Can you name this font and say something about it?

Can you name this font and say something about it?

Can you name this font (high res photo) and say something about it?

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  1. kempton says:

    A few people guessed it is related to LV but it is not.

  2. hevangel says:

    Then what’s so special about this font?

  3. kempton says:

    The font is actually “A Font Called Frank.” To me, the super cool thing about it is that in smaller scale (e.g. letter-head), the font looks “deceptively “regular””. But in large scale, in architecture scale, the complex qualities of the font shows up.
    The font was commissioned in 1991 by Frank Gehry for Walt Disney Concert Hall, home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. More info here
    An excerpt from Bruce Mau’s page,
    “We tested over 5,000 existing typographic variants through a technique appropriate to the artistic roots of the building: Disney animation. By animating fonts and exploring the in-between frames as one font transformed into another, we invented a new font with dynamic range, which we dubbed “A Font Called Frank.” After testing it by creating posters for everything from a John Cage concert to a Wagner opera, we applied our invention to the building. We integrated the typography by embedding the information alive in the material itself, creating perforations in the metal to allow light to emanate from within.”

  4. hevangel says:

    What’s so complex about a big font? Just some edge is not totally straight, what else?

  5. kempton says:


    As I excerpted above, it is “a new font with dynamic range”.
    The operative word is “dynamic”. My interpretation of “dynamic” is that it is constantly changing as you vary it in size. Otherwise, if there is no variation, it isn’t “dynamic” is it?

    Take a look of the letter “W” on this page (posted above),

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