Minister Tony Clement hosted Government of Canada’s first Google Hangout to talk Open Data

Friday, 1 March, 2013

Minister Tony Clement hosted Government of Canada's first Google Hangout

Very interesting to see Minister Tony Clement, President of the Treasury Board, today hosted the Government of Canada’s first Google Hangout to talk about Government of Canada’s Open Data initiative. Great to see the good old Government of Canada starting to use G+. Well, this event seemed to have come out of the blue and quietly finished before most Canadians got a chance to watch it live. Hopefully there will be more advance notice (a few days at least) to allow broader participation next time.

Government of Canada – Innovating with Open Data

Here is an excerpt from the press release,

“Participants in the Hangout, which is a virtual, live-stream discussion, included Ray Sharma, Toronto mobile app developer; Edward Ocampo-Gooding, co-founder of Open Data Ottawa; Albert Lai, Toronto game developer; Kevin Merrit, a Seattle-based Open Data platform developer; and Ashley Casovan, Strategic Coordinator for Information Technology for the City of Edmonton.

“The opportunity for Canadian entrepreneurs to utilize Open Data to develop innovative applications has amazing potential,” said Ray Sharma, President, mobile games developer XMG Studio Inc. “I see not only the opportunity for developers but there is a greater potential impact. And that is to the Canadian citizens who should be able to literally experience a benefit in economic productivity. We are just at the cusp of this emerging phenomenon, and participating in the Google Hangout was a great beginning.”

The Hangout discussion explored some of the 273,000 datasets currently available on the Government’s Open Data portal, as well as plans to launch an updated, next-generation portal later this year. Participants provided feedback on what data they would find useful, as well as what some of the key features of the new portal should be in order to encourage greater data uptake.”

Thanks +Google Canada for posting the video link so I can find it easily here.

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Stormy & Kempton Save the World! #skSTW – episode 01-followup

Thursday, 21 February, 2013

Stormy & Kempton Save the World! eps01a-Communication Plan

Have you done this week’s prep step: creating a communication plan? In this brief follow-up segment, Kempton Lam and Stormy Henderson show how they did it, so you’ll see how easy it is.

Here is an example communication plan, where you decide who will do what, and how. Keep keep written copies in your wallet, purse, and emergency kit.

John Doe: (123) 555-1212 (neighborhood contact)
Louise Doe: (456) 555-1212 (out-of-state contact)

If travel seems safe, Lisa comes home
Otherwise, Stormy goes to her

If she can’t drive, Lisa will be at her office, the campus shelter, or a designated friend’s house
If she can drive, she’ll go home, to her dad’s house, or to her sister’s house.

Leave a note with destination and route, call contacts if possible and tell them
Primary route between work and home: Old West Point Road, HWY 45-A, Churchhill Road
Alternate route between work and home: HWY 82, HWY 45-A, Churchhill Road

Who gets the kids? Or Grandma?

Stormy & Kempton Save the World! #skSTW – episode 01

Wednesday, 13 February, 2013

Stormy & Kempton Save the World! #skSTW - episode 01

Stormy & Kempton Save the World! #skSTW – episode 01

In Episode 1 we learn how to think about emergency preparedness in a new way, what disasters you should prepare for, and how to create a family communication plan.

co-hosts Stormy Henderson & Kempton Lam
guest: Maria Quiban, Fox LA Meteorologist,

Howie Mandel Videobomb Fox LA LIVE Newscast – Why I’m Guilty as an Accessory

Sunday, 6 January, 2013

Howie Mandel #videobomb Fox LA LIVE Newscast

Did you see the talented comedian Howie Mandel (@HowieMandel) #videobomb Fox LA LIVE Newscast on Jan 2nd, 2013?! That was an awesome moment! And we (a few friends and I) were guilty as charged in coaxing Howie to make his impromptu LIVE TV appearance! Here is the funny clip of Howie Mandel #videobomb Fox LA LIVE Newscast!

So why are we guilty as charged?! What roles did we play in coaxing Howie? Well, you are in for a special treat! “Crimes/pranks” have never quite been captured like this, from the inception, to the coaxing, to the actual execution, and then the final we laughing our heads off all over a few short minutes! Have a watch of how we created this magical #videobomb moment right in our Fox LA Google+ Hangout!

I just LOVE Howie in his quick witted spontaneity, you just can’t fake stuff like this. I first met and listened to Howie live when he came to the yearly Banff World Media Festival in 2011 to receive an award of distinction.

Howie Mandel at Banff World Media Festival 2011

You can watch this very entertaining non-stop funny “In Conversation with: Award of Distinction Winner, Howie Mandel” (with transcript). Here is an excerpt,

Everything I’ve ever been punished for, expelled for, hit for, is what I seem to get paid for and now I’m being distinguished for it, but the thing is the people who supported me are the people who love like, and those were few and far between, my family and my friends, but when I got into this business, what’s amazing is it’s such a group effort so any cameraman that I’ve ever worked with, any script writer that I’ve ever worked with, any producer, network executive or anything, they’ve all supported me and made this possible.

