Lisa Kudrow’s funny Web Therapy Guest Stars – Showtime

Saturday, 16 July, 2011

Check out Lisa Kudrow‘s funny Web Therapy Guest Stars – Showtime trailer. Enjoy.

Also check out my article about meeting and listening to Lisa’s “in conversation” session at Banff. And links to some of my favourite Web Therapy online episodes.

Lisa Kudrow (Friends, Web Therapy) and Kristin Kreuk (Smallville) working their magic @ Banff World Media Festival 2011

Saturday, 18 June, 2011

Lisa Kudrow & meKristin Kreuk & me (Kempton)

To me, successful television actors have their “signature” series, TV series that they are best known for. For the beautiful & lovely Lisa Kudrow and Kristin Kreuk, they are best known for their TV series Friends and Smallville respectively.

It was my pleasure to meet and listen to Lisa in Banff 2011 to receive a digital media award and to attend an “in conversation” session to chat and to talk about her online (and now TV) series Web Therapy (make sure you check out the the Meryl Streep episode). [Kempton’s note: I will report more on Lisa‘s session with video clips later. Stay tune.]

I was also delighted to meet Kristin by chance as I am a big fan of Smallville. I was “brave” enough to ask for a photo. Unfortunately, wearing my “fanboy” hat also meant that I totally forgot to do my job to interview Kristin (even briefly) to ask her to talk about her new projects and whats her experience in attending Banff 2011. I saw Kristin briefly when she attended Lisa‘s “in conversation” session but, I guess to avoid fanboys like me, Kristin came right before the session started and left before Q&As ended. [Kempton Jun 22nd update: I’ve confirmed and reached out to Kristin‘s representing agency Pacific Artists and hope to hear from her agent Mr. Russ Mortensen soon. [June 27 Update: Unfortunately, I won’t have any new details to report, see comments below for details. Regardless, I want to thank Alison of UBCP for finding me the correct representing agency.]

Concluding Thoughts

It must be wonderful to work in successful TV series like Friends and Smallville, at the same time, I believe it also makes it challenging for the audiences to focus on the actors’ latest creative ventures/achievements. To prepare for my Banff report, I watched a few episodes of Web Therapy and I am loving them and will watch more. So it surprised me a little to see almost all of the Q&As for Lisa after the “In Conversation” session were about Friends and her role as Phoebe Buffay which Lisa was happy and gracious in answering. I just wished that a few more questions about Web Therapy (a wonderful new show).

If I may be bold to say, seeing industry legend Ed Asner still doing wonderful work in his 80s should inspire all creative people (stars, behind the camera creatives, etc) that it is possible to keep doing wonderful & creative work so each new generations of audiences may remember you by something different. For me, I am too young to watch/remember Ed‘s great work in The Mary Tyler Moore Show as Lou Grant but I love Ed in his more recent works like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Up, etc.

Looking at Ed, I know there is hope for us all! :) [Kempton: I will have more coverage and video clips of Ed. Stay tune. And I mean it when I told Ed that I will consider my life a success if I can achieve 1/100th of what he has achieved. What an inspiring man and legend! And it is so kind for Ed to say “you are well on your way!” I just need to make sure I work very hard and live very long! :) ]

Me with Ed Asner, TV & film industries legend

Plans for my day 3 @ Banff World Media Festival

Wednesday, 15 June, 2011

* In Conversation with: Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, EDWARD ASNER 09:00-09:45 Van Horne C  [Kempton’s Note: Last night, I got the great pleasure to meet Ed and listened to Ed‘s achievements over the years. Wow, what a great and accomplished man. I told Ed after the award ceremony that I would be a happy man even if I could achieve only 1/100th of what Ed has achieved in his long and ongoing career even he is almost 82 years young already.]

* nextMEDIA Keynote: In Conversation with Ted Sarandos – The Netflix Effect In Canada 09:45-10:30 Van Horne C [Kempton: This can be a really interesting session. Will see.]

* Master-Class: Arnold Shapiro, Beyond Scared Straight AOL Canada Theatre 10:00-11:00

* Networking Break 11:00-11:30

* Tech Hub: Nokia Case Study Crump Room 11:30-12:00

* Online Video Lunch Conservatory 12:30-13:30

* Access to Hollywood Digital Buyers Baron Shaughnessy 13:45-14:45

* In Conversation With: Award of Excellence in Digital Media Award Winner, LISA KUDROW AOL Canada Theatre 14:45-15:30 [Kempton: I am very much looking forward to this session as I found ‘s Web Therapy very funny (see this earlier posting).]

Lisa Kudrow at Banff for Web Therapy

Friday, 3 June, 2011

Lisa Kudrow - Web Therapy (Meryl Streep episode)

Lisa Kudrow - Web Therapy (Julia Louis-Dreyfus episode)

Lisa Kudrow will be at Banff World Media Festival 2011 to receive an award of excellence in digital media for Web Therapy. It is a very innovative and funny show. Have a watch of the Meryl Streep episodeJulia Louis-Dreyfus episode, and Molly Shannon episode. It will be quite fun to see Lisa and listen to her interview at Banff.

Update: see a brief report of me meeting and listening to Lisa at Banff.

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