2012 Alberta Elections – report and random exit poll

Monday, 23 April, 2012


NOTE: All interviews are non-scientific and random depending on availability. (Total voters interviews requested: 19; Accepted: 5, Declined: 14)

11:12pm update: All my LIVE broadcast tonight from the PC HQ in Calgary Metropolitan Centre have been posted here.

6:30pm update: Saw this super cute yappy dog (video) on my way to vote in the 2012 Alberta general election.

4pm update: On camera LIVE exit poll and why this voter voted the way she did. LIVE interview #1, additional LIVE interview (#1a) as I was told the voter actually sat on former MLA Ron Stevens‘ board of directors.


The 2012 Alberta general election is one of the most hotly contested elections in recent years. What voters decide today will have deep impact to Albertans, Alberta-based, and Canadian businesses in general. Do Albertans and Alberta-based businesses want a new government? We will find out tonight.

The following are some unscientific random interviews done at a polling station in Calgary and one can wonder/guess if it means anything for the voters who don’t want to share who they vote for. Of course, I totally respect in Canada we have secret ballot for a good reason. TorStar has reported the Wildrose party has raised $2.3m, that is $800,000 more than PCs raised ($1.5m). Calgary Herald is reporting the election front-runners cast their votes in southern Alberta and Edmonton Journal will be one of the media posting election results later tonight.

2012 Alberta Elections – report and random exit poll


Note: If you have questions about the legalities of my exit poll and questions, please see my reply in the comments section.

NDP leadership vote cyber-attacked – Is the NDP claim of “No possible way to get into their process” misguided?

Saturday, 24 March, 2012

In response to CTV reporter question re integrity of the leadership vote, NDP Brad Lavigne (Principal Secretary to the Leader of the Official Opposition) stated “No possible way to get into their process.

Really, is Brad serious? He should really read the October 2010 Washington Post article “Hacker infiltration ends D.C. online voting trial” for a change and stop the “No possible way” misguided claim at least (or delusional at worst)! Absolute declarative statement like “No possible way” is a sign of NOT understanding the complexity of security matters especially surrounding internet voting.

In Aug 2011, I wrote an in-depth article re the potential problems of internet voting if used in a Canada wide general election, “A software engineer’s critique of Elections Canada Chief Electoral Officer’s plan“. I thought it is timely to repost my article “A software engineer’s critique” again.

Currently according to the Spanish e-voting company Scytl and NDP, they are claiming the NDP leadership vote suffered a DoS attack and the integrity of the vote was not affected. As I tweeted: How did they prove there was no vote tempering? Won’t it be #NDP & #Scytl self interest to coverup their incompetence? #ndpldr

News articles,
– Globe and Mail, “Hackers attack NDP, delaying electronic leadership vote
– CTV.ca, “Attempted cyber-attack holds up NDP leadership vote
– CBC News, “NDP leadership voting delayed by outside attack

Goodbye Jack – Jack Layton (1950 – 2011)

Monday, 22 August, 2011

I am saddened to hear of the passing of Jack Layton this morning. My thoughts are with his wife Olivia, his family, his extended families, and his friends.

Jack Layton’s family has released a letter the federal NDP leader wrote just two days prior to his death today at the age of 61. Here is an excerpt,

My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.

Here are some news from around the web,

* CBC News, “OBITUARY: Jack Layton’s legacy as a fighter

* Toronto Star, “At Layton’s home and office, shared grief and orange flowers

* CBC News, “Layton shaped by years on Toronto council

* CTV News, “Torontonians express sadness at Layton’s passing

* CBC News, “Jack Layton tributes from political peers

* Toronto Sun, “Layton remembered as a fighter

* Canada.com, “Tributes flow for Layton

* CBC News, “After 50 years, Layton took NDP to the summit

* I miss Jack already. Have a laugh in watching and remembering Jack, “This Hour Has 22 Minutes – Remembering Jack Layton

Danielle Smith – Wildrose Alliance

Tuesday, 6 October, 2009

Is Alberta politics boring? Not anymore. Not since Paul Hinman won the Calgary-Glenmore riding by 276 votes (CBC news with videos) on Sept 14th. And definitely not after what has happened in last three weeks.

After the Oct 17th Wildrose Alliance leader election, the Progressive Conservatives, Liberals, and NDPs will find out if they have to run against the TV-tested, “articulate, not unattractive, and personable” Danielle Smith. Here is a Maclean’s magazine article that contains a mini profile of Danielle Smith.

Democracy is messy. The fact that my good neighbours and I support different political parties have not lessen our friendship. I believe we are all trying to build and create a better Alberta even our political leanings may be different.

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