Perfect video for sweet birthday girl +Maria Quiban

Monday, 28 October, 2013

A perfect video for sweet birthday girl +Maria Quiban! Language may not be suitable for kids and yes, she is acting as the Maria I know is a caring friend, a loving mom, and a wonderful host of+FOX 11 Los Angeles Live YouTube hangout with Hollywood movie, TV stars and other notable guests ! :) [HT +Ayoub Khote ]

Lucky Go Daddy nerd @JesseHeiman kissed Victoria Secret’s Model after working hard

Thursday, 7 February, 2013

20130206 Maria Quiban from Fox LA with actor Jesse Heiman who kissed Bar Refaeli (Victoria's Secret model) in SuperBowl2013 GoDaddy "Perfect Match" ad - pix 04

Behind the scene Pix (Click to see): How +Maria Quiban “actually” :) kiss actor Jesse Heiman (who kissed Victoria’s Secret model Bar Refaeli)

Thanks to +Maria Quiban +FOX 11 Los Angeles  for an  #epic  hangout withactor Jesse Heiman who got to kiss Victoria’s Secret model Bar Refaeli in that GoDaddy “Perfect Match” ad!  #superbowl2013  Go Daddy “Perfect Match – Bar Refaeli kissing Jesse Heiman” Super Bowl 2013 commercial

P.S. Most people just want to think “What a lucky guy?! People have no idea Jesse Heiman has been an actor (working as extras and other roles) for 12 years and has an extensive resume!

I love this quote““Ben Hogan said, ‘Golf is a game of luck, the more I practice, the luckier I get.’ The harder you work, the luckier you are.” Yes, before you attribute others’ success on “luck”, work hard, very hard. You may then earned the “luck” to experience Louis Pasteur’s “Chance favors the prepared mind.” yourself one day. I work very hard to get lucky. Wish me luck (or success)! :)

Fox 11 Google+ Hangout: Jesse Heiman The Go Daddy Nerd Talks About Kissing Bar Rafaeli

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Howie Mandel Videobomb Fox LA LIVE Newscast – Why I’m Guilty as an Accessory

Sunday, 6 January, 2013

Howie Mandel #videobomb Fox LA LIVE Newscast

Did you see the talented comedian Howie Mandel (@HowieMandel) #videobomb Fox LA LIVE Newscast on Jan 2nd, 2013?! That was an awesome moment! And we (a few friends and I) were guilty as charged in coaxing Howie to make his impromptu LIVE TV appearance! Here is the funny clip of Howie Mandel #videobomb Fox LA LIVE Newscast!

So why are we guilty as charged?! What roles did we play in coaxing Howie? Well, you are in for a special treat! “Crimes/pranks” have never quite been captured like this, from the inception, to the coaxing, to the actual execution, and then the final we laughing our heads off all over a few short minutes! Have a watch of how we created this magical #videobomb moment right in our Fox LA Google+ Hangout!

I just LOVE Howie in his quick witted spontaneity, you just can’t fake stuff like this. I first met and listened to Howie live when he came to the yearly Banff World Media Festival in 2011 to receive an award of distinction.

Howie Mandel at Banff World Media Festival 2011

You can watch this very entertaining non-stop funny “In Conversation with: Award of Distinction Winner, Howie Mandel” (with transcript). Here is an excerpt,

Everything I’ve ever been punished for, expelled for, hit for, is what I seem to get paid for and now I’m being distinguished for it, but the thing is the people who supported me are the people who love like, and those were few and far between, my family and my friends, but when I got into this business, what’s amazing is it’s such a group effort so any cameraman that I’ve ever worked with, any script writer that I’ve ever worked with, any producer, network executive or anything, they’ve all supported me and made this possible.

All I do really, and this is what Woody Allen says, is “I just show up.” 90% of success is just showing up and I’ve always done that from day one, from when my career started. I didn’t even have a career, I wasn’t pursuing a careers. I’m still not really pursuing a career. I’m not, I showed up at Yuk Yuks in April 1977 I showed up at Yuk Yuks because I don’t dance, and didn’t like going to discos and they’d opened a comedy club in Toronto and I showed up to see a show and I was fascinated […]

I can’t speak more highly of Howie as great comedian and as a frank, blunt and honest person willing to talk about his own life challenges. And if you have time, also watch this insightful interview of Howie by Howard Stern which I watched to prepare my Google+ Hangout questions for Howie.

