McDonald’s Big Mac Commercial 1984 – Cantonese trumped English campaign

Thursday, 28 June, 2012

1984 McDonald's Big Mac Commercial - Cantonese Hong Kong

The following are videos of 1984 McDonald’s Big Mac commercials in US (I believe) and Hong Kong respectively. To me, the Cantonese campaign actually trumped the English one! The HK commercial actually came as a part of a really smart campaign. And in hindsight, it can also be said that it was part of a campaign to “brainwash” HK kids with the virtues of Big Mac! How so? Well, HK kids were asked to memorize and recite a promo about the virtues of Big Mac in less than six seconds (see following Cantonese ad), in exchange for a FREE Big Mac!

I and many HK kids recited the promo in less than six seconds with flying colours! I didn’t know then, but in hindsight if this campaign didn’t fall under “brainwashing” I don’t know what would. Yes, in case you ask, after all these years, I still can recite the Cantonese Hong Kong Big Mac promo in less than five seconds (not six)! In Canada (I am less sure about US), we now have advertising/marketing guidelines as to what we can do to advertise to young children, and I am happy to say there are forms of advertising we don’t allow any company to do to influence the mind of young ones.

P.S. Setting aside ethics and morality for a moment, the Hong Kong advertising/marketing team did one heck of a job in improving upon the original US ad concept. Translating the language and culture of an ad is almost impossible but improving upon was really pushing everything one level up! Great job even I had to set aside ethics and morality to praise the original 1984 HK McDonald’s Big Mac team.

English “1984 McDonald’s Big Mac Commercial”

Cantonese “香港電視廣告 – 麥當勞: 巨無霸急口令 (1984年)”

In Chinese/Cantonese: 隻層牛肉巨無霸, 醬汁洋蔥夾青瓜, 芝士生菜加芝麻, 人人食過笑哈哈

1984 McDonald's Big Mac Commercial - English

McDonald’s “Our Food. Your Questions.” campaign finally gets some love

Wednesday, 27 June, 2012

McDonald's - Our Food. Your Questions. campaign - Q1

After a #fail Twitter #McDstories hashtag campaign earlier this year (see “#McFail! McDonalds’ Twitter promotion backfires as users hijack #McDstories hashtag to share fast food horror stories“), McDonald’s is finally getting some positive buzz for its Our Food. Your Questions.” campaign in Canada. One factor to judge this campaign is the over 5 million YouTube views in less than 10 days. I will actually go further than “buzz” and say McDonald’s is finally getting some “love”.

Behind the scenes at a McDonald’s photo shoot

Fast food, especially McDonald’s fast food, has received some decidedly bad press (some say rightfully) when the world has become more health aware. It is a breath of fresh air when Hope Bagozzi, director of marketing at McDonald’s Canada, not only put herself in the center of a marketing campaign that can blow up quickly, but have a team of dedicated people & experts in answering some serious questions from people. Here are some questions and screen captures from tonight.

Charles S. from Concord, ON asked “There is a concern that animals are breed to reach a maximum weight in the shortest time. At what age is your livestock put to slaughter?

Madison L. from North Battleford, SK asked: “Is the chicken real meat?

Laura B. from Toronto, ON asked: “How is it that a McDonalds burger does not rot?

Nikki L. from Blackfalds, AB asked: “Does Canada use “pink slime”?

Sarah H. from Brampton, ON asked: “Why should I eat anything that has ingredients like “dimethylpolysiloxane” embedded into it?

As you can see, the above sample questions are not “softball” questions at all. Not being a food expert or medical professional, it may be hard for us to decide if the answers provided are “justifiable” or “acceptable” but at least McDonald’s is posting these questions and giving an attempt in answering them.

McDonald's - Our Food. Your Questions. campaign - Q2

McDonald's - Our Food. Your Questions. campaign - Q3

McDonald's - Our Food. Your Questions. campaign - Q4

McDonald's - Our Food. Your Questions. campaign - Q5

McDonald's - Our Food. Your Questions. campaign - Hope Bagozzi, Director of Marketing, McDonald's Canada

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