Robocall scandal update: Elections Canada probing spending records of Conservative campaign

Monday, 5 March, 2012

The original team of robocall scandal breaking reporters Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher have published their latest report “Elections Canada probing spending records of Conservative campaign in robocall scandal“. Based on the evidences presented in the article, Canadians need some further information from a Guelph, Ontario election campaign. In particular, further explanation of missing election expenses invoices from Andrew Prescott, the deputy campaign manager of Conservative candidate Marty Burke in Guelph, Ontario.

Here is an excerpt from the article (with emphasis and additional link added), I highly recommend you read the full article. It is a great read.

“Prescott said Monday that he had given his campaign manager invoices for the calls but could not explain why the expenses did not appear on the financial report sent to Elections Canada.

He said he used a RackNine account he held through his own company, Prescoan, to place the automated calls announcing Burke campaign events. He said he then submitted invoices to the campaign for these costs.

“I gave them to the campaign manager,” Prescott said. “There was definitely no effort to hide anything or obscure anything.”

There is no record of these expenses anywhere in the Burke campaign return, however. Read the rest of this entry »

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