#PianistFound “What a Wonderful World” #Ukraine #Lviv – video interview done (Editing in progress)

Video Interview Current Status: Video interview completed this morning. Editing in progress. Brand new entry to be written. This will take me some time. Stay tuned. Near Impossible (but one tiny step closer)

NOTE: Video being worked on & new entry being written.

Last (and no more) Update for this entry (NEXT one will have the video interview, yeah!): 5:50pm, 2022, March 7th

Previous Updates: 5:59am, 5:43am, 3:58am, 3:00am, 2:53am, 2022, March 6th

6:30pm, 12:49pm, 12:31pm, 2022, March 5th (all times MT)

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NEW Post Title: #PianistFound “What a Wonderful World” #Ukraine #Lviv near #impossible video interview

Brief Note:

the pianist’s beautiful playing of “What a wonderful world ” 🎼🎶#Ukraine 🎹 #Lviv put me to #tears😭💔! [HT lyse] I know it is near impossible (NOT impossible) but I wonder if there is video interview of the pianist? I for one would #LOVE to interview her & chat.😭

As tweeted on 11:25am MT, Mar 5th, 2022

I would love to find the pianist to video interview her & chat. I know it is near #impossible but I would LOVE to video interview her & chat. Would love any help I can get, can you help add some missing details? Or help connect?

Pianist: Olya Olyusia (Olya’s Instagram) (Major thanks to @BigBenDeCastro’s tweet for solving the mystery in his reply to @ScooterCasterNY’s tweet of Olya playing another song)

Location: Lviv Railway Station (Google Map)

Piano playing time/date: ~March 4th, 2022 MT (based on Susan’s Tweet1)

Olya played What a Wonderful World at 1:45

Video #1: Tweet1 [HT Susan]

Video #2: Tweet2 [HT lyse & Andrew]

Song used in Movie: Many movies have used “What a wonderful world “, Good Morning, Vietnam (1987) starring the late Robin Williams is possibly one of the more famous one. Someone was kind enough to post a clip of the song/movie on YouTube and here it is. (BTW, the clip has another great song “Over the Rainbow” (not in the movie as far as I know)).

Time for some shut eye.

(To be continued)


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