Two new trailers for HKtv Revolution and Umbrella Revolution

Thursday, 10 September, 2015

I’ve tried my best by creating multiple drafts and kept tweaking the two trailers for days until I created these two trailers. I wish I have better movie trailers making skill. Please have a watch to get a sense of the two documentaries that I made back-to-back in from 2014 to 2015. Enjoy.

HKtv Revolution 香港電視革 (2015) Trailer #1 (note: IMDb link )

Umbrella Revolution: History as Mirror Reflection 雨傘革命實錄:以史為鏡 (2015) Trailer #1 (note: IMDb link )

Neil Gaiman, the English author of short fictions, novels, graphic novels and films, once said in a keynote address (video),

I decided that I would do my best in future not to write books just for the money. If you didn’t get the money, then you didn’t have anything. If I did work I was proud of, and I didn’t get the money, at least I’d have the work.

Over the years, I try to only make films not “just for the money” but make films that I think are “important” in some way. Obviously I can be wrong and what I think “important” may turn out be not that “important” as seen by the clearer eyes of history. That risk is, of course, something I am willing to take as a filmmaker given I’ve made only three documentaries in 10 years.

I’ve tried to make the two films as good as I can given limited resources and skills. Can the two films be better or “improved”? Of course. But I feel I have done what I could with them over the months I worked on them and further editing may have marginal improvements and feel like procrastination. So I decided it was time to wrap them up and get on with things.

“If I did work I was proud of, and I didn’t get the money, at least I’d have the work.” Right on Neil.

Help make it happen for documentary HKtv Umbrella Revolution

Tuesday, 4 November, 2014
HKtv Umbrella Revolution - Indiegogo page

HKtv Umbrella Revolution – Indiegogo page

You can click this Indiegogo project link right now to contribute or click on the above picture to bring you to our Indiegogo project page. Here are some information about the documentary with an extensive Q&A for your information.

“(香港電視+雨傘) 革命 (HKtv+Umbrella) Revolution” is a documentary consisting of two volumes/parts. Volume 1 is “香港電視革命 HKtv Revolution” and Volume 2 is “雨傘革命 Umbrella Revolution”.

Volume 1 “香港電視革命 HKtv Revolution”

Volume 1 is about the HKTV protests and TV license issuance disputes seen through the eyes of eleven people: the HKTV10, ten HKTV employees who camped and protested at the Civic Square “公民廣場” in front of HKSAR government HQ (香港電視政總留守十子,簡稱「留守十子」) for days, and Kashy Keegan, singer/songwriter of “This is my dream”, a song selected by HKTV for a TV show which later became a de facto HKTV protest song. Filming and interviews for “HKtv Revolution” started in October 2013 during days of massive protests resulted from Chief Executive Mr. Leung Chun-ying HKSAR government’s rejection of HKTV’s license application. The director has made good progress to finish up volume 1 in August/early September 2014 but then 雨傘革命 Umbrella Revolution happened in late September 2014! Since the director sees HKTV protests as the beginning of something bigger, the  film was naturally expanded to include “雨傘革命 Umbrella Revolution”.

Volume 2 “雨傘革命 Umbrella Revolution”

Volume 2 is about the ongoing (over one month long) massive protests in multiple areas of Hong Kong including Admiralty 金鐘, Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣 and Mong Kok 旺角. The director has organized many video clips, photos, artworks from 40+ trusted sources who have experienced Umbrella Revolution on the ground in Hong Kong or have something special to say. If possible, depending on the funds raised in the campaign, the director may consider taking a trip to HK to conduct some in-person interviews and shoot some footage. Paradoxically, the director sees not being in HK has freed his mind to look at the bigger picture. 雨傘革命 Umbrella Revolution is a powerful movement because of the large number of people involved and not by one or a few people alone. Materials from 40+ trusted sources have certainly given the director a different (and likely better) look on things on the ground of Umbrella Revolution.

Please contribute to make this project a reality!

Your contributions small or big can help make “(HKtv + Umbrella) Revolution ( 香港電視 + 雨傘 ) 革命” a reality! Contribution levels start from just one Canadian dollar (which is about HK$7) and you get my BIG Thank You! Really, every contribution counts! Everyone supporting by even a small amount will add up collectively! Witness what HKers have achieved collectively in the last few weeks.

At Canadian $11 (about HK$77) “Level 2 – Revolution Watcher”, you will receive a link to watch the film online when it is available. Plus thanks in the film!! YES, the end credits will include the line “Crowd funded by” with YOUR NAME (using your Indiegogo contribution name)!

At Canadian $22 (about HK$154) “Level 3 – Revolution HD”, you will, in addition to Level 2 rewards, receive an HD digital download of “(HKtv + Umbrella) Revolution ( 香港電視 + 雨傘 ) 革命“ when it is available (after film festival screenings to make the festivals happy).

At Canadian $33 (about HK$231) “Level 4 – Revolution Trilogy“, you will, in addition to Level 2 & 3 rewards,  receive an SD digital download of director’s debut documentary “Long Hair Revolution 長毛革命” (2005) featuring Hon Leung Kwok Hung 梁國雄議員. In 2009, Long Hair Revolution received the honour to be included in the Canadian federal government’s “Library and Archives Canada” permanent collection.

There are seven contribution levels with many rewards listed on the right side of this page, so feel free to select any amount of contributions that fits you!

