20170207 reading, video, audio list (Battery, Tesla, Jeff Dahn, Melania Trump Court case, Donald Trump)

Law Professor Michael Geist, “Did a Canadian Court Just Establish a New Right to be Forgotten?

CSM, “Apple’s new ‘spaceship’ campus a fitting tribute to Steve Jobs’s obsessions – The construction of Apple’s sprawling new headquarters is far behind schedule, thanks in part to Apple’s characteristic obsession with minimalism and attention to detail.

Ref: Apple Campus 2 February 2017 Construction Update 4K

CBC News, “Jeff Dahn, battery researcher wins $1M Herzberg Medal – Looking to a future of renewable technology, Halifax-based researcher aims to make a battery to last 30 years

Green tech While existing lithium-ion batteries are quite efficient, Dahn is looking at the bigger picture — the future of our planet.

As the world attempts to turn to green technology, there is an increasing need for better, more efficient storage. And that’s where Dahn comes in.
“No matter what electric chemical energy storage technology you pick… they have to last many decades to be viable for our planet,” Dahn told CBC News. “Germany has said that by 2050 they’re going be 100 per cent renewable. Well, how are they going to do it? How are they going to use solar and wind and storage to do it?”
Dahn’s research focuses on “unwanted parasitic reactions,” the process which reduces battery life.
“Our job is to make them zero,” he said. “And it’s very tough.”
The focus of the new research is threefold: increasing the lifetime of cells; helping to reduce cost of cells; and increasing the energy density of the battery. If energy density is increased, the battery could maintain its size and weight but store more energy or store the same amount of energy with less weight or in a smaller package.
Tesla partnership
In 2016, electric car giant Tesla Motors created a five-year partnership with NSERC and Dalhousie University, forming the NSERC/Tesla Canada Industrial Research Chair, headed by Dahn. This is Dahn’s second chair: he held the NSERC/3M Canada Industrial Research Chair in Materials for Advanced Batteries at the university from 1996 to 2016.

NSERC Prizes 2017: Jeff Dahn

CBC News, “Trump says the media ignore acts of terrorism, but is that true? White House released a list of 78 attacks it described as ‘executed or inspired by’ ISIS

ThinkProgress, “Melania Trump reveals plan to leverage presidency to ink ‘multi-million dollar’ endorsement deals

KING 5 News, “Flight attendant saves passenger from human trafficking

New York State Court, “Melania Trump vs. Mail Media” (PDF image file)

立場報道, “梁國雄明宣布力爭公民提名出選特首 陳志全、朱凱廸、羅冠聰撐場

HKFP. “‘Long Hair’ Leung Kwok-hung to enter Hong Kong leadership race if 38,000 [actually 37,790] members of the public nominate him


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