The Art of Producing 監製的藝術

Thursday, 20 February, 2014
Kashy 8pm 2014 Feb 28 Concert Banner

Kashy 8pm 2014 Feb 28 Concert Banner

The Art of Producing 監製的藝術:
My journey as a concert producer 踏上演唱會監製之路
I do many things. I am a management consultant, documentary film director/producer, …, and now I’ve taken on the role as a concert producer. 我做很多種工作。我是管理顧問,紀錄片導演/監製,…,現在再加上演唱會監製的角色。
Some people say when you have done it, it is not bragging.有些人說,只要您真的做過,便不算車大炮。
I’ve never attended film school and then my first and only full-length documentary is in the national archive of Canada. 我從未上過電影學校,而我的第一套紀錄長片現正收藏在加拿大聯邦政府“國家圖書檔案館”之內。
I tell this story not to brag but to illustrate the capacity to learn within each and everyone of us. 我說這故事不是想自誇,而是想帶出您我每人都有的學習潜能。
Do it. Learn it. Get better. Do it some more. Learn some more. […] 做。學習。做得更好。做多一些。學多一些。[…]
Singer/songwriter Kashy Keegan, me and a team of great professionals (theatre & music) and unpaid volunteers (camera and production assistant) are working very hard to organize Kashy’s concert! 創作歌手Kashy Keegan、我及一個專業與義務的團隊,大家正在很努力籌辦Kashy的演唱會!
Kashy’s concert happens in 8 days at 8pm, Friday Feb 28th, 2014 in Hong Kong. Kashy的演唱會8日後,2014年2月28日,星期五,晚上8點在香港舉行。
We still have lots to do, music video to shoot, school visit to sing with students, media interviews, plus trying to sell out this concert! 我們還有許多事要做,拍攝音樂短片,參觀學校及與學生合唱,媒體採訪,試賣更多票,把這場演唱會賣個滿堂紅!
As producer, it is my job to be creative and to make things happen. 作為監製,我的工作是勇於創新,無中創”有”。
We have done some ground breaking things and will do some more in Hong Kong. 創新的事我們已經做了很多,到香港後將會試做更多。
The business/science of producing is not easy but the art of producing is harder. 監製(生意/科學)難,但掌握監製的藝術更難。
The “Art of Producing” is about the magic of producing something, out of nothing! 監製的藝術是一門從無中創”有”的藝術!
Please wish us luck! 請祝我們好運!
– Kempton – 錦堂
Kashy’s Hong Kong Dreams Come True Concert :: Friday 28/2/2014, Y-Theatre, Youth Square, Chai Wan. HK$198 & $168 Tickets on sale NOW! > :: telephone booking: 2111 5999 (10am – 8pm)
Kashy香港夢想成真演唱會,星期五 28/2/2014,Y綜藝館,青年廣場,柴灣。HK$198, $168 門票現正於各城市電腦售票處、網上及電話購票熱線發售!> ,電話訂票:2111 5999 (10am – 8pm)
Ref article: 香港式監製

Kashy Keegan sings “This is my dream” LIVE at HKTV rally outside of HKSAR gov HQ

Friday, 25 October, 2013

Kashy Keegan at #HKTV rally interview after "This is my dream" LIVE performance

Kashy Keegan sings “This is my dream” LIVE at HKTV rally outside of HKSAR gov HQ

Kashy Keegan #HKTV rally interview after “This is my dream” performance 

Commentary: HK Chief Executive Mr. CY Leung and the Chinese government may not realize it until it is too late. But the repeated protests on the street and in front of the HKSAR Government HQ for  various bad policies may have the unintended consequence of training citizens to voice their views publicly which is required in any healthy democracy.

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