All I do really, and this is what Woody Allen says, is “I just show up.” 90% of success is just showing up and I’ve always done that from day one, from when my career started. I didn’t even have a career, I wasn’t pursuing a careers. I’m still not really pursuing a career. I’m not, I showed up at Yuk Yuks in April 1977 I showed up at Yuk Yuks because I don’t dance, and didn’t like going to discos and they’d opened a comedy club in Toronto and I showed up to see a show and I was fascinated […]

I can’t speak more highly of Howie as great comedian and as a frank, blunt and honest person willing to talk about his own life challenges. And if you have time, also watch this insightful interview of Howie by Howard Stern which I watched to prepare my Google+ Hangout questions for Howie.

Concluding Thoughts about our Google+ magic

I’m a Google+ Hangout News Consultant and I’ve been using using Google+ Hangout since the beginning in July 2011 and Google+ Hangout On Air (G+ HOA) since its launch in September 2011. To me, G+ HOA is one of the most powerful new broadcasting tools available. But like in the world of cooking, even if you have a great knife, an awesome mixer, etc you still have to have great chefs and first rate ingredients to create magic!

And in our first 2013 Fox LA Google+ Hangout with Howie Mandel, that magic was created because our guest Howie rocked and we rocked! Who are we? We are our host Maria Quiban, and co-hosts Anthony Ramos, DeAno Jackson, Jimmy Louis, Kempton Lam (me), Kim Beasley, Matt Moore, Paul Roustan, Sheila B. DuBois, Stormy Henderson (screen thumbnail order from left to right).

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Hangout with Usain Bolt (the fastest man) at Olympics London 2012 (talking about his Box Lunch and other topics)

Thursday, 26 July, 2012

Usain Bolt at Olympics London 2012 talking about his Box Lunch

In a wonderfully relax Google+ Hangout On Air (Live Video chat) today at London 2012, Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth, got a chance to hangout (via LIVE video) with people from around the world.  Usain was asked what was his number one sport before he focus on Athletics and he immediately answered “Cricket, without a doubt! I was a die hard cricket fan!” Now, Usain is a big football fan and especially Manchester United!

You may not know it but Usain said in the G+ Hangout that it was his cricket coach who encouraged him to run! As Usain delightedly retold, he couldn’t afford a box lunch in his younger days and his cricket told him if he won, he would buy him a box lunch. And of course, Usain ran fast and won! And from that point on, he just continued to run. What a lovely impact a wonderful coach and a box lunch can do to encourage and help a talented athlete!

To Usain, his real breakthrough and greatest moment was when he won in his home country (Jamaica) as a 15 years old boy! Usain corrected people’s misconception that Beijing was his greatest moment but it was really when he was running at home at 15 (2002 World Junior Championships). He had “never been that nervous“, and then he won which Usain said was the moment that defined his whole life.

Thats where it really started for me. And for me, thats wonderful. I cannot forget that moment. When I went back to Trelawny, there was a motorcade. There was so much fun. There was so much awesome for me. And to be 15 at the time, it was so much taken it.” said Bolt.

Then the participants of the Google+ Hangout (one of them actually is my UK friend Mike) got chances to ask Usain Bolt questions. I look forward to watching more news and hangout videos from London 2012 Google+ channel.

Hangout On Air with Usain Bolt before the Olympics

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陳心田 與 林錦堂 講一講 “工會罷工/談判權” – Wallace and Kempton discuss union right to strike/bargaining rights (Cantonese On Air LIVE broadcast)

Saturday, 9 June, 2012

Last time Wallace and I talked about the Facebook “investment” before the super hyped IPO. Unfortunately, we were 100% right. What we discussed (the nature of Facebook, what is “investing”, etc) were backed by what we now have seen. And many many people actually lost billions on paper! You can watch our pilot episode here: “林錦堂與陳心田講一講 Facebook “投資”“.)

This time, Wallace and I talked about union’s right to strike/bargaining rights (Air Canada, CP rail). You can watch it here: 陳心田 與 林錦堂 講一講 “工會罷工”. We hope you enjoy our show!

Help Name KRNV’s Webcast

Friday, 8 June, 2012

I fired up my creative engine, greased my design fingers, and even turned on my magical camera to create a few submissions to try to help +Melissa Carlson name KRNV’s new webcast. Check out my video and design pix.

Kempton’s Trying to help Melissa name KRNV’s Webcast

OK, you actually don’t need graphics (even I’ve a few :), you definitely don’t need a video (even I love mine :), all you need is a better name in words! Give it a try, it is good fun and you can win some prizes!

Here is Melissa‘s “Help Name Our Webcast!

P.S. One of my current ideas that I like best so far.

Lovemark0 - G+ News in 4D

P.S. Did I tell you I love working with Melissa and other participants like myself in the Google+ Hangout. You see, the first show is 9/10/12 (in three months!) and I am already calling it my Lovemark!

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