Ignorant talk of “Boys using girls bathroom” illuminated by BBC doc “Me, My Sex and I”

Thursday, 28 February, 2013

Me My Sex And I - 2011 BBC doc

Two news items have been hotly discussed online recently:

New Massachusetts rules allow transgender students to choose their own bathroom“, Yahoo News (The Daily Caller), Feb 25, 2013

His or Hers? Transgender child locked in school bathroom debate“, CTV News, Feb 28, 2013

So I thought to spend a few minutes to look up an insightful documentary I watched in 2011 to try to illuminate the important issue that there are NO 100% male or 100% female. I am NOT 100% male. The real scientific reasoning is complex but not that difficult to understand. The human stories and the human impact take more compassion to appreciate and accept.

Here is the insightful BBC documentary “Me, My Sex and I” last broadcast on Oct, 2011. Someone posted the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87XvVdLaWT8 that you can watch (video is flipped but you can still get most of the important points).

NOTE: I moderate comments on this post, any comments that appear to be made without watching the documentary or understanding the issues first will be deleted.

Update 2015, Aug 5th: If this link doesn’t work (deleted as per BBC/others request), just search for the documentary title in YouTube and you may find it.

Me, My Sex and I

Richard Sambrook, Global Leader of Edelman Crisis and Issues Management, former BBC’s Director of Global News confirms zero involvement in Rupert Murdoch PR file

Saturday, 16 July, 2011

Edelman PR handles Rupert Murdoch's phone hacking scandals

Since Edelman was hired to handle Rupert Murdoch‘s phone hacking scandals, news media like Guardian and I had openly wondered if news insiders like former BBC’s Director of Global News Richard SambrookGlobal Leader of Edelman Crisis and Issues Management (link), has been involved in the Murdoch file.

Today Richard kindly confirmed in response to my earlier tweets,

@tom_peters will see if the global contagion can be halted by PR firm Edelman w brains like @richardwedelman @sambrook #fail #disgust #world

PR: Rupert Murdoch meets with family of murdered schoolgirl. #fail Love to be a fly at Edelman / inside minds of @richardwedelman @sambrook

with Richard saying in a tweet,

@kempton sorry to disappoint you but Im not actually working on it!

I am not disappointed at all that Richard isn’t working on Murdoch‘s phone hacking scandal file. In fact, as someone who used to read Richard‘s blog and respect his opinions, I am actually relieved/happy that Richard is NOT working on Murdoch’s phone hacking scandal PR file!

Of course, as a reporter, I have to wonder why not?

May be Richard has another more important and urgent file that he is working on at Edelman?? But wait, the Murdoch‘s phone hacking scandal is the talk of the whole wide world. Easily the largest “crisis” any corporations have ever seen. A multi-billion dollars deal was killed because of this. Some suspect the scandal has the potential of bringing down or severely weaken Murdoch‘s media empire (a media company without trust or respect is not much if anything). And even capable of bringing down a government (just look at David Cameron’s recent damage control and tell me he is not worried)!

So as Global Leader of Edelman Crisis and Issues Management, yes Global Leader, why is Richard NOT involved in this most important and high profile Edelman file? I hate to put Richard on the spot because I used to admire him a lot and hope I can still admire him (but, what can I say, he is a “PR man” now). Will Richard be involved in the Murdoch‘s phone hacking scandal later, just not now? Or is Richard NOT involved by choice, quoting his own words when he joined Edelman,

I don’t expect to check my values in at the door…” (update: archive.org saved version)

The creditability of a man, especially a newsman, takes a lifetime to earn. I hope Richard‘s creditability and reputation can remain intact after the Rupert Murdoch‘s phone hacking scandals have passed with whatever outcome it will result in.

I want to close with Jeff Jarvis’s point, which I still think is right on, “Murdoch hires Edelman PR. This ain’t a PR problem, folks. It’s a moral problem.


Murdoch apology - Is it enough

11:48am Update: I added the following comment in a CBC News Facebook poll “Murdoch apology: Is it enough? – Your Community” asking,

No, we shouldn’t let the handy advice by global PR firm Edelman fool us so easily. Saying sorry in every single UK newspaper for ONE DAY can’t compensate for the news media culture established *personally* by Rupert Murdoch for close to *60 YEARS* since 1953.

12:24pm, 16 July 2011 update: Here is a video interview with President & CEO of Edelman, Richard Edelman. Have a watch of what he thinks as he is the man leading the PR firm that is advising Murdoch on his handling of the phone hacking scandals.

[HT John]

Here is an interesting official Edelmon London video of Richard Edelman talking about trust, especially interesting in light of Edelman‘s role in Murdoch‘s scandals. And it is unfortunate that I come across a claim of a quote that Richard Edelman said in a media training session, “Sometimes, you just have to stand up there and lie. (See AdAge 2008 Feb, “Blog Wars: Gawker vs. Edelman – Blog Suggests PR People Lie; PR Chief Takes Umbrage”)


For the record, Feb 2010 press release “BBC’S RICHARD SAMBROOK JOINS EDELMAN” (emphasis added),

Richard Sambrook, the BBC’s Director of Global News and a member of the BBC’s Management Board for the last ten years, will be joining Edelman, the world’s largest independent PR firm, as Global Vice Chairman and Chief Content Officer in May. Read the rest of this entry »

Happy 10th anniversary The Office (Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant)

Friday, 8 July, 2011

Accounting for time difference and a little bit of cheating, I want to wish The Office a happy 10th anniversary! Thanks Ricky and Stephen for being true to your own sense of what is funny and what is not! For breaking path and redefining what is funny! It will definitely be one of the “classics” that I remember.

