Park vs. CODA – (Korean David vs. Goliath) Park Shin-yang banned indifinitely by Corea Drama Production Association

I heard from a friend that Korean TV star Park Shin-yang (朴新陽) has been banned indefinitely from starring in any dramas produced by members of the Corea Drama Production Association because he dared to ask to be paid for work completed according to contractual terms previously agreed. Quoting Korea Times (emphasis added),

The Corea Drama Production Association (CODA) last Friday banned Park, 40, from starring in any dramas produced by members of the association for an indefinite period. Park, when filming hit TV drama “War of Money” (2007), asked for 170 million won per day per additional episode beyond planned. He appeared in four additional episodes, but producers failed to pay him the 682 million won. Park consequently sued them.

Whether the higher cost is making Korean TV less competitive is not the issue here. Ultimately, an agreed contract is a contract. It is the Korean rule of law that is being challenged and being disrespected by these bullying Korean producers and the CODA. I just have zero torrence for bullies. None.

Imagine Tom Hanks finished working on a TV show/ film and then the production company refused to pay, and making the matter worst, the Producers Guild of America then decide to gang up on Tom and ban him from acting indefinitely in any projects done by any PGA producers (which is like everyone that is worth working for in the industry in US)!!! This is what is happening to Park in Korea.

Many Park fans are complaining and trying to help reverse the ban decision. A fan of Park has created a blog “Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang” to try to help reverse this unjust decision. You can help too.

Please visit “Counter Ban for Park Shin Yang” for more details to help. Good luck Mr. Park.

P.S. Thank to this incident, I now have an excuse to find and chat with some Korean producers and Korean broadcasters when I visit Banff World TV Festival this June 2009 (assuming I can find some time to attend). You can watch videos and read blog entries of my previous Banff reporting here. (I’ve attended Banff since 2006 and it is a great way to meet producers and broadcasters from around the world in a few short days in a beautiful setting like Banff.)


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