Top 10 Reasons why Monkey Darwin shops at Ikea & No charges by T.O. police!

Top 10 Reasons why Monkey Darwin shops at Ikea

#10 Even a monkey wants 2 Hot Dogs & Soft Drink for $2!
#9 It’s a smart monkey!
#8 No monkey can resist sampling free candies!
#7 Shopping at Ikea is like going to the zoo!!
#6 He will blend right in with all the Ikea soft toys!
#5 The parking lot is so BIG!
#4 Hello CNN’s Anderson Cooper! He is so cute!
#3 He will blend right in with all the Ikea shoppers!
#2 It will be a fun day out!
#1 Only Ikea lets you monkey around with the furnitures!

On a more serious not, according to Globe & Mail report after discussing with people at the holding centre of Toronto’s Animal Service, the five-month old monkey Darwin is “not very happy right now. He’s comfortable, but he’s having a bad day.” In case you don’t know, Toronto’s Municipal Code prohibits keeping monkeys are pets and the owners have been fined $240 and agreed to transfer ownership of Darwin to the city.

Toronto Police Service media officier Wendy Drummond stated in a twitter message that

Toronto police not laying any charges in #ikeamonkey incident. No further investigation/involvement by police.

which lead to City News Anchor/Reporter Roger Petersen asking,

@drummond17 how does the #ikeamonkey not do jail time for the fashion crime he/she committed with that coat?

and a merciful reply by Wendy, stating categorically,

@rogerfpetersen lol…while some fashion statements might be considered a crime, it’s not our jurisdiction!

Update: Love this idea, Assembly so easy, a Monkey can do it” from @ChristinJerome

Update 2: TorStar has this latest update (with video), “Ikea monkey Darwin took shine to me, owner says“. I truly feel sorry for Darwin’s owner Yasmin Nakhuda for that they are now separated. While it must be painful Yasmin and Darwin now, I hope it works out better for Dawin in the long run as it does need special care.

More videos: “Happy Halloween From Darwin

Darwin Giving First Kiss to Human Mom

dog and baby snow macaque at play” (this is so cute!)

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