Fortune cookie message as an excuse

Fortune cookie message as an excuse

I like fortune cookies and often enjoy its “faux wisdom”. Few days after I got the above fortune cookie message, I saw Kirstine’s tweet which lead to the following interesting and memorable tweet exchange and my idea of using “fortune cookie message as an excuse“.

P.S. So far, my “excuse” is working well. :)

KStewartCBC: So my fortune cookie had no fortune – what could this mean?

Kempton: @KStewartCBC U are too nice to not ask for another fortune cookie! I’ll share mine, “This year your highest priority will be your family.”

Kempton: @KStewartCBC With the fortune cookie, I am using it as an excuse to reach out more to my family and loved ones. Pretty good excuse to me! :)

Kempton: @KStewartCBC [… continue] As my grandma taught me, “Show you love someone when they are around. Not after they are gone.” I did my best.

KStewartCBC: @Kempton nice rules to live by!


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