certificate on his wedding day because he said the certificate is only useful in a divorce and he would never divorce his wife so the certificate is useless to him! And yes, he and his wife stay married their whole long life.

Here are some very insightful Chinese quotes by 語堂 (unfortunately unverifiable),

  • 我們並不是愛一個女人美麗的外表,而是她的行為舉止,音容笑貌。
  • 能夢想,這是非常重要的,而同樣重要的是有時能嘲笑一下自己的夢想。
  • 未寄出的信只是一段獨白,而蓋了郵戳的信,卻是談話。

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