Geographic profiler criminologist Dr. Kim Rossmo

Wednesday, 25 January, 2012

* CBC News (with video), “Pickton inquiry hears serial killer concerns dismissed – Kim Rossmo raised warning 4 years before pig farmer’s arrest

* Vancouver Sun, “Former VPD detective Kim Rossmo testifies bosses nixed serial killer warning

* Texas State University, “Rising Star Dr. Kim Rossmo

* Dr. Kim Rossmo’s Texas State University Bio

Vancouver plane crash heroes

Tuesday, 1 November, 2011

These heroes deserved our public thanks.

* Vancouver Sun, “Video: Plane-crash heroes tell their stories

* CBC News, “Plane crash rescuer says he ‘didn’t have a plan (with 16 mins raw interview with Jeremy Kerr)’

* Vancouver Sun, “Jeremy Kerr writes letter to Vancouver Sun reporter Jeff  Lee about his role in the rescue of passengers on Northern Thunderbird Air Flight 204 and its aftermath

* CBC News, “Premier to honour Richmond crash heroes (with crash aftermath video)

* National Post, “Vancouver plane crash: Heroes who fought their way into the flaming wreckage tell their story

“Jeremy Kerr, John Redmond, Haim Peri and Shawn Nagurny share a common bond even if they don’t know one another.

They were among the small group of men who, against all odds, pushed their way into the flaming fuselage of Northern Thunderbird Air Flight 204 to drag injured passengers to safety after the small aircraft crashed Thursday in Richmond, near Vancouver.

None of the men sought public attention in the days after the incident, but they have now come forward, largely out of the cathartic need to talk about what they experienced. The trauma of being thrown into the situation of becoming unexpected heroes has weighed heavily.

As the men carried or dragged the victims out, as many as two dozen other Good Samaritans offered help, carrying the injured to a grassy area not far from the wreckage. Redmond says all who responded — from those who offered first aid to those who sprayed car fire extinguishers on the flaming wreckage in the vain hope of beating back the flames — deserve credit.

But it was Kerr, Redmond, Peri, Nagurny and several as-yet unidentified men who entered the aircraft, suspending common sense to risk their lives for the people on board.

Here are their stories.

Jeremy Kerr

[…] At first, he said, he didn’t know why he helped out. It was an autonomic reaction for him to race over, he said. In hindsight, he now knows he did so out of extreme compassion.

“Waiting for help to arrive wasn’t an option,” he said. “If they were my loved ones on board, I would hope that someone would do the same for me.” […]

Some of the events around what happened are blurry to Kerr. He says he doesn’t remember the faces and names of the other heroes who worked with him. “It’s like looking down the barrel of a straw,” he said. “All I can remember is the victims.” […]

John Redmond

[…] He drove straight through an intersection, stopped the car “a little bit too close to the airplane,” grabbed his steering-wheel club in case he needed something to smash through windows to free people, and ran as fast as he could toward the airplane. Read the rest of this entry »

Vancouver’s ties to ‘Occupy’ financial movement

Friday, 14 October, 2011

Two insightful articles,

* “Vancouver’s ties to ‘Occupy’ financial movement” Here is an excerpt,

“A Twitter hashtag was fired off on July 13 this summer from a house in Vancouver’s quiet, leafy Fairview Slopes neighbourhood — 17 characters that would ignite anti-corporate protests in New York and other North American cities: #OccupyWallStreet. Read the rest of this entry »

Australian Scott Jones & Canadian Alexandra Thomas – Kissing Couple in Vancouver Riot identified

Friday, 17 June, 2011

June 19th update: In our somewhat twisted world, this is absolutely amazing: “Canadian riot kiss couple turn down offer of millions by celebrity agents“.

To me, Alex and Scott are so level-headed that their actions are worth thinking about and possibly learning from. Would you or should you let “money” (even if it is millions) change your life out of the blue? Or will you strive to live the best life you can after working hard and applying the skills/talent/knowledge you have?

June 20th update: Oh well, it was nice to think Scott and Alex won’t try to cash in for a day. “Vancouver riot couple hire PR agency Markson Sparks in Australia“. I remember watching Ricky Gervais at Banff reminding us/warning us, the danger of making money off just “being famous” (having talent or skills are different, I am talking about simply “being famous” or “being a celebrity”).


