LIVE broadcasting Premier Alison Redford at 2012 Alberta Election PC HQ

Tuesday, 24 April, 2012

Alison Redford - AB Election 2012 pix 02a

Alison Redford - AB Election 2012 pix 08

Last night after the 2012 Alberta general election winners were declared unofficially on TV, I went down to do some LIVE broadcast from the PC HQ in Calgary Metropolitan Centre (see also here, here, here). Yes, I am a freelance reporter, I don’t have expensive broadcast equipment but I was doing LIVE broadcast from the PC HQ in Calgary Metropolitan Centre using my mobile phone!

It was quite an experience and experiment in that I was holding not one but TWO cameras! One was my Galaxy Nexus broadcasting live on the WIND Mobile network using my unlimited data plan. In another hand, I was holding my digital camera capturing higher quality video for later use (which I am sharing with you here in this post).

I’ve now used the 2012 Alberta general election as the testing ground of my first LIVE broadcast. I will be doing more LIVE broadcast in the future. For one, I will make sure I link the LIVE broadcast page where readers of my articles can actually watch my video reports LIVE on my channel!

My personal favourite moments last night were the quieter moments of Alison Redford out of the spotlight – Alberta Election 2012 (PC HQ)

Alison Redford’s first post-victory media scrum – Alberta Election 2012

Premier Alison Redford’s victory speech – Alberta Election 2012 (from PC HQ)

Alison Redford at 2012 Alberta Election PC HQ Festivities

See my whole set of Premier Alison Redford at 2012 Alberta Election PC HQ photos here.

Alison Redford - AB Election 2012 pix 13

Alison Redford - AB Election 2012 pix 17

Alison Redford - AB Election 2012 pix 19

Alison Redford - AB Election 2012 pix 21 Q-Its a great night hey? A-It's a great night

Alison Redford - AB Election 2012 pix 23

Update from Save Glenmore Park after recent comments from Premier Ed Stelmach and Transport Minister Luke Ouellette

Thursday, 14 July, 2011

Braeside Stampede Breakfast - pix 06 - Save Glenmore Park

With the recent comments from Premier Ed Stelmach and Transport Minister Luke Ouellette, I asked the Save Glenmore Park group (which I interviewed here) for some followup comments. The Save Glenmore Park group members had a meeting tonight, and the following an email excerpt from Jesse Salus, an organizer of Save Glenmore Park group.

There are some real mixed feeling about the possibility of a Tsuu T’ina alignment for a Southwest Ring Road. On the one hand, it largely avoids the social issues a 37th street alignment would have, such as knocking down houses and disrupting the recreational use of the reservoir and the parks. On the other hand, while some environmental issues are better with the Tsuu T’ina alignment (such as a greatly reduced crossing over our drinking water), others are not (such as the road becoming a barrier to wildlife entering the area and harming the local biodiversity). Read the rest of this entry »

Former Alberta premier Ralph Klein, I will say hi next time

Friday, 8 April, 2011

I should have said hi to former Alberta premier Ralph Klein when my better half and I saw him at a private garden party in 2009. He looked fine and was talking to some people so we didn’t want to interrupt. Today, I am deeply saddened to read that he is suffering from progressive dementia.

I may not agree with some of Ralph’s politics or policies, but I remember him as a premier who listened to Albertans when we voiced our disagreement strongly. He changed his policies and views on a few of the important matters.

Reading this makes me sad and realize the superficial nature of politics,

“Apart from that, there isn’t much going on for Ralph or Colleen Klein. The high-end consulting jobs and invitations to give national speeches have fallen away. So have friendships they thought were eternal. Colleen says they get virtually no calls from former or current MLAs or ministers.

“When you’re gone, you’re really gone,” she says. “You can almost hear the doors slam. People coming up in politics should be very careful not to let their lives go completely. You’ve got to have something to go back to.”

Today, I promise myself, I will say hi to Ralph next time I see him. In fact, I am going to send Don an email ( ) to find a way to contact the Kleins and send in my best wishes and warmest regards.


April 9th 2011 update: I got a reply from Don. If you want to send the Kleins a letter, you can send it care of Don. I sent mine out today.

To: Ralph and Colleen Klein
c/o Don Braid
Editorial Dept., Calgary Herald,
215 16 St SE
PO Box 2400,
Station M
Calgary T2P 0W8

Here is Calgary Chinese newspaper report of the story, “簡欣患腦退化症

Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach resigns

Tuesday, 25 January, 2011

Whether you approve or disapprove of Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach‘s performance as premier, his sudden decision to resign comes as a surprise to many Albertans.


Jan 26, 2011 Update:

An excerpt from “Stelmach’s exit muddies Conservative waters in Alberta“,

“The most pressing issue is the unreleased budget, over which Finance Minister Ted Morton had intended to resign on Tuesday. A fiscal hawk, Mr. Morton said tabling such a budget ran afoul of his political ideology, and planned to step aside in a meeting with Mr. Stelmach in Calgary Tuesday. That threat, and the potential fallout from a battle between the two, precipitated Mr. Stelmach’s sudden exit.

Instead of boarding an 11 a.m. flight from Edmonton to meet Mr. Morton and others for a Treasury Board meeting in Calgary, Mr. Stelmach called a sudden 11:30 a.m. press conference in Edmonton.

Mr. Morton was taken aback by that, and thought he’d be fired. Instead, Mr. Stelmach announced his own imminent resignation, a statement that shocked even close allies within his party.

“There is no doubt, no doubt that my decision today will come as a shock to many and a disappointment to my friends and Albertans,” the Premier said Tuesday.

But the battle is far from over. Both men need to find a resolution to the budget impasse. Mr. Stelmach pledged to push forward a budget without major cuts, almost surely at a large deficit that Mr. Morton won’t sign off on.

“Of course, he [Mr. Morton] is still not going to deliver that budget, so he still might get fired or he still might have to resign, or God knows,” one source close to the party said.”

Grim assessment of Progressive Conservatives Premier Ed Stelmach

Thursday, 15 October, 2009

Excerpt from a Calgary Herald  Oct 15th interview with Diane Colley-Urquhart (local alderman and failed Conservative candidate in the recent Calgary-Glenmore byelection),

In an interview with the Herald, Colley-Urquhart said she’s been shocked by the anger of Calgary voters toward the premier and believes his government’s decisions have severely damaged the PC party brand in Alberta. “I honestly must tell you, I’ve never felt such personal animosity towards an individual–the premier–as I did door-knocking.”

“It wasn’t policy-based at all. It was entirely just a real deep dislike for the premier,” she said. “The extent of the dissatisfaction, how emotional and systemic it was, was a real surprise for me.”

Colley-Urquhart said her public profile and years of service on city council weren’t enough to overcome “the total …lack of confidence in the provincial government” on the oil and gas royalty framework.

And if the premier’s office dismisses the byelection results as a communication problem, “they’re really missing the boat,” she added.

Election politics is a messy business.

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