Christian Louboutin – Great minds of our time

Monday, 1 August, 2016

I was introduced to the luxury footwear designer Christian Louboutin (1964 – ) thanks to my late French friend Laurent as he happened to know Christian as a family friend. Here are a few videos I am watching today. And I’m thrilled to include Louboutin to my Great Minds of Our Time series.

An Audience with Christian Louboutin: Full-length video | NET-A-PORTER.COM (published Nov 25, 2011)

Christian Louboutin Addresses FIT Graduates (published May 23, 2014)

Christian Louboutin Interview | NET-A-PORTER.COM (published Nov 13, 2009)


I wrote and shared this entry in memory of Laurent Jean Philippe Ravalec, my late and awesomely unique French friend, where one of our last video chats (which I documented here) happened in November 2015 just a day after the horrible Paris attack.

Talking to my French friend Laurent about Food (published April 7, 2012) is another video of us chatting about our common love: food!

Laurent, I miss you my friend!

Chris Lefteri – Materials for Inspirational Design

Wednesday, 9 December, 2015
20151209 Materials for Inspirational Design - Chris Lefteri

Materials for Inspirational Design – Chris Lefteri

The Materials for Inspirational Design series of books by Chris Lefteri (company) are all fascinating.

(2013, 75 minutes) CCA Craft Forward Symposium: Session 6: Material Craft

(2009) A-Z Lezingen: Chris Lefteri – Interview

(2013) Chris Lefteri – Biggest Trends in Textile

Can you name this font and say something about it?

Wednesday, 7 September, 2011

Can you name this font and say something about it?

Can you name this font (high res photo) and say something about it?

Helpful Neighbour & Future Business Partner?

Thursday, 25 August, 2011

Helpful Neighbour & Future Business Partner? - pix 01

Thomas has been our really helpful neighbour for the last few years. How helpful? For example, we really appreciate him coming over yesterday to help us installing the above beautiful Moen faucet (why Moen?) and a new pull mechanism for our window blind. (see below, left photo is the heavy duty metal window blind, right is the C$48 pull mechanism that pulls and holds the blind in place)

Helpful Neighbour & Future Business Partner? - pix 03Helpful Neighbour & Future Business Partner? - pix 02

Thomas even taught me what is a blind rivet & showed me how to use a rivet gun to install the new pull mechanism!

Helpful Neighbour & Future Business Partner? - pix 04

(update) re-grout

(update) Thomas also helped us re-grout the bathroom tiles. See following before and after pictures.

re-grout bathroom tiles - pix 01re-grout bathroom tiles - pix 02

re-grout bathroom tiles - pix 03re-grout bathroom tiles - pix 04

The Talented Thomas

Thomas recently finished his studies in international business at Mount Royal University and is looking for a job. Let me know if you know a good company that is hiring someone with international business education.

Now, I’ve seen some of Thomas’ school work and I think he does a wonderful job in them. Case in point, Thomas and his teammates were asked to create a marketing plan for Calgary Tower. One night, Thomas asked me to take a look of his work-in-progress. I didn’t know what to expect and thought I would see a nice students’ assignment (a marketing plan on paper with nice graphics). No no no, what I saw wasn’t the “usual” stuff at all!

Thomas and his teammates did some nice academic work and the creative display which was designed and built by Thomas (putting in a lot of additional time and his own money) was simply stunning!

I don’t use “stunning” easily and I am picky with design. (see *note below) Thomas showed me a paper prototype marketing display which looks beautiful and showcased the Calgary Tower. And from the beautiful looking paper protype, over the next few days, he transformed and refined his original paper prototype into a 3-D steel display. Thomas used a beautiful sheet of metal and machine-cut the side-profile of Calgary Tower onto the sheet metal! The resulted metal display was just beautiful and stunning! Amazingly executed. Totally beyond my expectation!

Future Business Partner?

As I get older, I try to work with talented people that I like. So I seriously hope that one day Thomas and I can find a great product idea that we can turn into a business. I think it can be very nice for us to become business partners and to create something cool together.

I often remind myself that our house has two garages (one of them heated), three parking spots, and we have precisely one car! So, in some sense, the spare parking spot in the heated garage has been waiting patiently for me to build a business/product! Will see what happen. :)

Once Thomas and I come up with a great product idea, I truly think we now have the fundraising & pre-sell tool like Kickstarter and other “tools” to help us make our dreams possible.


*note: I am picky with design stuff. When I first saw Thomas’ stunningly beautiful metal display for Calgary Tower, it immediately reminded me of the beautiful cover of my design book SPOON which uses steel (more precisely, Promica® Pristine steel, a lightweight polymer-coated steel) as a book cover!

I love and try to look out for good design. While I can’t design anything, I hope my years of loving good design will help me in recognizing “great” and separating them from the “OK” and “ordinary”.

Inspired by and Rescued Bruce Mau plus Books I Love

Thursday, 4 August, 2011

I want to thank Bruce Mau for inspiring me since 20010103 when I fell in love and bought a copy of his autographed Life Style (blue cover) at David Mirvish Books. So I took an opportunity to make this video.

As you can see in the video, I thanked Bruce by picking up 4 copies of Life Style and casually laid a copy at each of my coffee tables and desks so I can read them at random and without worry about getting them dirty.

You can click to see the original full size readable version of the following photos. And from these two Flickr sets, “Bruce Mau Life Style & Massive Change” and “Books I Love“.

05 Bruce Mau

Books I Love

Incomplete Manifesto for Growth - Bruce Mau (readable at original 1796 x 1880)

P.S. Checkout these articles, “Bruce Mau Design tries to solve Toronto’s problems” and “Design Principal“.

Talk by Tom Hulme, Design Director @ IDEO, founder of OpenIDEO

Thursday, 7 April, 2011

Talk by Tom Hulme, Design Director @ IDEO, founder of OpenIDEO. Highly recommended.

Douglas Coupland on QTV

Monday, 28 March, 2011

Douglas Coupland on QTV. Enjoy.

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