Samsung Galaxy Nexus exclusivity in Canada ends, 3-year prices lowered to $99.99

Friday, 13 January, 2012

Mobilesyrup, “Bell and Virgin exclusivity over, Galaxy Nexus now officially available at TELUS, Rogers, Fido and SaskTel

I am waiting for it to be available on WIND Mobile at, hopefully $99.99 for 3-year.

Jan 16, 2012 update: Looks like $99.99 will be the price to match. “Rogers, Fido and SaskTel all price drop Galaxy Nexus to $99.99 on 3-year, now matching TELUS

Samsung Galaxy Nexus’ “fortified glass” has load bearing capacity of 72 pounds?

Wednesday, 11 January, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Nexus' "fortified glass" has load bearing capacity of 72 pounds?

We know that “Samsung Galaxy Nexus confirmed to have ‘fortified glass,’ not Gorilla Glass“. And we also know that Samsung and Corning has a joint venture call Samsung Corning Precision Materials Co., Ltd., so they do work together.

Now, I wonder/guess/speculate, based on this video of “Corning Gorilla Glass2 demo at CES 2012“, if Galaxy Nexus’ “fortified glass” is the type they used in the demo which has a load bearing capacity of 72 pounds?

Note: In the demo, the damage and scratch resistant Gorilla Glass1 has a load bearing capacity of ~125 pounds and Gorilla Glass2 is 20% thinner and offer the same damage resistance as Gorilla Glass1 with load bearing capacity of ~125 pounds.

Am I right? Can someone help me prove that I am right or wrong? I will be happy to be wrong if I can know the spec or more precise info of the Galaxy Nexus’ “fortified glass”.

Here is “Corning Gorilla Glass2 demo at CES 2012“. [HT Mobilesyrup]

Sadly @googlenexus challenge shows Google Galaxy Nexus has Logic but lacks LOVE in its DNA – Challenge #1 solution explained

Sunday, 13 November, 2011

Androids' message

Because I am looking to buy a new phone, I was initially excited by the @googlenexus challenge: 10 chances in 10 days to win a Galaxy Nexus and even retweeted it. [HT MS] I thought it was a cool way to generate buzz for the new Galaxy Nexus. But then my excitement quickly faded once I saw and then struggled for hours with challenge #1 (see above message). Which lead me to think about the problem with this promotional challenge #1. See later this post for my challenge #1 solution explanation.

Logic or Love?

In the Galaxy Nexus Oct 19th launch video, a presenter wondered out loud and wished that Galaxy Nexus is more LOVED! Unfortunately @googlenexus challenge #1 clearly showed, to me, Google Galaxy Nexus has Logic but lacks LOVE in DNA. How so?

If Galaxy Nexus is to be loved, it can’t just cater to the geeks (or super geeks)! Should a promotional campaign be enjoyable and solvable by your average Grace & Gary? Or should the challenged be fun and solvable only by super geeks? To be honest, who the heck had any idea what the beep this picture mean? I was pissed off enough that I tweeted with the #fail tag and used “stupid” to describe 99.9% of us fans,

Is @googlenexus too smart for its own good? Why make its first #GalaxyNexus Challenge so hard that 99.99% of its fans look stupid? #fail

Hey @googlenexus We are just happy fans trying to have fun & win a $500 #GalaxyNexus phone right? This is not a job app for #google ? #fail

You see, the challenge was hard enough that Google had to post a hint! Given the hint, I looked up the Flag semaphore and soon realized there can be many combinatorial variations and one can’t really solve the problem easily without spending a ton of time or even writing a computer program!

One such non sensible interpretations of the symbols I came up with is,

(1,2) to indicate number, then “689 944” then (1,3) to indicate letters, then “PICO ALIE CHILAM

Challenge #1 solution explained

What I managed to do was only to verify someone’s answer! For beep sake, the challenge shouldn’t be this hard that it frustrated 99.9% of people who tried to give it a shot!

#GalaxyNexus is well-traveled, coming to @googlenexus from What did J Cook call Hawaii

Process to verify solution:

Converting pictures to Symbols (from left to right)

(note: top flag is the position 1, then clockwise count from 2 to 8 to convert all flag positions)

Symbol #1 (1,2,3,5,6,6,7,8); Symbol #2 (1,1,5,5,6,8); Symbol #3 (1,3)

Symbol #4 (1,5,6,7,7,8,8,8); Symbol #5 (2,2,5,5,6,6,6,8); Symbol #6 (2,3,5,5,6,6,6,6,6,7,8,8)


What did J Cook call Hawaii

WHAT – W (2,3) H (6,7) A (5,6) T (8,1) [Sources of confusions: (5,6) can also stand for the number 1, also (1,2) can also stand for an instruction for “Numerals”]

DID – D (5,1) I (6,8) D (5,1) [Sources of confusions: All these combinations can also stand for numbers.]