"Kissing Couple" at Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot identified as Australian man Scott Jones and Canadian woman Alex Thomas

If all the facts check out, which I expect they will, then Scott Jones & Alexandra Thomas‘ “kissing photo” in the Vancouver Stanley Cup riot (shot by Rich Lam/Getty Images) will totally have my “vote” for photo of the year.

What a wonderful job Rich Lam has done in giving us all a tiny bit of hope out of this totally disgraceful mess. To me, Rich has definitely captured a perfect example of Henri Cartier-Bresson‘s “decisive moment“, good job Rich!

Have a watch of CBC News report (with video news report and Skype video interview of the father of Scott Jones) and CTV News report (with phone interview).

Have a read of TorStar for its excellent reporting and research, (emphasis added)

“How’s that for making love, not war,” astonished dad Brett Jones declared on his Facebook page, telling the world that the famous Romeo in a Vancouver riot picture is his son.

If you haven’t seen it, Scott Jones, 29, is lying on a street locked in an embrace with girlfriend Alexandra Thomas as they’re flanked by riot police Wednesday night.

“She had actually been injured,” Brett Jones told the Star Friday morning from his home in Perth, Australia. “She had been knocked down by a shield” from the riot police.

“He lay down next to her to comfort her. She was crying and he just kissed her to calm her down.” [Kempton’s note: What a lovely moment.]

Even as a young boy, said Brett Jones, Scott demonstrated his “gentle side for other people. I’m not surprised he would comfort Alex.”

An update from TorStar “‘I can’t believe that’s us,’ says woman in kissing photo“, (emphasis added)

“At first Alexandra Thomas couldn’t believe that was she and her boyfriend on the ground sandwiched in between riot police on a calamitous Vancouver street.

“When I first saw it, I thought, ‘No way, that’s not … I can’t believe that’s us,’ ” said Thomas in an interview with the Toronto Star this morning. “Then I looked some more and realized, that is us. That’s a very revealing picture of us.”

[…] Thomas said this morning that everything happened so fast that there was just massive confusion all around.

“I was trying to understand what was going on. The photo was definitely not something we expected to happen,” said Thomas.

The couple is leaving in three days on a trip to California, before Scott heads back to Australia. Thomas said the response from her friends and family has been overwhelming.

“When I saw that picture I couldn’t believe it and then I looked at it more and realize it’s quite artistic and really something beautiful.”

[…] Jones senior can see that the couple’s now-iconic photograph may follow them for the rest of their lives, for good or ill.

“Relationships do buckle under that pressure unless you have the ability to be very centred. Even if it wasn’t Scott, the guy who took the picture captured a moment in time that is iconic.”

Brett Jones has also counselled Scott not to buckle to the doubters, rampant on the skeptical, know-it-all Internet, who say the photograph was staged.

“Tell your story as it happened and there’s nothing you can do about them,” he told his son. “I think it’s amazing.” [Kempton: Wise counsel from a great dad!]

Jun 17, 8:40pm update: CBC has snapped up the Canadian exclusive video interview with Scott & Alex, “EXCLUSIVE: Vancouver riot’s ‘kissing couple’ tell their story“. Enjoy this 13+ minutes interview. What a lovely couple.

Jun 18, 12:02am update: CBC, “‘Kissing couple’ witness rushed to help – Canadian woman hit by rioter, then knocked down by riot police

Finally, I think we humans are an optimistic species. We gravitates towards hope and love even when (may be especially) the world around us seems to be falling apart and failing us. The photo reminds me of the dialogues and images in the opening of the movie “Love Actually”.

Scott Jones & Alexandra Thomas - Kissing Couple in Vancouver Riot identified

P.S. I am still waiting for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other national political leaders to come out (not just a press release) and deliver an address/speech to try to turn this mess into a teachable moment and share some lessons learned.

CBC Rex Murphy on the Vancouver riots

Friday, 17 June, 2011

CBC Rex Murphy on the Vancouver riots - pix 02

I don’t agree with CBC Rex Murphy too often. But I think Rex’s opinions in his insightful piece last night (June 16th in The National) on the Vancouver riots were right on. Also have a read of my preliminary Top 10 Canucks Riot Lessons – Turning the 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot into a Teachable Moment.

