Ad Chat: Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches (Evolution)

Friday, 19 April, 2013

I hadn’t planned to talk about the new Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches ad campaign but I couldn’t help but chat about it with a few Google+ friends and  bringing up my  love of the 2006 award winning Evolution campaign. Anyway, while Sketches nowhere near as good as Evolution, I like some element of the campaign enough to share it here.

Real Beauty Sketches


The Making Of Evolution Of Dove (I just found this “making of”, it looks like a bad copy but I can’t find a better version to use)

(note: cartoonist and television producer of “Producing ParkerStephanie Betts play the “pretty, but ordinary girl” in the ad)

Stephanie Betts‘s Kids Screen Summit bio:

“VP Kids Development, DHX Media Read the rest of this entry »

Oreo Super Bowl Power Outage Twitter Ad campaign – Chat & Analysis

Tuesday, 5 February, 2013

Oreo Superbowl Twitter Ad

“This is an opportunity. The entire world is watching and there is nothing on. So  quickly, everyone pull together a design, a caption, the folks from Oreo were in the room, and we got something out in just a few minutes [kempton’s note: 360i was ready in only 5 mins after the power outage but waited for 5 more mins to confirm that people were safe before they tweeted]. – Sarah Hofstetter, president of 360i (WSJ Video interview, Feb 4th, 2013)

I LOVE smart Ad campaign . I especially love one of them during the Sunday surprised/not-so-surprised Super Bowl Power #fail. Great job @Oreo with its Super Bowl Power Outage Twitter Ad campaign! As I was telling a prospective client recently, the best ads are often the ones, once you paid to initially get it made, you pay very little or nothing to get it spread because people are sharing it as content!

It was my pleasure the Monday morning after Superbowl to host an event to have an insightful chat with Kim Beasley and Trev Warth to specifically talk about the very successful Oreo’s “Power Out? No problem.” tweet campaign. Here is a video of our chat. See my reference notes below for more detailed research.

Oreo Super Bowl Power Outage Twitter Ad campaign – Chat & Analysis


Official blog post post account by 360i: “How Oreo Won the Social Media Bowl with a Single Piece of Content

– WSJ Video interview, Feb 4th, 2013: ” How Oreo Stole the Super Bowl Spotlight – A quick response from Oreo’s social media turned a timely tweet about the power outage into the brand’s most successful social media message yet. Sarah Hofstetter, president of 360i, joins digits.

– Oreo’s “Power Out? No problem.” tweet

– 360i Company site

– 360i leadership

– Cool tweet by Adam Kerj, Chief Creative Officer of 360i

Why are @IKEACanada and Leo Burnett silent in global trending Twitter #ikeamonkey?

Monday, 10 December, 2012

Why are @IKEACanada and Leo Burnett silent in global trending Twitter #ikeamonkey?

I wrote humourously about #ikeamonkey in my article “Top 10 Reasons why Monkey Darwin shops at Ikea & No charges by T.O. police!” so I won’t repeat those points here. In this article, I will take a more serious look at the business side of things.

I’m first of all puzzled and wondering “Why is @IKEACanada silent during global trending Twitter #ikeamonkey ?” I see people from around the world on Twitters write and write about #ikeamonkey. And the media outlets not just in Canada but from around the world are also turning this into a viral discussion! But then paradoxically, I see the @IKEACanada account (yes, the official verified IKEA Canada Twitter account) being completely silent on #ikeamonkey! Why is the IKEA Canada social media tweeting nothing about #ikeamonkey? And, more seriously, why is the Toronto-based Leo BurnettIKEA’s creative agency of record (since March 2011) NOT convincing IKEA Canada to do something creative and fun to engage all the people tweeting about IKEA!

Questions for Leo Burnett & IKEA Canada

Why is Judy John, chief creative officer, Leo Burnett and her team doing nothing? Are there heavy resistent from IKEA Canada? Now, may be they are doing something but in the Twitter age inside a perfect viral storm, one viral #ikeamonkey day is easily more than 100 human days! Since monkey Darwin was first spotted by shoppers at 2 p.m. ET Sunday, so one viral #ikeamonkey day (100 human days) has officially passed without something fun or engaging from @IKEACanada or Leo Burnett! What a waste of social media positive energy.