J (1,3)  [Source of confusion: This time, (1,3) also stand to indication coming are Letters!]

COOK (  (5,8) (7,8) (7,8) (1,6) )

CALL ( (5,8) (5,6) (6,2) (6,2) )

HAIWAII ( (6,7) (5,6) (2,3) (5,6) (6,8) (6,8) )

Challenge #2 – Any more love?

Well, challenge #2 has now been posted,

* “Challenge 2: Make something geeky & edible. Include #deliciousness & @googlenexus in your submission

* “Challenge 2 entries evaluated on creativity, originality & use of humor. Rules: Can’t wait to see what you concoct!

At least contestants will be judged on their “creativity, originality & use of humor” but the challenge itself stills want entries to be “geeky“!

iPhone vs. Google Nexus

I think it is safe to say iPhone is loved my many people. People don’t LOVE things logically! And I just can’t imagine Apple will be insane enough to try a contest like challenge #1. Sadly, the @googlenexus challenge #1 shows Google Galaxy Nexus seems to be unable or unwilling to broaden its appeal to the general public. If you are not a geek (actually they mean super geek), we are not interested in catering to you or have you interested in our new phone!

It is hard to inject LOVE into Google’s DNA when it is so much built on logic and calculations.

“New” Weapon in Apple-Samsung Patent War – Stanley Kubrick’s 2001

Thursday, 25 August, 2011

Over the years, I have actually tagged quite a few of my articles with the keyword “patent” and I am no fan of patent war. So I am happy to read “Samsung says Apple lifted iPad from Kubrick’s 2001“. Apparently Samsung is trying to use Stanley Kubrick‘s 2001, in particular the following YouTube video as an example of prior art!

Samsung’s non-existing printer support: Do you have hours to waste?

Saturday, 22 January, 2011

Samsung's non-existing printer support

Background & The SamSung SCX-4828FN Printer

After the sudden death of a HP printer and the horrible HP customer service experiences, I thought it was time to try a new brand of printers and forget HP. Seeing Korean brands are making some good products (TV, monitors, etc), I decided to try a SamSung SCX-4828FN.

For its C$250 price, the Samsung design seems nice and the construction seems solid. And I haven’t seen many bad reviews online (more on this later).

Software and Samsung customer service

* The printer driver software installed without reporting any problem or error (more on this later). And the test page printed ok.

Note: The printer manual CD, unfortunately, is defective and unreadable by the computer (running Windows XP) and Samsung has not included a paper-copy printer manual as a backup.

* Unfortunately, the initial “successful” installation had actually caused at least two hidden problems.

The first problem was discovered right away. The default page alignment for the word processing program was changed, leaving the content of the bottom fifth of each page to be printed on an additional page.

The second problem was more serious and discovered the next day. The printer installation actually caused a critical accounting software to fail to execute and caused it to report an error saying, “XML support not detected. […]

Having never dealt with Samsung printer/technical support, I assumed when the reps were told of these problems, they would be helpful and knowledgeable enough to identify the solutions in minutes. Wrong! The first level support was unhelpful and, to be blunt, clueless. The rep repeated the claim that the printer installation could not have caused these problems. Huh? These programs worked fine before the printer software installation and now they failed afterwards, and the Samsung rep didn’t even have the courtesy to accept and acknowledge their problems!?

The next day, another first level support still insisted it wasn’t Samsung’s problems. And then I was told there was a really really long wait for the second level support reps. No second level support ever called back even after hours of waiting. In passing, I heard that only 5 (yes, just FIVE) reps were working to serve the 1-800-726-7864 Samsung technical help line for all of US *and* Canada! *&^%!!, no wonder there was such a long wait for the second level support rep! Assuming these reps actually know something!

At this point, I was so displeased with Samsung’s technical support that I tweeted, “Samsung has no printer support. Better to avoid Samsung printers. Reps know nothing.” This is just NOT the way I hope to see happening when I try a “new” brand of printers.

Fortunately for me, I was able to find someone knowledgeable to help correct the accounting software problem broken by the beeping Samsung software/driver installer. The wordprocessing software’s default is still messed up but I’ve found a work around.

As I politely told the Samsung customer service representatives, I was displeased with the service I got. But I am much more disappointed with Samsung as a brand. The fact that Samsung has such ineffective printer support lead me to tweet/vent my anger and frustration.

Concluding Thoughts about Samsung printers and Samsung technical support

If you have or work in a small to mid size office, why would you want to consider Samsung printers and risk seeing some of your critical office softwares crashing and failing to startup after installing Samsung printers?

