National Music Centre 2016 Canada Day Grand Opening

Saturday, 2 July, 2016

We did something special on 2016 Canada Day in Calgary by attending the grand opening of the National Music Centre (NMC) Studio Bell (Twitter)! Yes, the lineup was long and around the block (~1.5 hours) even at 10am in the morning but it totally worth our time in the wait because of the special guest pxerformances we got to watch (more on this later). Regular admission fees are $18 for adult, $14 for Seniors/Students, $11 for Youth (3-12), free for Children (under 3) and free on this grand opening day. And there is cool as there is a FREE/complimentary admission for “new Canadian citizens within their first year of citizenship. New citizens can apply for the CAP online at and present their pass upon arrival at Studio Bell for free entry.”

The NMC really has great exhibitions (22 stages) and a wonderful unique collection (with about 2,000 objects)! Have a watch of following clips and check out some photos at the end of this post. Read the rest of this entry »

Canada Day Fireworks @ Calgary – 2011

Saturday, 2 July, 2011

Check out the Canada Day Fireworks @ Calgary – 2011 if you didn’t get a chance to see it live. Love the use of Katy Perry’s Firework in the show!

Defending and Welcoming Will & Kate – The Will & Kate in Canada Special – Part 1/8

Friday, 1 July, 2011

2011 Canada Day - pix 05 - Will & Kate

I’ve no official “qualification” but I am happy to be interviewed and be called a “new-style royal watcher” in today’s Globe and Mail article. As I have some of Canada Day celebrations to do and fun to have, I will keep this article short.

note: I hope to write a few article about Will & Kate’s visit to Canada (which explains the “Part 1” bit).

Defending Will & Kate

Will & Kate don’t need me defending but I feel a bit sad to see my fellow Canadians, just because they have open forums and online platforms, to be rude and uncourteous to Will & Kate. (e.g. see here on FBRemember, invited Will & Kate to come to Canada and as our guests, and we should treat them with respect. And Canadians who don’t care as much for Will & Kate should at least treat other Canadians, who care and love Will & Kate (the 300,000+ Canadians, many spending hours getting a good spot and waiting for them), with respect. Make sense?

Sure, my fellow Canadians may have valid concerns re serious issues like healthcare, welfare of the disadvantaged, but why can’t we all have fun first? Why do we have to be serious all the time? Read the rest of this entry »

Happy Canada Day 2011 – Celebrations on P-Hill

Friday, 1 July, 2011

Happy Canada Day everyone! Check out the latest news and live broadcast from CBC.

2011 Canada Day - pix 01 - GG and guests on P-Hill

2011 Canada Day - pix 02 - GG and guests

2011 Canada Day - pix 03 - Welcome Will & Kate

2011 Canada Day - pix 04 - P-Hill

2011 Canada Day - pix 05 - Will & Kate

2011 Canada Day - pix 06 - Maria Aragon Read the rest of this entry »

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