Funny Lady Carmen Stockton @ CBC The Alberta Comedy Spectacular (Sept 4th @ 7pm)

Monday, 16 August, 2010

Got an email from Funny Lady Carmen Stockton today. If you like a good laugh, check out CBC The Alberta Comedy Spectacular (Sept 4th @ 7pm). I hope Carmen doesn’t mind me sharing it so more people can tune in to watch the show.

This is the CBC Comedy special that me and a few other extremely talented comedians filmed back in May, if you happen to be around your TV sets on this date (see below) and want to see us tell a couple jokes…please tune in!

As always I do not guarantee that my jokes will make you laugh, as a matter of fact my jokes (or lack there of) may irritate you to so much you’ll wish you were watching a Rita MacNeil Christmas special instead, but if you do manage to watch my entire set I will absolutely guarantee you all right here and now you’ll give me an A++ for charm and animated facial expressions!


The Alberta Comedy Spectacular: Best of the West airs Saturday Sept 4 at 7pm across Alberta on CBC TV.

P.S. I’ve already set my machine to record the show. Why don’t you do the same too? If you like, you can check out my video interview with Carmen, done 2 years ago in 2008.

See Brazil Nuts @ Calgary Fringe Festival

Monday, 2 August, 2010

I had a great time watching Susan Jeremy, a very talented comedienne, performed in 2006. Looks like Susan has done it again and by bringing the really funny show Brazil Nuts to the 2010 Calgary Fringe Festival.

I haven’t got a chance to watch the show yet but Calgary Herald’s Stephen Hunt is giving it a great review (4.5 stars out of 5) (emphasis added),

In any event, Jeremy uses the whole room in Brazil Nuts, most notably in a hilarious dance number when she plays Ron the male stripper. She’s got a no-bull NYC kind of quality to her, and she doesn’t spend a lot of time explaining things. She just gets right to the funny, and that’s the best sort of place to be.

The ending, a slow motion celebration of Brasil scoring a goal, is the best sportsgasm moment I’ve seen on a stage (OK, I haven’t seen many). Put Brazil Nuts on your list of shows to see.

“You might be an economist if you refuse to sell your children because …”

Sunday, 3 January, 2010

I found the following WSJ article and forwarded it to my economist friends as I found it pretty funny. I highlighted a few interesting bits and added some comments. Enjoy.


Secrets of the Economist’s Trade: First, Purchase a Piggy Bank

By Justin Lahart (WSJ)

Academic economists gather in Atlanta this weekend for their annual meetings, always held the first weekend after New Year’s Day. That’s not only because it coincides with holidays at most universities. A post-holiday lull in business travel also puts hotel rates near the lowest point of the year.

Economists are often cheapskates.

The economists make cities bid against each other to hold their convention, and don’t care so much about beaches, golf courses or other frills. It’s like buying a car, explains the American Economic Association’s secretary-treasurer, John Siegfried, an economist at Vanderbilt University.

“When my wife buys a car, she seems to care what color it is,” he says. “I always tell her, don’t care about the color.” He initially wanted a gray 2007 Mercury Grand Marquis, but a black one cost about $100 less. He got black.

Some of the world’s most famous economists were famously frugal. After a dinner thrown by the British economic giant John Maynard Keynes, writer Virginia Woolf complained that the guests had to pick “the bones of Maynard’s grouse of which there were three to eleven people.” Milton Friedman, the late Nobel laureate, routinely returned reporters’ calls collect.

Children of economists recall how tightfisted their parents were. Lauren Weber, author of a recent book titled, “In Cheap We Trust,” says her economist father kept the thermostat so low that her mother threatened at one point to take the family to a motel. “My father gave in because it would have been more expensive,” she says.

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