Maybe if your company has a team/department of dedicated IT support technicians, and you don’t mind solving extra problems caused by Samsung and with no help from Samsung. Do you feel that lucky?

P.S. In hindsight, maybe I should have paid more attention to a 10/29/2010 customer’s critique, “Samsung technical support is terrible! and anticipated the clueless Samsung technical support.

P.P.S. Samsung Canada has responded to my tweet. I will update this entry if there are further worthy development to report.


Jan 24, 2011 9:17am Update: A few days later, a Samsung 3rd level tech support finally called back. The rep was nice though. Will see if he can help.

Samsung Mobile Canada Galaxy S marketing campaign/gambit

Monday, 26 July, 2010

As a follow up to “Samsung Free Galaxy S gambit v. iPhone 4 – Time to go global?“, it looks like Samsung UK isn’t turning the gambit/campaign global (responsible for UK planning only?).

But very interestingly, the @SamsungMobileCA team has reached out to me!

I really think there is a great opportunity for the Canadian @SamsungMobileCA team to improve upon the Samsung UK marketing gambit/campaign. How about sending Galaxy S to more authentic/average “digital influencers”? My point is to be more inclusive/authentic and less cherry-picking.

Dear @SamsungMobileCA, please send some Galaxy S to more average Canadian “Joe & Jane”s. See my tweet reply to @SamsungMobileCA.

(Big disclosure: I’ve asked to have a Galaxy S phone. :)

By the way, there is a BIG announcement coming … Follow and stay tuned to Twitter #SamsungSecret“. Will see what do they have in store for us.

Samsung Free Galaxy S gambit v. iPhone 4 – Time to go global?

Sunday, 25 July, 2010

Yes, Guardian has confirmed that Samsung UK started giving out Free Galaxy S phone last Wednesday (July 21) to someone who had a smartphone dilemma (deciding between iPhone 4, Samsung, htc). Will (the above “someone”) even joked about getting famous for getting the free Galaxy S. So far, Will still loves the phone. Another user, Tiffany complained about iPhone 4 dropping calls, and she also received a Galaxy S (and posted a picture) and joked about her celebrity status.

The “calculated” vs “authentic” dilemma

Quoting Guardian, (emphasis added)

“You get the picture, right? Less a “cross section of customers reporting iPhone reception problems,” more of a cherry-picked bunch of digital influencers.”

Using traditional thinking, Samsung UK calculated the cost & benefit, and then picked the “digital influencers” to send the free phones. But reporters are smart, and they can easily identify/cherry-pick “digital influencers” thus making the exercise seem much more “calculated” and less authentic.

Some ideas of how Samsung should proceed on this “campaign” (my current thinking only):

1) I think Samsung should seize on the attention it is getting and turn this UK originated marketing gambit into potentially a global initiative provided the Galaxy S phone is as good as Samsung wants people to think. (note: If the Galaxy S turns out to have various problems of its own, then picking a fight with iPhone 4 is probably a very bad idea.)

2) Assuming 20 Galaxy S phones are handed out in each country (4 phones a week, for 5 weeks, the phones retails at $599 in Canada), I just can’t imagine spending less than $12,000 in Canada to get people to consider the Galaxy S as a first Android challenger to the iPhone 4. The free phones offer sends a strong message to potential users, “we are as good as the iPhone 4”.

3) Again, Galaxy S has to be a really good phone (I don’t know if it is any good) or this gambit will surely come back and bite Samsung.

(Disclosure: I’ve asked to have a Galaxy S phone. :)

July 26 update: Cool, looks like the Samsung Canadian team has heard me. Now, will or I get a Galaxy S? :)

Other news

“Samsung’s dilemma: How to attack its customer (Apple)” – ‘According to iSuppli, Samsung makes three of the most expensive and important parts of the iPhone 4, The processor, the SDRAM and Flash storage’, CNN

Samsung gives free Galaxy S to iPhone whiners“, cNet also confirmed Samsung is not offering the promotion in the United States. I think this is a mistake.

Galaxy Phones From Samsung are Worthy iPhone Rivals“, WSJ’s Walter S. Mossberg

Samsung prepared Galaxy full-line up to compete with Apple“, cNet

Samsung offers free phones to frustrated iPhone users“, Wired

Galaxy S Demo

By the way, check out the following Galaxy S Demo. The Swype technology seems quite neat but I have to try it to see for myself, unfortunately the demo gave a terribly unclear demo of the technology.

July 26th update: Interestingly, the @SamsungMobileCA team has reached out to me. I have written a new blog entry “Samsung Mobile Canada Galaxy S marketing campaign/gambit“.

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