Here is an excerpt from Rex‘s National Post Full Comment piece “Punish those who tore the heart out of Vancouver” (looks like the same speech as he said on The National, emphasis added),

Those clod poles, ne’er-do-wells, vandals, punks, thugs and assorted clueless dolts who smacked people around, piled on others, fought with and sought to injure police, set fire to cars, broke into stores, trashed and looted at will in Vancouver Wednesday night — all are a pathetic pack of cowardly destructive losers. An older generation, not bent by the winds of political correctness would rightly have called them the scum of the earth.

There aren’t any excuses for what they did. None. None. At. All. If these whiny, pampered, useless sacks of skin even try to claim it was because their team lost, then they haven’t got the intelligence of a ball of mud. Fools don’t need a motive to be fools, and destructive and threatening fools, such as those who rioted Wednesday night in Vancouver are no exception to this rule. This kind of fool will riot when “his” team wins as easily as when it loses, the game was just a convenient trigger.

[…] Vancouver deserved better Wednesday night. Canada deserved better. Even the Canucks, who had a long worthy go of it up to the final games, deserved better.

The rioters are a third-rate band of losers who still managed to cast a shadow on what should have been — win or lose — a wonderful night for all the country. Everyone in Canada who loves hockey and Canada despises these people.

CBC Rex Murphy on the Vancouver riots - pix 04

CBC Rex Murphy on the Vancouver riots - pix 05 Read the rest of this entry »

Top 10 Canucks Riot Lessons – Turning the 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot into a Teachable Moment

Thursday, 16 June, 2011

Top 10 #CanucksRiot Lessons - Turning the Riot into a Teachable Moment

Here are my top 10 preliminary lessons learned after the 2011 Stanley Cup riot #CanucksRiot. As Canadians, we have to take charge and turn this heck of a mess (with nearly 100 arrest) into a teachable moment. Otherwise we are condemned to repeat the same mistaken again and again until we actually learn it.

Please feel free to add your own lessons learned.

My Top 10 #CanucksRiot Lessons in Our Social Media Age

10. There are so many cellphone photos & videos taken of the #CanucksRiot already posted on Facebook/Flickr/YouTube. There will be lots of evidences to hold the rioters/looters accountable under our laws. [Jun 17 update: “Olympic hopeful suspended over link to Vancouver riots“]

9. Think for a moment: People who took photos & videos of the rioters’ crazy acts were indirectly “giving” the rioters an interested audiences and cameras to perform to! Yes, this is paradoxical and contrary to #10.

8. Take public transportation. Do not park your vehicles near the general area where you expect a ton of people to gather in a public event (in this case, well over 100,000+ people). Plus public transportation is better for the environment anyway! :)

7. It only takes a few short hours to undo a positive international image that takes _years_ to build!

6. The “Kissing photo” at the Vancouver riot had generated lots of web interest.  Is this our collective minds hoping/wishing to see something positive out of this mess?

"Kissing Couple" at Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot identified as Australian man Scott Jones and Canadian woman Alex Thomas

See NPR story for the photo and the “story” of this may/may not be staged photo. (Last update I read was from June 16, 4:58pm ET)

June 17, 6:01am MST update: Various media are reporting the news (originally from Nine MSN) that the man in the photo is Australian Scott Jones and the woman is Canadian Alex Thomas. For more, see CBC News report (with video news report and Skype video interview of the father of Scott Jones), Guardian, and Vancouver Sun.

P.S. The mystery story behind the “Kissing photo” reminded me of the Oscar winning director Errol Morris‘s interesting three-part New York Times blog series on a puzzle involving two 1855 war photos.

Jun 17, 11:30am MST update: Scott’s mom said, “I knew it was him because he doesn’t have a lot of clothes with him and he always puts on the same thing. I’d have to have my house flooded to get on the news, but he just has to kiss a beautiful girl.” [HT Atlantic Wire & Kevin]

For more about the “Kissing Couple” photo, see “Australian Scott Jones & Canadian Alexandra Thomas – Kissing Couple in Vancouver Riot identif.

