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After meeting and then blogging about the artist Robert Bateman, I would like to talk about a favourite artist of mine — Norman Rockwell. I’ve loved and enjoyed his works for years. I’ve treasured the two collections “Norman Rockwell’s Faith of America” and “The Best of Norman Rockwell selected by Thomas Rockwell“. I have so many favourites and here are a few that I love,

  1. 02/20/1943 “Freedom of Speech” (We need more people to stand up against the powerful and idiotic politicians in Canada, U.S., Hong Kong, and many places around the world where we have the rights to freedom of speech. [Feb 3, 2010 update: Here is a video of me asking Canadian env minister jim prentice a question.])
  2. 08/22/1953 “Soda Jerk” (Rockwell’s son was the model for the Soda Jerk and the girl would later became his daughter-in-law. Nice match-making, papa Rockwell. (smile)) [Dec 26, 2009 update: high res painting and reference photo from this blog entry at nrm]
  3. 02/13/1960 “Triple Self-Portrait” (One of my favourite ties has this image)
  4. 09/02/1939 “Knuckles Down” (Just love this ass-kicking girl)
  5. 03/17/1956 “Happy Birthday, Miss Jones” (I thought of my wonderful high-school English teacher Ms. Sharon Shiffman every time I look at this picture.)
  6. 03/06/1954 “Girl at the Mirror” (Lovely)
  7. 05/25/1957 “After the Prom” (Sweet) [Dec 26, 2009 update: Here is the reference photo.]

Each picture is a short story. Sometimes powerful story, sometimes heart-warming story. Here are more blog entries tagged with Norman Rockwell.

It reminds me of Hemingway’s six-word story which I still shed a few tears everytime I read and think about it.

“For sale: baby shoes, never used.”

– Ernest Hemingway


March 18, 2007 update: I had no idea that Steven Spielberg is a longtime Rockwell collector until I read this article.

Nov 27, 2009 update: More videos in these entries, “Norman Rockwell’s American Dream” and “More Norman Rockwell Videos

Dec 26, 2009 update: I have got a copy of Norman Rockwell Behind the Camera by Ron Schick and will be reviewing it.

Magic of Norman Rockwell - pix 1

10 Responses to Norman Rockwell

  1. […] of mine was DM Books, a creation of Ed’s son David. My life long love of arts (especially Norman Rockwell), architecture (e.g. I. M. Pei), and design (e.g. Bruce Mau) were probably heavily influenced by […]

  2. Keith says:

    That’s a great collection of favorites. The Saturday Evening Post paintings were some his best works.
    My favorites are earlier, when he was still honing his style. I especially like his covers for Boys’ Life.
    Thanks for the lift. You made my day.

  3. kempton says:

    Hi Keith,

    Thanks for your feedback. Rockwell is my favourite for sure.

    – Kempton

  4. martha yeager says:

    I have a 11×14 without frame of girl at the mirror by norman rockwell copyright 1974 cpc

  5. kempton says:

    Lucky you martha. “Girl at the Mirror” is a lovely pix.

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  7. […] Search Engine 在網上送來了千千寵愛。我 06 年寫的一篇 Norman Rockwell, 今天突然收到千千點擊。因為我是個愛 Rockwell […]

  8. […] this 2006 November Norman Rockwell article where Rockwell’s “Freedom of Speech” painting was displayed, this reporter wrote, […]

  9. Priscilla Curley says:

    I have a Norman Rockwell painting. I had it since I can remember it. I don;t know much about him. Its the same as the picture above. And it looks like a real painting.

  10. kempton says:

    Cool, Good to have a Rockwell at home even it is a copy or just a poster.

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