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Monday, 6 February, 2017

NYT, “Trump and Staff Rethink Tactics After Stumbles”

CNN, “Apple, Facebook and 95 others join legal fight against Trump travel ban

BBC, “Judging Trump: How the US president and courts interact

CBC News, “Pentagon meeting today: A first for members of Trump-Trudeau cabinets NATO, defence spending levels and peacekeeping operations could be on the table

STAT, “I’m a Syrian doctor who treated patients in Aleppo. I’m in the US to give back

CNN, “How Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ comments can hurt his travel ban case

But as his controversial executive order banning individuals from seven majority-Muslim countries is challenged in the courts, judges will be confronted with his and his surrogates’ record of statements — and could take them both literally and seriously.
Legal challenges to the order point to a series of statements about Trump’s intent to ban Muslims from entering the US as evidence that the move was in fact designed with such a goal in mind — and constitutional law experts agree there is a precedent for the courts taking that argument to heart.
In a case currently before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, lawyers for the states of Washington and Minnesota cite previous court holdings on religious discrimination that it is “‘the duty of the courts to distinguish a sham secular purpose from a sincere one.'”
“Here, the sham of a secular purpose is exposed by both the language of the order and defendants’ expressions of anti-Muslim intent,” the lawyers wrote.

Adage, “SUPER BOWL LI COMPLETE AD CHART Who’s Buying Commercials in the Big Game” The business of ads. #2017BigGame Read the rest of this entry »

20170205 reading, video, audio list

Sunday, 5 February, 2017

Zest Online (German English publication), “Adolf Hitler : “Wait Calmly” – They argued he would grow more reasonable once in office and that his cabinet would tame him. A dictatorship? Out of the question! How journalists, politicians, writers and diplomats weighed in on Hitler’s appointment as chancellor.

Apple Daily, “世道人生:「同行」者們

CBC News, “Court denies Trump request to immediately restore travel ban – Trump administration said judge was ‘second-guessing’ president on matter of national security

CBC News, “Trump travel ban has Iranian scientists looking for new places to do research – ‘At some point we want to feel welcome at the place where we are living and working,’ says Harvard student

In a bio-technology lab at Harvard University’s medical school an international group of highly skilled scientists are dreaming up new ways to engineer artificial human tissue with 3-D printers. Some of their brainpower these days, though, isn’t focused on the science but instead on U.S. president Donald Trump’s immigration ban and what it means to them and to their work.

“Half of the discussions in the lab these days are about this topic and not about science,” said Saghi Saghazadeh, a 30-year-old Iranian who has been living and studying in Boston for two years, on a single-entry J1 visa.

She’s one of 20 Iranians, with varying legal status, working in this one lab of 100 people at Harvard. It draws doctoral students and instructors from all over the world.

But their expertise doesn’t exempt them from the travel ban enacted more than a week ago.

立場新聞, “政治眾籌

K’s note: 香港人應該留意多啲中國新聞, 睇多一點世界大事. 藝術家艾未未早於2011年, 已經用「借錢」同「債主」一個概念, 在認為「錢大晒」嘅中國大陸, 發揮左民主發聲音嘅嘅精神! #借款近3萬筆 [HT Tsoi]
2011年11月13日,艾未未從支持者那獲得「借款」近3萬筆,903萬元 //


20170204 reading, video, audio list

Saturday, 4 February, 2017

Calgary Herald, #LovelyStory “La La’s local connection: Calgary grandparents proud of Oscar-nominated Damien Chazelle

NPR, “Fact Checking This Week In The Trump Administration

WaPo, “Meet the Bush-nominated federal judge who halted Trump’s executive order

Guardian, “James Robart: judge derided by Trump known for fairness and helping children

WaPo, “Trump’s rallying cry: Fear itself

“If he frightens people, it puts him in the driver’s seat. He’s in control,” said historian Robert Dallek. “These are what I think can be described as demagogic tendencies.”

Timothy Naftali, a New York University professor who specializes in presidential and national security history, said, “We have a special word for seeing a threat everywhere. It’s called ‘paranoia.’ It’s good for mobilizing a base. It’s very bad for turning a base into a governing majority.”

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20170203 reading, video, audio list

Friday, 3 February, 2017

CBC News, “Some Nexus cards revoked on both sides of border following U.S. executive order Border agencies in Canada and U.S. won’t confirm to CBC News travel ban on majority-Muslim countries to blame

(audio) CBC Radio, “Orwell’s 1984 eerily predicts reality in the age of Trump, says author” FREE public domain version of Gutenberg Project of 1984.

CBC News, “U.S. judge temporarily blocks Trump’s travel ban White House responds by saying it will seek an emergency stay of the judge’s order

KING 5 News, (start ~3:02) IMMIGRATION ORDER SUIT A federal judge in Seattle temporarily blocks President Trump’s ban on travelers from 7 majority-Muslim countries. (Expedia & Amazon filed motions to support Washington State)

Guardian, “Canadians form ‘rings of peace’ around mosques after Quebec shootingRead the rest of this entry »

20170202 reading, video, audio list

Thursday, 2 February, 2017

CBC Radio, “How Trump can build a U.S. autocracy: David Frum” (very insightful 25 minutes listening, highly recommended. Frum was former speech writer for President Bush 43rd and is on the “right” of political spectrum but he gives some great advices and warnings to both sides.) (wise analysis with various examples from around the world)

While the American political system rests on checks and balances, Frum says the U.S. Congress won’t stand in the way of Trump.

“Congress could but it won’t. We have seen the Republicans who hold a majority in both houses of Congress again and again accept things that weeks before they would say are unacceptable,” he tells Tremonti, adding they need Trump to achieve their agenda.