Lets have some fun IKEA Canada & Leo Burnett

There are many ways to engage and have fun. I spent a few quick minutes to come up with a few. Feel free to post and share yours in the comment.

Here are my free #ikeamonkey ideas/advices 2 @IKEACanada & @LeoBurnett #hint #youshouldreallypayme4myideas #yyc #canada

Some fun ones:

How about: You’r right! @IKEACanada our furnitures are a ton of fun to monkey with! #ikeamonkey

How about: Yes, @IKEACanada We let you monkey with your furnitures with no extra charges! #ikeamonkey

This one is just a nice way to thank monkey Darwin for all the positive & free publicity (good karma):

How About: Thx #ikeamonkey 4 your visit @IKEACanada We are donating $1,000 to your new home Storybook Farms Primate Sanctuary in Sunderland

At this point, some thoughtful social engagement by @IKEACanada about #ikeamonkey will tremendous good for IKEA as a global brand.

Now, I don’t mean to criticize Leo Burnett (Toronto) too harshly as I think they have done some great work over the years like this one, “Ikea’s Cardboard Outdoor Posters Fold Down Into Moving Boxes Take one and start packing.” But I just can’t help but think about the wasted positive worldwide fun & positive attention to IKEA (not just IKEA Canada). What a waste! I feel like someone dumping tons and tons of preciously liquid gold randomly into ocean, once lost, they can’t be found again! It sucks!

Update: I rethink a little, since this is an article about social media, I will wait & see if @IKEACanada or @LeoBurnett see my Twitter tags re this article or do anything today. If I have time or want to do a followup article on this, I will then call up Leo Burnett and see if I can get a comment.

Note: This post is cross-posted by me at examiner.

Top 10 Reasons why Monkey Darwin shops at Ikea & No charges by T.O. police!

Monday, 10 December, 2012

Top 10 Reasons why Monkey Darwin shops at Ikea

#10 Even a monkey wants 2 Hot Dogs & Soft Drink for $2!
#9 It’s a smart monkey!
#8 No monkey can resist sampling free candies!
#7 Shopping at Ikea is like going to the zoo!!
#6 He will blend right in with all the Ikea soft toys!
#5 The parking lot is so BIG!
#4 Hello CNN’s Anderson Cooper! He is so cute!
#3 He will blend right in with all the Ikea shoppers!
#2 It will be a fun day out!
#1 Only Ikea lets you monkey around with the furnitures!

On a more serious not, according to Globe & Mail report after discussing with people at the holding centre of Toronto’s Animal Service, the five-month old monkey Darwin is “not very happy right now. He’s comfortable, but he’s having a bad day.” In case you don’t know, Toronto’s Municipal Code prohibits keeping monkeys are pets and the owners have been fined $240 and agreed to transfer ownership of Darwin to the city.

Toronto Police Service media officier Wendy Drummond stated in a twitter message that

Toronto police not laying any charges in #ikeamonkey incident. No further investigation/involvement by police.

which lead to City News Anchor/Reporter Roger Petersen asking,

@drummond17 how does the #ikeamonkey not do jail time for the fashion crime he/she committed with that coat?

and a merciful reply by Wendy, stating categorically,

@rogerfpetersen lol…while some fashion statements might be considered a crime, it’s not our jurisdiction!

Update: Love this idea, Assembly so easy, a Monkey can do it” from @ChristinJerome

Update 2: TorStar has this latest update (with video), “Ikea monkey Darwin took shine to me, owner says“. I truly feel sorry for Darwin’s owner Yasmin Nakhuda for that they are now separated. While it must be painful Yasmin and Darwin now, I hope it works out better for Dawin in the long run as it does need special care.

More videos: “Happy Halloween From Darwin

Darwin Giving First Kiss to Human Mom

dog and baby snow macaque at play” (this is so cute!)

Darwin the Monkey At The Office

Darwin and his Nuk Nuk

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