Kickstarter launches in Canada … Happy 2nd Birthday (updated)

Sept 24, 2013 update: Kickstarter has finally launched in Canada earlier this year and you can find some Canadian projects here.

Feb 16, 2012 update: SeeForget about Kickstarter, try IndieGoGo in Canada UK Australia Asia?Please comment in the new post as comment for this post is now locked.


Happy 2nd Birthday Kickstarter! Of the early projects that brought momentum, I found the Allison Weiss and Designing Obama projects very inspiring. And the recent iPod Nano watch kit project was very cool too. I am really happy for people who were able to fulfill their dreams using Kickstarter.

At the same time, I am extremely disappointed that, after two long years, only Americans with American addresses can raise funds! Canadians can only pay to fund projects but NOT allowed to raise funds without a US address. At the moment, as a fan of the site, I am sadly thinking Kickstarter will launch in Canada after hill (sp?) freezes over! How can we change this?

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  1. Dwight says:

    They need competition.

  2. cephasmoray says:

    they need a kick in the behind, maybe that will stop the geographic discrimination.

  3. kempton says:

    Yes indeed. They need a serious kick from the behind. I need to find time to look up services similar to Amazon, the payment engine used by KickStarter.

    Anyone has any idea of similar services available in Canada?

  4. Gene says:

    Um, kempton, have you considered

  5. kempton says:

    Hi Gene,

    Thanks for your interest. Yes, I did think about but I don’t know or think it is that easy. For one, if it is simply using the same service but from .ca then Kickstarter should have used it long long ago, right? If it is a simply switch, they would have and should have done it.

    Anyway, I did a quick Google and could find any equivalent info for

    If you or anyone can find more precise info (with full link for reference) I will certainly check them out.

    I truly hope we in Canada can use a services like Kickstarter and I’m a bit tired of Kickstarter’s inability to move ahead after so much delay.

  6. Paul d'Aoust says:

    @kempton: I’ve been waiting for Amazon to bring FPS to Canada, but no dice yet. PayPal has something very similar — they call it Adaptive Payments, and it offers a lot of the same features (micropayments, recurring billing, etc). At least, Adaptive Payments was similar to Amazon FPS last time I checked :-)

    PayPal’s APIs usually a beast to implement though — inconsistent and even inaccurate documentation, no useful SDKs to help out the process.

    (By the way, if you’re actually thinking of implementing something in your project in PHP with one of PayPal’s APIs, do yourself a favour and download the AktiveMerchant library. And if you need help — even with AktiveMerchant, it’s still pretty idiosyncratic — let me know with a follow-up post.)

  7. Paul d'Aoust says:

    @cephasmoray: unfortunately, as @kempton said, it’s Amazon’s policies that restricts Kickstarter to projects run by US residents, because to pitch a project on Kickstarter, you need an Amazon merchant account thingy.

  8. kempton says:

    @Paul Thanks a lot for sharing your insight. I will check out what you suggested and see. Good info are, unfortunately, hard to come by sometimes.

  9. asd says:


    Can you change the title of your post?

    “Kickstarter Launches in Canada” is a headline which is completely and wholly untrue.

  10. kempton says:

    Thanks for your comment but nope! Absolutely not! I am trying to shame Kickstarter to launch in Canada. So far it hasn’t worked but I am not going to stop trying!

    As I stated clearly in my very short post, “I am extremely disappointed that, after two long years, only Americans with American addresses can raise funds!” and that was in April 2011! And judging from your comment, h*ll hasn’t frozen over yet and Kickstarter hasn’t launched in Canada.

    Shame on Kickstarter! Thinking about it, may be it is time for another post to shame Kickstarter before its third anniversary!

    P.S. I usually don’t tolerate foul language but I will make an exception for Kickstarter!

  11. Paul d'Aoust says:

    If Kickstarter is still using Amazon Flexible Payments, they’re just simply not able to support Canadian projects until Amazon allows Canadians to receive money. I think that the only thing we could shame Kickstarter into doing is choosing a different payment provider. And honestly, I don’t think there’s any need to *shame* Kickstarter — they’re doing something very awesome.

  12. kempton says:

    I ended up doing some research and found the following,

    “Am I eligible to start a Kickstarter project?

    To be eligible to start a Kickstarter project, you need to satisfy the requirements of Amazon Payments:

    Be a permanent US resident and at least 18 years of age with a Social Security Number (or EIN), a US bank account, US address, US state-issued ID (driver’s license), and major US credit or debit card.”

    Of course my point is it is almost THREE years already, looks like Amazon Payments has no plan to offer its service in Canada, then Kickstarter can and should go look for an alternate service provider to use in Canada.

    I will tell you a “secret”, I LOVE Kickstarter but it is also becuase I love it, I want it to do a much better job to serve Canadians.

    At the moment, Canadians want to start a project are forced to partner with an American just so that they can use Kickstarter.

    Shame is a strong word but as a Canadian, I am stuck with looking at Kickstarter, only able to pay into a project but unable to use it to help me fund a project. It kinda suck!

    P.S. I ended up doing some more research and writing a new article. So I am locking the comment for this article. Please read and comment in the new article if you wish.

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