My Favourite Dramas of Calgary International Film Festival 2011

Monday, 3 October, 2011

The following are trailers and interviews of some of my favourite dramas at Calgary International Film Festival 2011.

Take This Waltz (trailer, Q&A at TIFF, red carpet)

Late Bloomers (trailer)

2011 Calgary International Film Festival Launch

Saturday, 10 September, 2011

In this video report, you will see Jacqueline Dupuis, Executive Director of Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF), announces the opening (Donovan’s Echo) and closing (Take This Waltz) gala films and the stars and crews that will be visiting. Plus a look of the the brand new CIFF Lifestyle Lounge. Here is my report.

2011 Calgary International Film Festival Launch

Here are some photos from today (see Flickr set “2011 Calgary International Film Festival“).

Jacqueline Dupuis, Executive Director of Calgary International Film Festival

CIFF Lifestyle Lounge - pix 05

CIFF Lifestyle Lounge - pix 06

Here is Opening Gala Film Donovan’s Echo CIFF film synopsis,

“In DONOVAN’S ECHO, Danny Glover (LETHAL WEAPON, THE COLOR PURPLE) stars as Donovan Matheson, a brilliant mathematician and recovering alcoholic who returns to his hometown after a mysterious 30-year absence. Donovan is still haunted by the accidental death of his wife and daughter and feels guilty about his past obsession with his profession – and his neglect of his family and friends.

As he struggles to move on with his life, Donovan is plagued by horrible feelings of déjà-vu. History seems to be repeating itself, and Donovan comes to believe that a local girl is in deadly trouble, although he’s not sure how to communicate his instincts. How can you claim to know the future without coming across as, well, crazy?

DONOVAN’S ECHO is no simple thriller. Donovan’s journey will force him to confront his own troubled past, as well as the nature of life itself: Is there life after death? Is there life before birth?And how can one man hope to make sense of it all in time to save a life?”

Donovan’s Echo Trailer

Here is the Closing Gala Film Take This Waltz CIFF synopsis,

“Five years after winning over audiences worldwide with her directorial debut, AWAY FROM HER [Kempton: I love “AWAY FROM HER“], Sarah Polley returns to the director’s chair with proof that her previous success was only the beginning. Her follow-up, TAKE THIS WALTZ, is an unflinching look at all sides of modern love, one that is alternately endearing, erotic, funny and heart-wrenching.

Michelle Williams (BLUE VALENTINE, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN) is Margot, a seemingly happily married woman who, after a chance encounter at the airport, finds herself torn between her doting husband (Seth Rogen, of KNOCKED UP and PINEAPPLE EXPRESS) and her rickshaw-driving neighbour (Luke Kirby, in a breakout performance). It’s a choice between the excitement of new love and the comfort of a long-established relationship, and as in real life, Polley’s script refuses to reduce the decision to something as simple as right and wrong. Even more than the keenly observed dialogue, stellar performances (including comedian Sarah Silverman in a supporting role) and consistently inventive cinematography, what elevates

TAKE THIS WALTZ is the remarkable chemistry between Williams and her two leading men. Both relationships are beyond just believable – the emotional connections between the actors are almost tangible. The result is an exploration of love that is unafraid to admit the answers are rarely obvious, and it is all the more affecting for that.”

Take This Waltz Teaser Trailer #1

Here is Sarah Polley interviewed at 2011 TIFF. Article in National Post, “TIFF Press Conference Diaries: Take This Waltz stars try honesty“.

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