Long Hair Revolution (長毛革命) in “Library and Archives Canada”

As an independent filmmaker, I try to make films that I think will be interesting and hopefully insightful to watch. If I had waited for someone’s approval or proper funding in 2004, I would not Read the rest of this entry »

TVB battles HKTV 香港電視 (a new competitor’s name) in four registered trade marks

Tuesday, 3 December, 2013

I posted this note on Facebook on Nov 30th, 2013 and thought it is worth re-posting here again outside of FB’s wall.


Updated Dec 20th, 2013: Tools & Ref Links: 1) HKSAR government Trade Mark Search

2) The Six Application Numbers from searching for “HKTV”:


3) The Six Application Numbers from searching for “香港電視”:



00 Composite TVB trade marking HKTV & 香港電視
re: Dominant Hong Kong based TV broadcaster TVB battles HKTV 香港電視 (a new competitor’s name) in four registered trade marks

Why would TVB, the dominant TV broadcaster in HK, think it is a good idea to include “HKTV” or “香港電視”, a new competitor’s name, in four registered trade marks applications? What legal strategy is TVB deploying? On the surface, TVB seems to be behaving in a very petty manner, is it true?

01 HKSAR gov trade mark search results of HKTV

02 HKSAR gov trade mark search results of 香港電視

In the short term, we are already seeing the negative publicity from being discovered and now reported by local media (see Apple Daily “TVB台徽配HKTV申請註冊商標 無綫強霸港視台名”) that TVB is willing to use “tricks” (some may say “dirty”) by applying for these trade marks and try to “occupy by force” (強霸) a competitor’s station name just seems to add oil to the red hot fire of TVB hate! Do the TVB lawyers think there are not enough TVB haters and they want to create more?

In the long term, even if TVB was to be granted the four registered trade marks containing “HKTV” or “香港電視”, what would TVB do? Were TVB lawyers really thinking they could help “win” against a new competitor by stripping HKTV’s rights to use its name on “calendars, books, catalogues, postcards, posters … greeting cards; wrapping paper and packaging materials; bags and envelopes …” (class 16 protection specifications)?! If TVB had the trade marks granted, would they start to enforce the trade marks and sue HKTC for trade mark infringement? Really, are you kidding me?!!

Have TVB lawyers think ahead and foresee the headlines of HK newspapers when this happen? To my knowledge, I’m unaware of any multi-billion dollar public company that is petty enough to try to register its small new competitor’s name as trade marks! Most General Counsels (法律總顧問) of multi-billion dollar public companies are smart and have wise people working for them. So the GCs know enough to think, “Why make ourselves look foolish and give too much creditability to new comers by registering their names as our trade marks? We are not that crazy!”

03 Desmond Chan TVB

One of these days, TVB shareholders may want to hold TVB lawyers, and ultimately Assistant General Manager Mr. Desmond Chan Shu Hung (陳樹鴻, responsible for “legal and regulatory matters”), accountable for not thinking through the pros and cons of their actions in trying to “HKTV” and “香港電視” as trade marks. It looks like these actions can be seen by some as harmful actions that hurt the TVB’s brand in both the short and long term. And push TV viewers further away from TVB.

P.S, I am not a lawyer and I have never played a General Counsel (法律總顧問) on TV. But thanks to my GC blog friend Mike, I have the pleasure since 2006 to read and re-read the insightful “Reebok Rules” by John B. Douglas,III (who was Vice President and General Counsel of Reebok International in 1992) many times over the years so I do try to think like a GC sometimes. Feel free to read my 2006 article re “Reebok Rules”.

P.S. Here is a Google web cache version of the full “Reebok Rules” as I can’t seem to find the original American Corporate Counsel Association (ACGA) version of the PDF file any more.

Note: For the record, I have to mention trade mark application 302149920 for the words “HKTV 香港電視” by HKTV (or its former entity “City Telecom (H.K.) Limited”) has the status of “Application Refused” in the Trade Marks Registry of the HKSAR government. While I have no access to the rejection documents and rationale, it makes sense to me a very general name like HK TV is refused. Quoting McMillan, “The strongest marks in a legal sense are ones that are unique. In that regard, coined or invented words are often preferable to marks composed of ordinary words.” Applying this thinking, you can’t really get more ordinary than combining words like HK and TV. This is an interesting discussion in itself and I will leave it for another day.

Ref: 20131130 Apple Daily “TVB台徽配HKTV申請註冊商標 無綫強霸港視台名”

interview Horatio Tsoi, former HKTV documentary producer/director

Sunday, 27 October, 2013

This is my Cantonese interview with Horatio Tsoi, former HKTV documentary producer/director on 2013/10/27 訪問蔡錦源港視前高級編導.

Cantonese interviews with HK Legislative Council members Claudia Mo & Alan Leong Kah-kit

Sunday, 27 October, 2013

The following are two Cantonese interviews with HK Legislative Council members Claudia Mo & Alan Leong Kah-kit.

立法會 毛孟靜 議員政總十月二十一曰訪問

立法會 梁家傑 議員政總十月二十一曰訪問

Kashy Keegan sings “This is my dream” LIVE at HKTV rally outside of HKSAR gov HQ

Friday, 25 October, 2013

Kashy Keegan at #HKTV rally interview after "This is my dream" LIVE performance

Kashy Keegan sings “This is my dream” LIVE at HKTV rally outside of HKSAR gov HQ

Kashy Keegan #HKTV rally interview after “This is my dream” performance 

Commentary: HK Chief Executive Mr. CY Leung and the Chinese government may not realize it until it is too late. But the repeated protests on the street and in front of the HKSAR Government HQ for  various bad policies may have the unintended consequence of training citizens to voice their views publicly which is required in any healthy democracy.

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