Oscars 2012: Christopher Plummer, Best Supporting Actor

The following transcript is partially based on THR “Oscars 2012: The Winners’ Reactions” with additional text added using the recorded press room video below.

Reporter: Why are you wearing your Order of Canada pin?
Christopher Plummer: “I sort of feel that in a way I’m representing my country here tonight just as Max [von Sydow] is representing Sweden. […] This is the highest civilian honour that a Canadian can get and I’m very proud of it.] I think an evening like this deserves to have them all out, all the medals and all the awards showing.”

On his hometown: “It was great to grow up in Quebec because it never closed. Montreal stayed open all night. I’m glad I grew up in a racy town.”

Great man, well said. Love Plummer!

Oscars 2012: Christopher Plummer, Best Supporting Actor, Backstage Interview


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