Oscars 2012: Christopher Plummer, Best Supporting Actor

Monday, 27 February, 2012

The following transcript is partially based on THR “Oscars 2012: The Winners’ Reactions” with additional text added using the recorded press room video below.

Reporter: Why are you wearing your Order of Canada pin?
Christopher Plummer: “I sort of feel that in a way I’m representing my country here tonight just as Max [von Sydow] is representing Sweden. […] This is the highest civilian honour that a Canadian can get and I’m very proud of it.] I think an evening like this deserves to have them all out, all the medals and all the awards showing.”

On his hometown: “It was great to grow up in Quebec because it never closed. Montreal stayed open all night. I’m glad I grew up in a racy town.”

Great man, well said. Love Plummer!

Oscars 2012: Christopher Plummer, Best Supporting Actor, Backstage Interview

Funny Oscars Hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway

Friday, 25 February, 2011

Looks like Oscars Hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway are all set to be funny hosts. They even did a promo to spoof the Oscars. May be after watching Ricky Gervais in Golden Globe, they are trying to be funny in their own ways.

Boot camp.


Anne sings “Evita

Can you believe?


Ricky was trying to have some fun in his blog and wrote “a little opening” for James and Anne.

Oh, and good luck to James Franco and Anne Hathaway at The Oscars on Sunday. I know how nervous they must be right now.

They will do an absolutely fantastic job and don’t need my help, but I’ve written a little opening in case they have a few minutes to fill.

(Drum roll)

Ladies and Gentlemen.
Please welcome your hosts for this evening…
James Franco and Anne Hathaway

(Music and applause)
(James and Anne walk out looking absolutely perfect)

Hello and welcome to The 83rd Academy Awards,
Live from Los Angeles.

That’s foreign for City of Angels.
And this room is certainly filled will those angels.


Thank you. I’m James Franco.

…and I’m Anne Hathaway.

You probably know me from 127 Hours where I play a man trapped in an enclosed space who decides he would rather cut his own arm off than stay where he was. Now that sounds “way out” but wait till half way through this fucking ceremony and you’ll start to identify with him.

And I’m the new Catwoman. The first white woman to play that role since Michelle Pfeiffer. I want it to be an inspiration to all white people everywhere. Your dreams can come true in Hollywood too.

It’s a daunting task hosting The Oscars but we’re not alone. Presenting awards tonight will be a string of Hollywood legends and some other actors who have a film out in March or April. Read the rest of this entry »

Dear Academy: My Oscars tweets

Sunday, 7 March, 2010

The 2010 Oscars is tonight. To make it fun in Calgary, here are some Oscar predictions in the following two tweets. What are your predictions for tonight?


Dear Academy: Avatar (picture), Bridges (actor), Streep (actress), Waltz (s.actor), Gyllenhaal (s.actress), Hurt Locker (directing)

Dear Academy: China’s Unnatural Disaster: The Tears of Sichuan Province (Doc short), Up (Animated Feature Film), Avatar (Art Direction+VFx)

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