20170206 reading, video, audio list (Trump, Court, Muslim Ban, Tech, Pentagon, Jim Mattis, Harjit Sajjan, Super Bowl Ads, UK Commons Speaker John Bercow, Trudeau, Eugenie Bouchard, Beer sales)

NYT, “Trump and Staff Rethink Tactics After Stumbles”

CNN, “Apple, Facebook and 95 others join legal fight against Trump travel ban

BBC, “Judging Trump: How the US president and courts interact

CBC News, “Pentagon meeting today: A first for members of Trump-Trudeau cabinets NATO, defence spending levels and peacekeeping operations could be on the table

STAT, “I’m a Syrian doctor who treated patients in Aleppo. I’m in the US to give back

CNN, “How Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ comments can hurt his travel ban case

But as his controversial executive order banning individuals from seven majority-Muslim countries is challenged in the courts, judges will be confronted with his and his surrogates’ record of statements — and could take them both literally and seriously.
Legal challenges to the order point to a series of statements about Trump’s intent to ban Muslims from entering the US as evidence that the move was in fact designed with such a goal in mind — and constitutional law experts agree there is a precedent for the courts taking that argument to heart.
In a case currently before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, lawyers for the states of Washington and Minnesota cite previous court holdings on religious discrimination that it is “‘the duty of the courts to distinguish a sham secular purpose from a sincere one.'”
“Here, the sham of a secular purpose is exposed by both the language of the order and defendants’ expressions of anti-Muslim intent,” the lawyers wrote.

Adage, “SUPER BOWL LI COMPLETE AD CHART Who’s Buying Commercials in the Big Game” The business of ads. #2017BigGame

AdWeek, “See Adweek’s Reviews of Every Ad on Super Bowl LI See every spot again, and our thumbs up or thumbs down” (Direct link to: First QuarterSECOND QUARTER AND HALFTIMETHIRD QUARTERFOURTH QUARTER) [K’s note: Exactly what I need with links to the ad video for study.]

For years, I paid to watch great ads from around the world. Now, cool ads are free on YouTube. Honda CR-V 2017 Big Game Ad #nice #2017BigGame

BBC News, //The Commons Speaker [John Bercow] is “strongly opposed” to President Donald J. Trump addressing parliament, saying it is not an “automatic right”.//

BBC News FB feed, “Will this speech stop Donald Trump from speaking to the UK Parliament?

CTV News, “China’s first large homemade passenger jet to fly in 2017” (K’s note: Will I trust Chinese engineering & maintenance?)

CBC News FB, Trudeau Q & A with Youth Leaders – LIVE: Justin Trudeau takes questions from youth leaders from universities across Canada
more: http://www.cbc.ca/1.3197938

CTV News, “Eugenie Bouchard owes fan a date after losing Super Bowl bet

Just as it seemed the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons had clinched the Super Bowl with a 28 to 3 lead over the New England Patriots, Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard made an unwise online bet. Now, she owes one lucky fan a date.

Metro News, “Travelers denied entry a week ago, now arriving in US

“Travellers from the seven Muslim-majority countries targeted by President Donald Trump who were denied entry into the United States a week ago are arriving at airports around the country and into the open arms of their loved ones.
Fariba Tajrostami, a 32-year-old painter from Iran, came through the gate at New York’s Kennedy Airport on Sunday with a huge smile and tears in her eyes as her brothers greeted her with joyful hugs.
“I’m very happy. I haven’t seen my brothers for nine years,” she said.
Tajrostami had tried to fly to the U.S. from Turkey over a week ago, but was turned away.
“I was crying and was so disappointed,” she said. “Everything I had in mind, what I was going to do, I was so disappointed about everything. I thought it was al”

CBC News, “Beer sales coming to 80 more Ontario grocery stores Grocers who bid on the new authorizations must apply online by March 10, 2017

CBC News, “Foreign home buyers love Toronto for the schools: Realtor – Sotheby’s Richard Silver says most of his foreign clients aren’t just using Canadian homes to park their cash

立場報道, “林鄭正式設官方Facebook 首支短片兩小時吸過萬「嬲嬲」 遠超專頁Like數


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