Tequila Sunrise – a cool step-by-step

Thursday, 29 November, 2012

A Classy Man's Tequila Sunrise - pix 4

I just watched a nice video showing me how to make the above cool looking Tequila Sunrise! The video by Andy is in Cantonese and has clear English subtitles. You should be able understand everything and make the drink yourself. Have a watch of  A Classy Man’s Tequila Sunrise (龍舌蘭日出) video! Thanks Andy for making the great video. (note: The instructional part starts at time code ~3:16 if you want to start learning how make it right away! :)

Subscribe to Andy’s A Classy Man’s YouTube channel for more videos. Like his Facebook and follow his Instagram. Fans of the first video have already asked Andy to make a dessert video! Finally, if you have made your own Tequila Sunrise (龍舌蘭日出), please post a picture to let us share your fun!

A Classy Man's Tequila Sunrise - pix 1

A Classy Man's Tequila Sunrise - pix 2

A Classy Man's Tequila Sunrise - pix 3

Something funny in memoriam of Instagram (2010 – 2012) – $1 billion, $400m, $180m, $100m – The business of funny money

Monday, 9 April, 2012

Something funny in memoriam of Instagram and then five serious points about Facebook buying Instagram for $1 billion. [HT Melissa Carlson]

Austin Powers – 100 billion dollars

Five serious points,

  1. Lets be clear, Facebook didn’t buy Instagram for $1 billion in stock and shares even thats what the press release said. The software just worth a tiny amount in that $1 billion, Facebook bought the users. You and me. Simple as that.
  2. I don’t know what math Mark Zuckerberg and his team used to come up with the $1 billion figure. It will be interesting to see if and when Facebook reveal more details, possibly as amendments to its IPO document? How much was it in Facebook overvalued shares, and how much in cash? (update: Thanks to Mike Preston’s comment in my post, assuming 50m users @ 1b valuation, that is $20/user lifetime. Thats a lot of money and these users have fingers and they are more mobile than big companies want to admit (just ask Myspace). I kinda agree with Mike, FB must want those users NOW!
  3. During the last internet bubble, AOL used it overvalued stock to merge with Time Warner. May be it is a good time to revisit this NYT article, “In Retrospect: How the AOL-Time Warner Merger Went So Wrong“. Well, at least with Facebook buying Instagram, it is a very new company buying an even newer company with funny money. And it looks like a good deal for the Instagram team.
  4. If you had a team of six people with a neat product and millions of users, I bet you would sell your users out for $1 billion stock and cash too. Wired has an “exclusive” about how much the Instagram key players will get (figures like $400m, $100m, $180m are stated).
  5. Finally, my friend Jen puts it well, “I’ll miss you @instagram. I’m happy for your team but sad for our community. #igersunite #sadiger #sadpanda #fbkillscoolapps

See FB news release.

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