Millefiori Cucchi – From Italy with Love

Had a great time drinking a bottle Millefiori Cucchi (bought originally from Italy 30 years ago) at friends’ house warming party last night. Let me wish my friends lots of loving enjoyment in their new home for years and years to come!

One day when the time is right and I become a better story teller, I want to tell an untold story of love. Until then, let me write about the exterior beauty and mysterious story of Millefiori Cucchi.

To find out more about the delicious 30 years old Millefiori Cucchi, I turned to internet search engines, first Google and then Bing. note: If you can help by adding more info or personal pictures, or see any errors big or small in this post, please kindly leave a comment.

Millefiori Cucchi – The Lovely Name

Millefiori is Italian. Millefiori means Thousand Flowers. What a lovely name, even more beautiful when you know whats inside!

Millefiori Cucchi – The Mysterious Look of Love

Millefiori Cucchi - From Italy with Love

You see, inside the bottle of Millefiori Cucchi, there is a twig of erica embellished with crystals of sugar. Wow, how cool is that! Beautiful and thoughtful! (ref in Italian, translated English) Photos credit: Benjamin (L) and Gheghevic (R).

Millefiori Cucchi – The Mysterious Brand/Lovemark

Interestingly, after finding some more pictures of Millefiori Cucchi, I wasn’t able much information about the wine, the wine maker, etc until I found the reason via it trademark registrations! You see the Millefiori Cucchi trademark was filed in Dec 1, 1953 in US/USPTO TARR but now declared dead and filed in Jan 15, 1958 in Canada and expunged on July 29, 2004!

Even now Millefiori Cucchi is not made any more and the trademark is officially no more, in my mind, it is a lovemark! In fact, Millefiori Cucchi may be the first ever lovemark named posthumously by any one! This is the power of love! Have I just created and defined the idea/concept of a posthumous lovemark!? Mystery, Sensuality, and Intimacy, well, the posthumous lovemark Millefiori Cucchi has it all! In my heart and mind, Millefiori Cucchi is alive and well!

Loving Transformative Repurposing

Finally, I plan for this article to help remind me of the loving transformative repurposing of two bottles of Millefiori Cucchi by a loving mother and two wonderful daughters. It was a fun night and we had a great time!

10 Responses to Millefiori Cucchi – From Italy with Love

  1. Chantelle hough says:

    I bought a bottle of Millefiori Cucchi seal number 533942. Still sealed and delicious looking. But I don’t drink. If I want to sell it…. What would be the best price to go for?

  2. Fred Carrer says:

    not sure how much you can get, I still have three bottles that I got while in Italy back in the early 1990’s. just opened on tonight. its good tasting and strong.

  3. kempton says:

    Sorry Chantelle, I missed your comment from June. Like Fred, I have no idea how much a bottle can fetch. But I suppose may be the best is think of the enjoyment you may get from it. I kinda doubt you will get crazy price from it or the wine would have shown up in wine auction magazines or articles, etc.

  4. Linda says:

    I was given a bottle of Millifiore Cucchi about 10 years ago, it was 30 yrs old then. It was given by a wonderful Italian family that admire and greatly respect. They are coming for dinner this Sunday, I was thinking of opening it! We’ll see…

    • kempton says:

      Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. I wonder if you can share a photo of your bottle of the “before” and “after” if you have taken any photos. I would LOVE to see them. I wished I had taken a photo of the one we enjoyed last year at our party. I guess I didn’t expect it and didn’t want to spoil the moment for our friends. :)

      If it is already enjoyed and too late for a picture, no worries. It is the thought of you and your friends enjoying them that counts.

    • Linda says:

      I will take a before and after photo! The people that gave the bottle to me are the most wonderful influences in my life! I am where I am today because of the way they are. They are a very tight-knit family with the highest of morals and integrity. About 10 years ago, my husband and I were visiting them at there home. They have amazing stories! They are also from Italy. They just happened to show me this bottle and tell me the story of how it was given to them about 30 years prior. I made a comment of how wonderful that was…He said to me, “take it.” and gave me this beautiful bottle of Millefiore Cucchi! I told them we would open it tomorrow if they wanted~ We will see, they don’t drink. It may remain unopened until another great time~ Up until yesterday…I knew absolutely nothing about what was in this bottle! Take care, and thank you for posting about Millefiore Cucchi!

    • kempton says:

      Thanks Linda. Reading your note put a big smile on my face. What a heart warming story! The family who gave us the pleasure to try the Millefiori Cucchi is a loving family too. A very loving, touching, and somewhat private story was told when we opened the bottle that night. The reason I didn’t take a photo then is also the reason I am unable to tell that story without breaching my self-imposed respect.

      There’s something about Italy, Millefiori Cucchi, and Love! :) Don’t ask me to explain though because Love (or Millefiori Cucchi) is too hard to explain even with all the words in the world.

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