5. People who took photos of themselves with burning cars or rioting acts as the backdrop were actually “fuelling” the symbolical flames of the riots.

4. Rioters/looters’ self incriminating photos will _forever_ be archived on the internet. “Youthful” indiscretions now leave a _permanent_ and non-erasable trail.

3. Riots can happen in any major Canadian cities (Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, etc). We just can’t defend against organized criminal minds/mobs who are ready to take advantage of special events or occasions to loot/rob/steal. Essential items in a rioters/looters tool kit are simple things like newspaper boxes, portable chairs/tables, bandanas, hammers, gasoline in bottles to start fires or use as Molotov cocktails. How can you defend against a few committed criminals in a sea of thousands without harming the innocent people by accident?

2. Social media/online initiatives like @VancouverClean on Twitter and “Canucks fans against the 2011 Vancouver Riots” on Facebook can have meaningful & positive impact in our real world. Show the rioters/looters and the world that committed citizens _can_ and _do_ make a positive difference.

1. A picture worth a thousand words. So far, here are 37,000 words inPost Riot Clean Up Pictures” under the Facebook group “Canucks fans against the 2011 Vancouver Riots“. OK, I cry easily. And yes, I cried when I looked at this, this, this, and this pictures.

In particular, I started crying when I looked at this picture because thoughtful and committed people are thoughtful and committed _individuals_ coming together to achieve a common goal!

Good luck to us all!


Here is one of the quotes I love.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
– Margaret Mead

17th Jun, 2:39 pm update: Reading this “Bruins fan spat on and beaten up during Canucks game” made me sick and very sad.

Post 2011 Stanley Cup Game 7 Vancouver Riot

Wednesday, 15 June, 2011

It pains my soul to see my fellow Canadians rioting in Vancouver after the Canucks losing Stanley Cup Game 7. To my friends, it may be easy to condemn all Canucks fans or Vancouver as a city for the riot. To me, I believe there will always bad citizens amongst us and there are nothing stopping drunken and angry citizens in our own cities in rioting.

I feel sad and ashamed of what my fellow Canadians have done and are doing in Vancouver. I am shocked and disappointed, Canadians are much better than this. I feel ill in encouraging a visiting friend to take in the game and join in the party in Vancouver. I hope she gets home safely.

A very sad day.


Update: What we say or do in a crisis reflect a lot of our characters. My friends living outside of Vancouver, try not to feel too superior or smug to our fellow Canadians. A day of potential national pride turned into a night of destructions. This is a sad day for Vancouver, a sad day for Canadians across the country. A sad day.


Looting update: The Bay and some brandname stores are being looted. Even London Drugs are being looted! What a sad day in seeing Canadians in Vancouver engaging in all these illegal acts. Vancouver St. Paul’s hospital is currently in “code orange”, so no medical staff are leaving, in case of “mass casualty incident”.


6:39am, June 16 update: Facebook page Post Riot Clean-up – Let’s help Vancouver

If you live in Vancouver and are disgusted with the riots last night, please spare a few minutes in helping. It only takes a few to break windows, destroy properties and steal, but it takes a city to rebuild and cleanup. Go @VancouverClean Go !!!

Kazuhiro Soda’s PEACE in Vancouver International Film Festival

Saturday, 2 October, 2010

Award winning documentary filmmaker Kazuhiro Soda’s new film PEACE will be screening in Vancouver International Film Festival. [HT Soda]

Sat, Oct 2nd 6:30pm, Pacific Cinematheque
Sun, Oct 3rd 4:30pm, Pacific Cinematheque

Here is a trailer.

2010 CIFF Picks: One Big Hapa Family

Friday, 24 September, 2010

2010 CIFF Picks: One Big Hapa Family

New 2010 Calgary International Film Festival Picks: One Big Hapa Family by Jeff Chiba Stearns (CIFF screening info: Sunday, Sept 26, 2:45pm, Globe Theatre) (film website at Meditating Bunny). (Short film  “Out of Infamy: Michi Nishiura Weglyn” is also screening at the same time.)

