TED & TEDx talk videos – My baker’s dozen of favourite videos

Saturday, 24 November, 2012

Inspired by all the TEDxHongKong chatters I had last night with some attendees, I’ve finally done my version of top nth TED videos that inspired me. So here is my baker’s dozen (12+1) of TED and TEDx talk videos that I love and enjoy over the years. Some are popular and some are not.

May be we share a few common ones and we can chat about them in the comments. And if you see a few new ones that you haven’t watched, thats cool too and we can chat in the comments. And may be most important of all, please do share some of your fav! I love to check them out and hear why you love them!

In no particular order, the following are my baker’s dozen (12+1) tweets of my favourite TED & TEDx videos (with links added):

#1 tweet) In no specific order: #TED Malcolm Gladwell, UT alum & best selling author’s Choice, happiness & spaghetti sauce is great

#2 tweet) #TED Malcolm Gladwell‘s “The strange tale of the Norden bombsight” talk is better but unloved because of the harsh message

#3 tweet) A great #TEDxCaltech talk on Richard Feynman by Leonard Susskind. If u never heard of Nobel Prize winning funny man physicist Feynman, try this, you may start to love him.

#4 tweet) #TED Susan Cain is so cool & insightful. Here “The power of introverts” is a must watch for fellow introverts (me INTJ) Read the rest of this entry »

The power of introverts – Susan Cain’s TED Talk

Saturday, 17 March, 2012

The power of introverts – Susan Cain’s TED Talk [HT BMD] Wonderfully insightful and heart warming talk. Highly recommended. Susan is the author of the new 2012 published book “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking“.

On a personal note, while I’ve learned to enjoy talking to strangers, deep down I’m an introvert, was (am?) an INTJ. Reminds me of the wonderful personal development course I took years ago. Well, looks like I just assigned myself some old & new materials to read.

June 20, 2012 update: More video clips here (Google Tech talk and more). And I’ve finished Susan’s book “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” and highly recommend it. Go check it out.

Ai Weiwei detained. Here is his TED film

Sunday, 10 April, 2011

Ai Weiwei detained. Here is his TED film.

Use art to turn the world inside out

Tuesday, 8 March, 2011

JR’s TED Prize wish: Use art to turn the world inside out

JR, a French street artist, uses his camera to show the world its true face. He makes his audacious TED Prize wish: to use art to turn the world inside out. A funny, moving talk about art and who we are. Learn more at insideoutproject.net [Kempton: JR talks and shows more about the project on the site.]

Madeleine Albright: On being a woman and a diplomat

Sunday, 20 February, 2011

An insightful TED Talk “Madeleine Albright: On being a woman and a diplomat“. Enjoy.

TEDxShanghai is Live online tonight (Sept 4, 8pm MST/Calgary time, Sept 5th, 10am Shanghai/HK time)

Saturday, 4 September, 2010

TEDxShanghai is Live online tonight (Sept 4, 8pm MST/Calgary time, Sept 5th, 10am Shanghai/HK time). I will try to watch some of it for sure. Here is TEDxShanghai 2010 list of speakers, the topics look interesting. Will see.

Clifford Stoll: 18 minutes with an agile mind

Friday, 3 September, 2010

I’ve admired Clifford Stoll for years since reading his book The Cuckoo’s Egg: Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of Computer Espionage in the late 80s or early 90s. Without knowing how smart and insightful Stoll is, he may seem a bit of a “mad scientist” in the following video. But for those who pay close attention and listen carefully, look behind the superficial surface, what he said has lots of truth in them. Enjoy.

Clifford Stoll: 18 minutes with an agile mind

Temple Grandin: The world needs all kinds of minds & HBO Movie

Sunday, 29 August, 2010

Here is a wonderful TED Talk by Temple Grandin: The world needs all kinds of minds. Check out Dr. Grandin’s website for more info. Here is talk,

And the biopic starring Claire Danes as Temple Grandin is a must see as the film won awards for Outstanding Made for Television Movie and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie tonight. And the Calgary Public Library has copies of it.

From LA Times “Temple Grandin at the 2010 Emmy Awards


Sept 7, 2010 Update: Insightful chat, “Temple Grandin – Conversations from Penn State

“Synthetic Life” in the words of Craig Venter

Thursday, 27 May, 2010

Craig Venter unveils “synthetic life”. [18 minutes video via TED Talk]

About this talk

Craig Venter and team make a historic announcement: they’ve created the first fully functioning, reproducing cell controlled by synthetic DNA. He explains how they did it and why the achievement marks the beginning of a new era for science.”

Daniel Pink on the surprising science of motivation @ TED

Thursday, 29 April, 2010

Daniel Pink on the surprising science of motivation. [HT TEDxCalgary]

“Dan Pink examines the puzzle of motivation, starting with a fact that social scientists know but most managers don’t: Traditional rewards aren’t always as effective as we think.”

Dean Kamen: The emotion behind invention @ TEDMED

Thursday, 29 April, 2010

Dean Kamen: The emotion behind invention. [HT BMD]

“Dean Kamen talks about the profound people and stories that motivated his work to give parts of their lives back with his design for a remarkable prosthetic arm.”

Devdutt Pattanaik: East vs west – the myths that mystify – TED India

Tuesday, 16 March, 2010

Devdutt Pattanaik: East vs west — the myths that mystify. Great TED India talk, highly recommended.

P.S. I now understand the complexity of India and other world cultures a little bit better and that may help me conduct business in the future. Great concluding remarks at 17:12.

“Your imagination … creating a reality” – James Cameron: Before Avatar … a curious boy

Friday, 5 March, 2010

Here is a great TED talk by James Cameron (TED website),

James Cameron’s big-budget (and even bigger-grossing) films create unreal worlds all their own. In this personal talk, he reveals his childhood fascination with the fantastic — from reading science fiction to deep-sea diving — and how it ultimately drove the success of his blockbuster hits “Aliens,” “The Terminator,” “Titanic” and “Avatar.”

[HT Matt]

update: I added James‘s “failure is an option but fear is not” to my – Quotes I LOVE

Sergey Brin on Google’s China decision @ TED

Sunday, 28 February, 2010

First time I heard a little more discussion about the China situation.

Sergey Brin on Google’s China decision @ TED

TED BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Onstage at TED2010, TED curator Chris Anderson interviews Google’s Sergey Brin about the company’s recent statement on China. (Recorded at TED2010, in Long Beach, California, February 2010. Duration: 8:24.)

Digital Emily explained at TED

Wednesday, 21 October, 2009

Paul Debevec talks about animating Digital Emily, a photo-real digital face at TED.

Life lessons from an ad man

Sunday, 18 October, 2009

TED Talk Rory Sutherland: Life lessons from an ad man

There is a great Canadian bit in the video. Enjoy.

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