Concluding Thoughts about our Google+ magic

I’m a Google+ Hangout News Consultant and I’ve been using using Google+ Hangout since the beginning in July 2011 and Google+ Hangout On Air (G+ HOA) since its launch in September 2011. To me, G+ HOA is one of the most powerful new broadcasting tools available. But like in the world of cooking, even if you have a great knife, an awesome mixer, etc you still have to have great chefs and first rate ingredients to create magic!

And in our first 2013 Fox LA Google+ Hangout with Howie Mandel, that magic was created because our guest Howie rocked and we rocked! Who are we? We are our host Maria Quiban, and co-hosts Anthony Ramos, DeAno Jackson, Jimmy Louis, Kempton Lam (me), Kim Beasley, Matt Moore, Paul Roustan, Sheila B. DuBois, Stormy Henderson (screen thumbnail order from left to right).

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Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon Google+ Hangout at Fox LA

Wednesday, 2 May, 2012

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon - Fox LA Google+ Hangout - pix 08

It was my great pleasure to G+ Hangout with Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister+Danny Ayalon (Wikipedia) hosted by +Maria Quiban +Tshaka Armstrong at+myFOXla / FOX Los Angeles. The following is my question to Mr. Ayalon (I added a few words to give the readers some context).

Question: I understand you just attended the Jerusalem Post conference [in New York on Sunday Apr 29th]. And I’ve watched a video of sparks flying between Environmental Minister Gilad Erdan, and Meir Dagan, former chief of Mossad [national intelligence agency of Israel].

My question is about your view on the idea of an Israeli pre-emptive strike of Iran. Do you agree with Meir Dagan that [I paraphrase] “War is the the kind of thing where we know how it starts, but not how it will end” and Israel should exhaust all other means first before considering war?

Here is the full hangout video and you can watch my question and Mr. Ayalon’s answer (at 14:33 mark)

Background & Research material

The following are part of the research materials I gathered in order to ask an informed question. I tried to be as fair and as diplomatic as I could when asking my question without losing anything important in my question.

* May 1st, 2012 Jerusalem Post report of The Jerusalem Post Conference “Dagan and Erdan’s caustic exchange at the ‘Post’ Conference“. I’ve excerpted part of the exchange from a transcript of the acrimonious argument in a panel discussion on Israel’s security situation. To better understand the tone and context, I also found and watched a video clip of part of the exchange on YouTube. I think you get a sense of the heat from reading the words. (note: emphasis added, pix of Mr. Dagan via CBS 60 Minutes)

The Spymaster - Meir Dagan on Iran's threat - CBS 60 Minutes

An excerpt from “Dagan and Erdan’s caustic exchange at the ‘Post’ Conference“,

Keinon [Jerusalem Post’s diplomatic reporter]: But do you think it’s appropriate for him to make those kind of comments? He could have made them when he was the head of the Shin Bet (the Israel Security Agency)?

Dagan: First of all, I think he presented his position loudly and clearly about his refusal to the prime minister and defense minister. He didn’t announce it. It was in a closed room. To speak openly? (Turning to Gilad Erdan) I heard that a member of your party is now formulating a law… on behalf of my name, Dagan, preventing ex-people of the military and security establishment from speaking. Let me remind you of something, sir, what was started in Germany in the beginning.

You know how you are starting it; you don’t know how it is ending.

About Diskin, I believe that he is a very serious man and he is presenting a very serious point of view. And I know that serious point of view was presented to the prime minister and defense minister on many occasions.

[…] Erdan: Thank you very much, but I know that the Shin Bet is under the Prime Minister’s Office. (laughter) I also used to work there 15 or 16 years ago.

But the minister of defense still works together [with the prime minister], and if Yuval Diskin thought the prime minister was doing things so dangerous for the future of Israel, so in order to save Israel, he should resign, and not wait five years as head of the Shin Bet and then even agree to serve one more year.

