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Sunday, 1 July, 2012

#HK71 - pix 06#HK71 - pix 01

As I watched the #HK71 massive July 1st, 2012 street protests (on the day of the 15th anniversary of the hangover of HK to Chinese government, and the swearing-in of the new Chief Executive of HK, CY Leung), I can no longer pretend to be just a happy man on #CanadaDay. In fact, as I see massive problems in HK, I have to be honest and admit that I see Canada is full of our own problems as well when I tweeted,

145secs till Canada’s 145th birthday! Happy #CanadaDay I LOVE you #canada I promise 2 work harder to make you better! #democracy #ruleoflaw

To point out one bright spot. I’ve been searching for **ANY** LIVE broadcast by citizens re the #HK71 street protests, I finally found the following clip(s) in a channel!

feng37 is broadcasting LIVE #HK71 street protest clips like http://bambuser.com/v/2794775 via his Bambuser channel http://bambuser.com/channel/feng37 #democracy #RuleOfLaw

Make sure you check out the clips at this channel http://bambuser.com/channel/feng37.

Update: I’ve confirmed via John Kennedy @cyberzombies, Web producer at South China Morning Post), that he is feng37 saying “@Kempton Hey, yeah @feng37 is my account for Chinese tweets.” Note that I got to know about all the video uploads initially via John‘s tweets.

P.S. Re Canada – I love you.  In Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom, when news anchor Will McAvoy was asked,

“What makes America the greatest country in the world.”

Executive Producer MacKenzie McHale as an audience member (without McAvoy knowing if she was there), wrote on a card and signal to McAvoy on stage, “IT’S NOT” On the next card, McHale wrote “BUT IT CAN BE.

The same question can be asked of Canada. And I submit the same answer applies.

#HK71 - pix 03#HK71 - pix 04

#HK71 - pix 05#HK71 - pix 07

#HK71 - pix 08


I am happy that feng37’s solution of using bambuser (which I also used in my AB election report) was much easier to handle (just an app on a mobile phone, iPhone/Android/etc) to film LIVE #HK31 street protests have given us some great footage to watch without Television stations’ filtering.


The following are what I’ve tweeted earlier tonight. And I am happy that they have been superseded by the above broadcasted clips.


Tweeted the following tonight for #hk71 street protest.

Anyone streaming LIVE video of #hk71 street protest? Can someone post links so people can watch? If not, here is a guide how anyone can do it

9 Steps to LIVE broadcast #hk71 street protest Step1:Get 3G wireless USB stick & plug into laptop Step2:From gmail, get free Google+ AC

Step3 to LIVE broadcast #hk71 install G+ Hangout video plugin Step4:Link YouTube account to G+ Step5:Start Hangout On Air Step6:Broadccast

Step7 to LIVE broadcast #hk71 Share YouTube live video link on social media channels:Twitter,FB,G+,etc Bring extra batteries 4 #democracy

Step8: Here is Google demo1 of LIVE broadcasting using G+ #HangoutOnAir

Step9: Here is Google demo2 of LIVE broadcasting using G+ #HangoutOnAir #hk71

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