Stay Curious, Be Random, and Learn

May be it is the blogger/freelance reporter in me, I am often very curious about people and things. So this morning, while I researched and wrote an article about often being mixed up with Kempton Park (the UK race track) on Twitter and checking my tweets, I ended up following three people I don’t know at all. My “philosophy” is that I believe I can often learn something new and interesting from people I don’t know and often in unexpected settings.

Looking forward to reading some tweets from Vera @w3rkaholic (Vera and I love good interviews),  Simon @SimonPMoriarty, (I am cheering for his firm‘s horse Dawn Story to win at Kempton Park), and Sphhia @SophiaWetherell (M&C Saatchi looks really cool plus I am a long time fan of Kevin Roberts & KR Connect. Thanks @SimonPMoriarty for the serendipitous & unintentional intro.)

Give it a try yourself, follow a few random people on Twitter and try to learn from them.

Note: This idea isn’t by me, I forgot who I learned it from. Also, who you “follow” on Twitter or blogs you read may also change over time, so don’t worry too much of picking the wrong person to follow or read, there isn’t really a right/wrong.


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