Canada Bail Reform because of documentary “Dear Zachary”

Dear Zachary is a documentary about love and, at the same time, story of horrible murders. Have a watch of my video interview in “2008 CIFF: Dear Zachary – David & Kate Bagby’s path to justice for the death in their family“.

It feels like closing a sad chapter to see Canadian bail legislation changed after the hard work by the Bagbys and Member of Parliament Mr. Scott Andrews and Senator Tommy Banks. From the film’s site,

It adds a clause to section 515(10) (b) of the criminal code giving courts the power to deny bail to someone accused of a serious crime who is deemed a potential danger to children under the age of 18.”

Here is the relevant changed wordings in Criminal Code (search for section 515(10) (b)),

“Justification for detention in custody

(10) For the purposes of this section, the detention of an accused in custody is justified only on one or more of the following grounds:


(b) where the detention is necessary for the protection or safety of the public, including any victim of or witness to the offence, or any person under the age of 18 years, having regard to all the circumstances including any substantial likelihood that the accused will, if released from custody, commit a criminal offence or interfere with the administration of justice;”

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