Jeff‘s award winning “Yellow Sticky Notes“, viewed close to 1.5 million times, is a very charming animation short film and I love it. So I am very excited and looking forward to watching One Big Hapa Family on Sunday.

Check out this film trailer. (added on Oct 11th, 2010)

Here is “Yellow Sticky Notes“.

Check out Jeff’s interview on MTV LIVE , a creative and fun Post-It note ad, and Jeff’s 2010 Emily Carr Award acceptance speech. I will be interviewing Jeff later tonight, so stay tune for that.

Here is Meditating Bunny Studio Reel 2010

Spandy Andy – A friend’s younger brother at So You Think You Can Dance Canada Season 3 (Vancouver audition)

Thursday, 19 August, 2010

I am so happy for Spandy Andy‘s (my friend Josh’s younger brother Andy) shockingly funny and wonderful performance on “So You Think You Can Dance Canada” Season 3 (Vancouver Audition)! Check out Andy’s really funny performance (6 minutes). As one of the judges said, “[Andy’s] dancing was actually good“! I really enjoyed the performance, thought the dancing was good, and I had a few really needed laughs.

Andy has been working hard on being funny and he has been pushing hard over the years. Here is a Vancouver Film School documentary about Andy.

SpandyAndy – Tight Bright & Fearless – Documentary

WIND Mobile exceeds 100,000 users

Thursday, 12 August, 2010

Anthony (Tony) Lacavera, Chairman of Globalive

WIND Mobile Chairman Tony Lacavera has confirmed that WIND now has more than 100,000 subscribers.

In early July I received confirmation that WIND Mobile had passed the 100,000 mark in terms of new subscribers. While we try and view all customers individually, we recognized that this was a major milestone for both WIND Mobile and for the Canadian wireless consumer.

Globe and Mail is reporting (emphasis added),

The [users] number, which the company reached in early July, came out as Wind’s Egyptian financial and operational backer, Orascom Telecom Holding SAE, reports its second quarter financial earnings. Orascom, previously, said it would include Wind’s subscriber numbers for investors.

Wind chairman Anthony Lacavera, who waged a high profile battle against the incumbent providers when he was denied the ability to launch by Canada’s telecom regulator for violating foreign ownership rules, said he is buoyed by the results and that they show the company is gaining momentum.

“We’re pummelling them,” said Mr. Lacavera in an interview. “We added subscribers in our coverage area at twice the speed of incumbents in the same time frame.”

WIND Mobile currently operates in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, and Ottawa and are licensed to operate in all provinces in Canada except Quebec.

Here is my July 2010 phone interview with Tony.

WIND Mobile in Vancouver

Thursday, 3 June, 2010

It is real cool to see WIND Mobile launching in Vancouver today! Congrats Tony and Ken!

Sure, are there problems with WIND (e.g. its coverage) based on my first hand experience with WIND in Calgary for the last few months. But with no contract to tide me down, I can switch anytime and WIND has to work hard (_harder_) to keep me as a customer.

Follow Me Foodie Asian Food Giveaway (Vancouver & lower mainland residents only)

Friday, 7 May, 2010

I love food and have been reading the really cool Follow Me Foodie blog that reviews restaurants & food in Vancouver (and sometimes even from around the world, e.g. Korea).

Mijune is having a Follow Me Foodie Asian Food Giveaway (contest closes May 20th, 2010) for people living in Vancouver and the lower mainland area, so check out the Giveaway and good luck. You may win one of the cool goodies.

Olympic hockey beer bet between Stephen Harper & Barack Obama

Saturday, 20 March, 2010

CBC News “Harper collects on beer bet with Obama“,

Prime Minister Stephen Harper collected on his sudsy Olympic hockey bet with President Barack Obama on Friday.

U.S. Ambassador David Jacobson delivered two cases of beer to the prime minister’s residence at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa.

Owing to Canada’s 3-2 overtime victory over the United States in the gold-medal match in men’s hockey, the U.S. ambassador brought Harper 24 bottles of Molson Canadian.

“To show there’s no hard feelings, the president also threw in a case of Yuengling on top of the Molsons,” Jacobson said.

We’ve won some nice bragging rights here. :)

The ‘Iggy!’ heard round the world…

Sunday, 14 March, 2010

If you watched that game and you are Canadian, this is a ton of fun. Enjoy.