Check out this very insightful UK Sun article, “Early audiences hated the fact there were no jokes in The Office but we wouldn’t allow the BBC to change it, Says Ricky Gervais“.

Watch my video interview of Ricky in this 2010 Banff World TV Festival report with his funny award acceptance speech.

Here is an excerpt from “Early audiences“,

“Ricky, 50, is still fond of his iconic comedy creation but admits growing Brent’s trademark goatee for these pictures made him instantly recognisable.
He said: “It feels good to be Brent again – although I left the facial hair to the last minute.
“I get spotted more when I’ve got it – it’s like people need that visual aid to work out where they know me from.

[…] “None of my characters have been as much fun to play as David Brent. People say he was a b****** and the ‘boss from hell’, but he wasn’t. He was just a twit.
“He was a man whose biggest mistake was confusing popularity with respect.”
When The Office first aired on BBC2 on July 9 2001, it was panned by several critics. Read the rest of this entry »

BBC Doctor Who – The Silence

Thursday, 21 April, 2011

Guardian, “Doctor Who: are you looking forward to the dark first episode?

The Telegraph, “Can Matt Smith’s Doctor Who conquer America?

The Telegraph, “Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan: ‘I want to be like Robin Williams’

NPR, “A New ‘Doctor Who’ Tries To Make Peace With Its Impatient Stateside Fans”

Video, “This is the scariest Doctor Who ever

Doctor Who: 47 Years in 6 Minutes

Wednesday, 20 April, 2011

A very cool fan created video: Doctor Who: 47 Years in 6 Minutes. Enjoy. [HT The Fine Brothers & Space]

RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis in spotlight after BBC PlayBook interview

Thursday, 14 April, 2011

BlackBerry Playbook (RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis BBC interview)

Some facts and news first and then my comment. Here is a video of RIM CEO calls a halt to BBC Click interview

Here is a link to BBC source video and info text,

“The BBC’s technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones spoke to Mike Lazaridis, the co-chief executive of Research In Motion (RIM), the Canadian firm behind Blackberry.
After questioning him about RIM’s new Playbook tablet, he asked a question for BBC Click about RIM’s problems in India and the Middle East, where governments want to gain greater access to the tight security system used for Blackberry’s business users.
Mr Lazaridis responded by saying the question was unfair, and that the interview was over. A more complete cut of the interview will be broadcast on the television edition of BBC Click later in April.”

Here is CBC News report of the story of Mike walking off the BBC interview, “RIM co-CEO in spotlight as PlayBook launches” (emphasis added),

“Research in Motion Ltd. faces extra attention as its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet launches, the result of a public tantrum this week by the Canadian company’s co-CEO.

Mike Lazaridis made headlines after he abruptly ended a video interview with the BBC, calling a reporter’s questions “unfair.” The video was posted on the BBC’s dot.Rory technology blog just a day before the PlayBook’s launch party Thursday in New York City.”

My comments:

* Walking off an interview can sometimes create worst reactions than to stay clam and try to address a question (whether you see it as fair or not). Sometimes walking out of a harassing interview is the only way but I don’t see the BBC interview as one of those.

* RIM’s email/messaging (potential) security issues and problems is a very complex topic. Making matter worst is that it involve users’ legitimate security needs (imagine users being human rights and democracy fighters in China) and differentiating countries’ legitimate vs made-up/illegitimate “national securities concerns”.

* Security and encryption technologies are a bit out of my expertises but I recommend reading security expert Bruce Schneier’s Aug 3, 2010 analysis “UAE to Ban BlackBerrys to gain some understanding of the relevant issues.

P.S. Here is a mostly positive with some negatives review by tech writer Om Malik “BlackBerry Tablet, PlayBook, a Notable Debut”. Too bad the Playbook reviews (positive or negative) will likely be overshadowed by the BBC interview.

BBC Imagine Ai Weiwei 艾未未 documentary

Tuesday, 7 December, 2010

Sunflower Seeds - pix 28

For the record, a very insightful BBC Imagine Ai Weiwei 艾未未 documentary “Ai Weiwei Without Fear or Favor”. Highly recommended.

Dr. Temple Grandin – The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow (BBC Horizon)

Tuesday, 31 August, 2010

Dr. Temple Grandin (1947 – ) has become my latest heroine. She is one super smart scientist. For more, see a previous entry. I’ve included Dr. Temple Grandin as one of my latest “Great Minds of Our Time“.

The amazing story of Dr. Temple Grandin’s ability to read the animal mind, which has made her the most famous autistic woman on the planet.” – BBC

The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow (BBC Horizon) on YouTube. Highly recommended. (20190517 Update: Sadly, the list of 5 videos originally posted have been removed from YouTube.)

The world needs all kinds of minds – Temple Grandin (added 20190517. Very insightful!)

Dr. Temple Grandin talks about her experience with Autism [HT UC TV]

Best slug sex with & without BBC Attenborough commentary

Sunday, 6 September, 2009

Best slug with David Attenborough’s commentary.

Slug sex without David.

[via BMD Love here and here]

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