And then, when resigning and when the prime minister does not accept his guy to be appointed as head of the Shin Bet…

Dagan:It’s not true. (boos) You are lying, sir. I am maybe not polite, but I prefer ministers of the State of Israel who speak the truth.

Erdan: I prefer that former heads of Mossad and Shin Bet won’t make damage to Israel…. That’s what I expect from you. Mr. Netanyahu goes around the world, and he never says that we are going to attack Iran, or when or where, but he is doing a lot of efforts in order to raise the awareness, and it is working.”

* Jerusalem Post Apr 29, 2012, “Dagan, Erdan trade barbs over Diskin comments

* Jerusalem Post Apr 29, 2012, “Former Shin Bet chief slams ‘messianic’ PM, Barak

* The Atlantic has an interesting and insightful piece “Netanyahu’s Bad Weekend

* National Post, “Netanyahu under fire from within over Iran strike

* CBS 60 Minutes “The Spymaster: Meir Dagan on Iran’s threat

What “Iron” Mike Tyson taught me in Google+ Hangout

Friday, 6 April, 2012

Mike Tyson Fox 11 G+ Hangout - pix 02

I missed attending the Fox LA Google+ Hangout with “Iron” Mike Tyson but I’ve just watched the video and I think it was awesome! Thanks Maria and the Hangout plussers for the insightful questions and an awesome experience. Love it!

Here are some of my fav moments and their time codes. Hope you find them somewhat useful.

0:00 The fun start from beginning to end! :)
0:14 The funniest Mic check I’ve seen recently.
2:30 Hello Tom
3:15 About Mike’s one man show
4:10 DeAno’s question re how does it feel be be in the hall of fame?
5:07 Jason’s question re Mike Tyson’s Super Punch-Out video game character
6:05 How Mike feels about the Charlie Sheen roast?
6:50 Justin’s question re the brilliant scene in “The Hangover” movie
8:35 Kim’s question: If you can change one moment in life from a negative to a positive, what would it be?
9:40 Monica’s question: Who are some of the sources/people that have inspired you?
11:20 Sudesh’s question: Will you come to India?
11:55 Mike talks about his Las Vegas one-man show April 13th – 18th, 2012.

I want to point out I haven’t forgotten the serious crime and harms Mike has committed in his life. But I do believe once he (or any other convicted criminals) has served the punishments deemed appropriate by the society, it is to his and the society’s benefit to see him well integrated back into the society and be a productive citizen again.

The Mike I watched on the hangout video looks like a changed man and a “nice” man. I hope he is a genuinely changed man even I don’t know him personally. I have no reason to doubt his sincerity.

What Mike Tyson taught me, actually was what Randy Pausch taught me sometime ago in his famous last lecture. Let me quote from Randy’s lecture transcript (PDF) (emphasis added),

Find the best in everybody.One of the things that Jon Snoddy as I said told me, is that you might have to wait a long time, sometimes years, but people will show you their good side. Just keep waiting no matter how long it takes. No one is all evil. Everybody has a good side, just keep waiting, it will come out.

Mike Tyson Fox 11 G+ Hangout - pix 01

Meeting Michel Hazanaviciu, director of Academy Award Nominated film The Artist

Monday, 30 January, 2012

Michel Hazanaviciu, Director of Academy Award Nominated film The Artist - pix 01

It was a lot of fun meeting Michel Hazanaviciu, director of Academy Award Nominated film The Artist, in a LA Fox11 Hangout and having a chance to ask Michel a question about his creative process in directing actors in a silent film.

Michel said a lot of work were put into crafting the script well to make it so that the images can tell the story instead of through dialogues. The actors do say the lines even we don’t hear it and we were told John Goodman loves to improvise his lines. It was a lot of fun meeting Michel. I will post a video of the hangout when LA Fox 11 posts.

Here is a beautiful trailer of The Artist.

Thanks to Maria Quiban and Tshaka Armstrong from LA Fox11 for inviting us to the hangout!

Michel Hazanaviciu, Director of Academy Award Nominated film The Artist - pix 03

Michel Hazanaviciu, Director of Academy Award Nominated film The Artist - pix 02

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