[HT Brian]

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics coming to an end

Sunday, 28 February, 2010

March 1 Update: CBC News “Vancouver cleans up from Olympic party

Feb 28, 2010 Update: More info re 2010 Winter Olympics closing ceremony. Toronto Star, “Rapture on Yonge St. as fans celebrate hockey gold“. A nice “summary video” by Stephen Brunt of Globe and Mail (beautifully done).


It is with some sadness that I see Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics coming to an end with the Closing ceremony starting in minutes. I have tagged a few entries with 2010 Olympics and I won’t repeat what I wrote previously (the good and the bad).

What I want to add is the sense of Canadians realizing whathas long been with us: When we put our HEART AND MINDS to it , we can do anything! (as a reader wrote in a comment)

As I believe and wrote in 2008,

“[…] we may not have the power of military might (like the U.S.) or power of money and foreign reserves (like China) but our encompassing diverse Canadian society gives us the power to understand, to mediate and most important of all, to appreciate others who are different from us. Our understanding and appreciation of others make us strong and vibrant while these skills also make us valuable in international trade and other business or non-business endeavours.”

Canadians have a unique and powerful role in the world and it is up to us to be the best that we can be.

I am so proud to be a Canadian!

█ ♥ █ GO CANADA GO █ ♥ █

█ ♥ █ GO CANADA GO █ ♥ █

Sunday, 28 February, 2010

14 Gold, 7 Silver, 5 Bronze, and all the great athletes in Vancouver 2010 Olympics ! So Happy ! Go Canada Go !!!

So proud of the Men Hockey team this afternoon. So proud of all the Canadian Olympic athletes and the top athletes we saw from around the world in Vancouver 2010!

Canada has now broken the record for most gold medals won at a single Olympic Winter Games – 14.

I am so proud to be Canadian today!

█ ♥ █ GO CANADA GO █ ♥ █

Joannie Rochette & Petra Majdic: joint recipients of Vancouver 2010 Terry Fox Award

Sunday, 28 February, 2010

Excerpt from Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics press release (emphasis added),

Slovenian cross-country skier Petra Majdic and Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette were named the joint recipients today of the Vancouver 2010 Terry Fox Award, named after the legendary young amputee runner who continues to touch the hearts of Canadians three decades after his ambitious cross-country run to find a cure for cancer. […]

Petra showed true grit when she picked herself up and stayed on to compete at Whistler Olympic Park in the women’s sprint classic after sustaining an injury while warming up on the course. She performed in pain knowing her country and family were counting on her to win Slovenia’s first medal at the Games ― and she did with a bronze medal finish.”

Joannie also touched all of us this week with her determination to push on and compete here at Canada’s Games even as she struggled with the painful sudden loss of her mother, Thérèse. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when she took to the ice on Tuesday after her mother’s death. We all held our breath and willed her on as she gave a remarkable, dignified performance ― one that helped her earn bronze. Her grief, determination and her grace have touched all of us.”

Both women are an inspiration to all of us and have provided us with unforgettable performances at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games,” continued Furlong.

What Joannie & Petra have done are awe inspiring for Canadians and people from around the world. These are lessons that will stay with us when we face our own challenges in life.

Congrats Joannie & Petra.

Curling: The slowest game in Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Thursday, 25 February, 2010

There are many games of speed (e.g. skeleton, luge, speed skating) in the Winter Olympics but one of the slowest games is probably Curling.

The people who thought it is easy to throw a granite stone weighing 20kg has no idea the challenge and fun in the game. Curling is a game of great skills, strategy, and sometimes luck. It is is games of the tiniest margin. And how often can you something as tiny as a human hair affecting the result of a game?

Canada women team just won its semi-final game against Switzerland and is going to compete for gold! Great job Cheryl Bernard and her Calgary team based in the Calgary Curling Club (established 1888).

Go Canada Go !!!

Canada’s women curling team secures top spot

Tuesday, 23 February, 2010

I am so excited to read the CBC report, “Canada’s Bernard secures curling top spot“. As I wrote previously, lets not underestimate the Chinese women team.

Go Canada Go !!!

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