LIVE Blogging Rumble 2012: Bill O’Reilly v. Jon Stewart debate

Saturday, 6 October, 2012

If you want to know whats happening in the Rumble 2012 debate between Bill O’Reilly v. Jon Stewart (LIVE starting 8pm EST, i.e. 6pm Calgary time) but don’t want to pay the $5 to LIVE stream the video and watch it yourself, this reporter plans to LIVE blog the whole event in this article and share what other people thinks about the debate as it goes. I will try to highlight some of the good bits I enjoy.

*** LIVE Blogging in reverse chronological order (All time in MST) ***

[10pm] Check out this THR pick of 10 best moments, “Bill O’Reilly vs. Jon Stewart: 10 Best Moments From Their Online Debate

7:34pm Overall, it is an enjoyable debate for me. I am glad that I paid the $5 to watch the show. It was fun. And even taking away the “fun” factor, it was such an engaging and insightful debate that I’ve learned a lot from Jon Stewart and even from Bill O’Reilly in knowing the kind of things he told his Fox News viewers and how some of the claims can be debunked.

7:21pm ‏Love this quote. @bear_foot Stewart: “This isn’t a conversation between freedom and tyranny. I don’t want govt gone, I want it better.” #Rumble2012

[7:03pm] ‏@bear_foot Stewart proposes one mandatory year of public service for young people. O’Reilly says we should not have gone to Iraq. #Rumble2012

6:58pm @kitedreams I’m on it Jon. “We should not have gone into Iraq.” – Bill O’Reilly #rumble2012

6:53pm Ha ha. @bear_foot Stewart: “When you tell me I’m short, I don’t blame the liberal weights and measures bureau.” #Rumble2012

@bear_foot Stewart: “we as a country are only as strong as the weakest amongst us.” #Rumble2012

6:48pm Cute quote. Will find more interesting quotes to post later. @ZackFord Stewart on media bias: Fox News is an overreaction, an auto-immune disease of media representation, the lupus of media. #rumble2012

6:45pm A light hearted comment that is cute. @OmarjSakr Someone make Jon Stewart president please. #Therumble2012 #Stewart2016

6:31pm Whats wrong wanting to be hungry! @SalemAlQassimi “How is it that a company gets tax cuts and that’s for businessmen, but when people need food stamps it’s mooching?!”Stewart #TheRumble2012

6:29pm Stewart putting O’Reilly on the spot by asking about the disability his father gets. @ZackFord Stewart claims O’Reilly’s father filed for disability, O’Reilly says it was okay because it was from the company, not gov’t. #rumble2012

6:19pm If ALL politicians learn how to engage people! @HashigoZake A room full of people watching #rumble2012 live in Wellington on a Sunday afternoon.

6:16pm WAR! @bear_foot Stewart asks for his tax money spent on the Iraq War back and he’ll buy condoms for everyone. #Rumble2012

6:16pm Jon fighting back Big Bird (PBS) which is just a tiny tiny amount in the massive budget and forget about the expenses in WAR! @bear_foot Stewart: “We are merely weeks from being a failed state or, even worse, Greece. To solve it is to kill Big Bird.” #Rumble2012

6:09pm Good sum up in this tweet. @bear_foot Stewart: America faces problems partly because certain Americans have created an alternate reality he dubs “Bulls*** Mountain.” #Rumble2012

6:07pm Jon Stewart: “My friend Billy O’Reilly is full of s***!” :)

6:07pm Some pix here and here.

6:03pm Finally!!! @Kempton #rumble2012 starts OK finally

5:52pm Ha ha! :) @TheDailyShow Moments before the #rumble2012 starts Jon Stewart is still prepping.

5:48pm I am a little bit annoyed the online viewing page looks blank and wasn’t clearer that the page is expected to be “blank” like this. This Twitter user posted a pix @jlointc #Rumble2012 When is the live stream going live? iPhone 4 iOS6 Got nothing..

5:42pm Twitter user sharing a pix on location! @globalsultana Getting ready for #Rumble2012, obligatory posing in front of stage

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Commencement Address by Jon Stewart (with a new quote I love)

Wednesday, 20 June, 2012

If you haven’t seen this speech yet, check it out, worth your 15 minutes. Here is a quote,

If there is any real advice I can give you, it is this. College is something you complete. Life is something you experience. So don’t worry about your grade. Or the results. Or success. Success is defined in myriad ways. And you will find it. And people will no longer be grading you but it will come from your own internal sense of decency.

Jon Stewart 2004 Commencement Address at The College of William & Mary

Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

Saturday, 30 October, 2010

Wishing our southern neighbours a great day at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.

Here are some links and news,

– “Stewart asks Americans to work together“, CBC News

Watch LIVE video stream of the rally provided by Washington Post. Here is an excerpt with emphasis added,

“3:12 p.m. update: Stewart: “You want to know why I am here — what I want from you? You have already given it to me. Your presence was what I wanted. Sanity will always be…in the eyes of the beholder. To see you here today and the kind of people you are, has restored mine. Thank you.”

– “Show rundown/schedule“, Washington Post

– “Stewart and Colbert fans in D.C.: Serve us up sanity, not Tea (with post-rally press conference video)“, CNN

– “Stewart, Colbert rally draws thousands to D.C.“, CBC News

– “Jon Stewart rally – live updates“, UK Guardian

– “Rally To Restore Sanity’s Roots: ‘Our Show Has Changed’“, Huffington Post

– “Visitors pour in to D.C. ahead of Stewart-Colbert rally“, Washington Post

– “Amid bitter US campaign, comics plead for sanity“, AFP

– “Jon Stewart Rallies for Sanity — and Against Cable News“, CBS News

– Stewart: These Are “hard Times, Not End Times’, Associated Press

– Lightening up US midterm elections, AlJazeeraEnglish

Last update (Nov 1st):

Stewart-Colbert rally pegged at 215,000“, CBC News

Almost Deadly Comedy

Monday, 23 November, 2009

Just one truly bizarre chapter of what Iranian-Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari experienced when he was regularly beaten and threatened with execution while imprisoned in Iran for 118 days. From CBC “Iranian-Canadian journalist talks of prison ordeal” (with 38 minutes long full video) (emphasis added),

“That wasn’t the only imaginary parallel world in prison. The journalist recalled one particularly bizarre exchange with his interrogator, who believed that Jon Stewart’s political satire, The Daily Show, offered proof that his prisoner was a spy and was working with other spies.

Bahari had participated in a send-up interview with Canadian comic Jason Jones, whom the interrogator didn’t realize was just an actor on the television comedy and not a real spy.

“One day my interrogator told me that, ‘We have video evidence of you working as a spy,’ and then when he put the DVD of The Daily Show in the laptop, I just thought, ‘Oh my God.'”

Bahari said Jones acted like “this really red-neck American who didn’t know anything about the Middle East and pretended to be a spy. He called me Mr. Pistachio.”

“And I told my interrogator, I hope you’re not suggesting that he’s a real spy and he said, ‘Well, he looks very suspicious, and why should he pretend to be a spy — why should he choose you for an interview?'””

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