“They don’t insist he release his tax return, they don’t insist on divestment of his investments, they do not insist on things that every president since Gerald Ford has had to do.”

According to Frum, we’re in a period of democratic deficit around the world and that liberty is threatened in modern times through a process of corruption and deceit.

Trump isn’t setting out deliberately to create an autocratic state, Frum tells Tremonti.

“He’s not so strategic. He’s setting out to steal. That’s his big goal is to become the richest man in the world abusing the powers of the president.”

Bill Gates Live with Warren Buffett to discuss our hopes for the future. (start ~3:00) [K’s note: Charlie Rose is one of my most favourite interviewer and Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are two of the most interview subjects. Warren’s “optimism” in America and Bill’s desire to learn more are both qualities that I aspire to have more of in myself. #enjoy]

Bill Gates on Warren Buffett, “25 Years of Learning and LaughterRead the rest of this entry »

20170201 reading & video list

Wednesday, 1 February, 2017

CBC News, “PROFILE Quebec City’s close-knit Muslim community reeling as mosque victims remembered – ‘Each of these six deaths is like a death in the family’

CBC News, “These Canadian acts of kindness after mosque attack may restore your faith in humanity – Country unites through gestures of solidarity in wake of shooting that left 6 dead in Quebec City

CBC News Analysis “‘A crisis of conscience’: Trump’s firing of Sally Yates sparks debate on attorney general role – ‘Your job is not to ‘do what’s right.’ Your job is to enforce the law,’ former Bush-era attorney general says

NY Daily News, “KING: Had Muslim gunmen killed six white Christians, half the world would have Canadian flags as profile pictures

//What I know is this — had the shooter actually been a Muslim who walked into a quaint little Baptist church full of white folk singing Amazing Grace, not only would Trump be genuinely outraged right now, the entire conservative machine would be mobilizing against what they call radical Islam. It appears that radical whiteness simply does not bother them.//

CBC News, OPINION Today we say goodbye to electoral reform — a promise that was born sickly: Robyn Urback (not sure I agree to many points)

WaPo, “Trump’s judicial influence could go far beyond putting Gorsuch on the Supreme Court – President Trump has more than 100 judicial appointments to make to federal courts across the country.

CBC News, “Denis Villeneuve signs on for Dune reboot – Quebec director currently working on Blade Runner sequel

NPR, “Where Does Your Member Of Congress Stand On Trump’s Immigration Order?

THR, “It’s Goodbye ‘Girls’ as Lena Dunham, Cast, Execs Overshare in Show Oral History

THR, “Samantha Bee Tears Into Trump’s “Not a Muslim Ban” on ‘Full Frontal’

Guy Verhofstadt at Chatham House, January 2017


OLD 20170128 reading list

CBS News, “How foreign leaders are reacting to Trump’s travel ban

Guardian, “Theresa May ‘does not agree’ with Donald Trump’s immigration ban – PM issues statement after causing outcry by declining to speak out against executive order that could affect British dual nationals

20170126 reading list

Thursday, 26 January, 2017

Theresa May’s Trump Card” by Guy Verhofstadt (ref FB post), a former Belgian prime minister, chief Brexit negotiator of EU

A second episode occurred earlier this month at a meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council, where British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson vetoed an EU statement of support for an ongoing Middle East peace effort. The British government then refused to send a high-level delegation to a Middle East peace conference organized by the French government, arguing that it would send the wrong signal just four days before Trump took office. It is no secret where Trump stands with respect to the Israel-Palestine conflict: throughout his campaign, he promised to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – in clear violation of international law.

Meanwhile, there is some evidence to suggest that Trump’s Euroskeptic team is influencing May’s Brexit strategy. Johnson met with key members of Trump’s administration just prior to May’s recent speech, and we can safely assume that they discussed the UK’s path out of the EU. Trump administration officials, for their part, have since suggested that they helped convince May to roll the dice on a hard Brexit.

Security Risks of the President’s Android Phone” & “this story

#RoomBug #PresidentialLevelSecurity #ShakingMyHead

““His off-the-shelf Android could potentially become a room bug without his knowledge,” celebrated cybersecurity expert Bruce Schneier told MC by email. “And an attacker could certainly hijack his apps.” Even if Trump’s phone were a newer Android model capable of receiving the latest updates — which the S3 is not — that wouldn’t be enough for presidential-level security. Asked if there might be vulnerable code in Android that hasn’t yet been discovered, Schneier wrote: “Of course there is. All of these attacks are possible, and even probable by the big intelligence agencies.””

this from Yann LeCun, Director of AI Research at Facebook & “First they came for the Iranians

//Blocking Iranian students from getting visas to study in the US is pure madness.
Blocking Iranian graduating PhD students from getting visas to work in the US is insane.
It’s ridiculously counterproductive. Scott Aaronson says it well.
These young people (many women among them) want to get out of Iran for a reason.
And what goes for Iranian students goes for students from many countries now blacklisted by the Trump administration.//

President Donald Trump to publish weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants

K’s Note: #EthnicHatred It is sad and scary to see US slowly becoming a nation of hate of immigrants which all Americans are compare to native Americans. My friend Justin said it right, “This would only work and be fair if there was also a list alongside stating the weekly crimes committed by Americans.” But that is not going to happen because America First! Trump seems to be dead set in dividing and breaking United States. Another data point against the ideal of “checks and balances”. [HT Justin]

The New Yorker’s copy editor Andrew Boynton revises some of Donald Trump’s recent remarks.

Bonus video: This is about science. In a sense, science reminds us we all live in one earth and we are small in compare to our big  universe.

Professor Kip Thorne’s Public Lecture – A Century of Relativity

[Continue …]

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