TRANSLOGIC: BPG Motors UNO (video interview + demo)

Monday, 21 March, 2011

Check out “TRANSLOGIC 47: BPG Motors UNO (video interview + demo)“.

“We all know motorcycles are awesome, but in our view most are missing two key ingredients: a zero-emission electric drivetrain and the ability to transform. That is, until 17-year-old Benjamin Gulak created the UNO as a high school senior. Now on their third iteration, BPG Motors is perfecting this unique EV cycle and TRANSLOGIC is the first to take it for a spin.”

BPG Motors UNO electric unicycle – an update

Saturday, 29 January, 2011

Ben Gulak with Uno bike prototype

It is really nice to read and watch updates of Ben Gulak’s BPG Motors (see Facebook page) after previously interviewing Ben in Dec 2009.

The following are two YouTube video clips. Also check out this Facebook video clip of “The CEO of SolidWorks talking about the Uno on Stage @ SolidWorks World“.

BPG Motors: Transforming UNO Video

BPG Motors: UNO Development Video

[HT Brett]

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