Malcolm Gladwell in conversation with CBC’s Eleanor Wachtel at Toronto Public Library (May 2012) and more …

Sunday, 15 July, 2012

Malcolm Gladwell, bestselling author of Blink and Outliers celebrates 50 years of Jamaica’s independence. In conversation with CBC’s Eleanor Wachtel. Malcolm Gladwell’s books including his latest, Blink are available at Toronto Public Library.”

Pay special attention to Part 3 where Malcolm gives insightful (and some may argue harsh) assessment of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Update: Bonus Malcolm clips. I found the following clips and I thought I might as well include them here.


Biggest Canadian National Railway shareholder is …

Monday, 25 April, 2011

Who would have guessed, “Bill Gates now biggest CN shareholder“?

“Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is the largest shareholder in Montreal-based Canadian National Railway, according to disclosures released ahead of the company’s annual meeting on Wednesday.

The world’s second-richest man owned or control 10.04 per cent of its shares, worth $3.2 billion as of Feb. 25.

That’s based on CN’s closing share price of $70.16 Monday.

Gates has been building a position in Canada’s largest rail company since 2006.

A company proxy circular says he holds the 46.07 million shares through Cascade Investment and as co-trustee of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust.”

For the great teachers in our lives

Wednesday, 29 September, 2010

The US government has created the site to try to encourage more people to make an impact and become teachers. Here are some of the clips I enjoy.

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu talks about the influence of his physics teacher

Bill Gates talks about the impact teachers have had on his life and career

Julia Louis-Dreyfus talks about her high school physics teacher

Oprah Winfrey reflects on her favorite teacher

In case you get sued … by Steve Jobs or Bill Gates

Tuesday, 9 March, 2010

Good article, “Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal“.

The $10 billion decade of vaccine

Sunday, 31 January, 2010

Via @BillGates, “Bill and Melinda Gates Pledge $10 Billion in Call for Decade of Vaccines (with livestream video)“,

DAVOS, Switzerland — Bill and Melinda Gates announced today that their foundation will commit $10 billion over the next 10 years to help research, develop and deliver vaccines for the world’s poorest countries.The Gateses said that increased investment in vaccines by governments and the private sector could help developing countries dramatically reduce child mortality by the end of the decade, and they called for others to help fill critical financing gaps in both research funding and childhood immunization programs.

“We must make this the decade of vaccines,” said Bill Gates. “Vaccines already save and improve millions of lives in developing countries. Innovation will make it possible to save more children than ever before.”

Listen to the many insightful examples and stories Melinda Gates told at the press conference. Very inspiring stuff!

Banking service can be provided to the poorest people in the world. Melinda gave an example in Malawi. An organization the foundation supports taking a large truck into a rural area (a mobile banking unit), giving them ways to safely save their money (so money are not stolen or literally being eaten by rats). Scanning people’s finger prints, giving them a smart card so they can access their money. The mobile unit goes out to the village twice a week and people line up to deposit their money (200 Kwacha which is US$1.40). When the time school fees are to be paid, the people then have the money to pay their child’s school fees to send them to school.

Amazing and inspiring stuff!

Bill Gates & Warren Buffett: What industry do you think is going to produce the next Bill Gates?

Friday, 20 November, 2009

From CNBC (transcript and video) (emphasis added),

QUESTION:  Hi.  My name is Katrina Gankena, and I was born in Russia.  And I’m a second-year student at Columbia Business School.  My question is for Mr. Gates.  What industry do you think is going to produce the next Bill Gates?  Because that’s the industry I want to get a job in. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE]

GATES:  Industries do have different paces of innovation.  So the IT industry, driven by the magic of software, the magic of the optic fiber, magic of the chip which doubles in power every couple of years, it’s been the industry that has not only been the most exciting, it’s also changed the rules for many other industries.  The idea of information being available, what the online world is like, that’s incredible.  I’ll tell you, there are a few other industries that will compete for being exciting in the decades ahead.  The energy business, some approach will provide cheaper energy that’s environmentally friendly.  And there’s a lot of science, a lot of business.  That’s a global thing.  There will be some great careers there.  Medicine, you know.  We haven’t solved Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s or about 20 diseases of these poor countries, and yet we can be sure that we’re on track to do that.  And so those three industries I think you would do great in.  There’s many others, but those are the ones that have the strongest appeal to me.

BUFFETTFind what turns you on.  Find what you have a passion for. If somebody said to me when I was getting out of Columbia, you know, that Bill’s business was going to be the one that would be exciting, you know, I don’t think I’d have done so well.  [LAUGHTER]  But I knew what turned me on.  I had a professor, Ben Graham, I offered to go to work for him for nothing.  He said, “You’re overpriced.”  Nonetheless, I went into the business. [APPLAUSE]  I will guarantee, you will do well at whatever turns you on.  There’s no question about that.  Don’t let anybody else tell you what to do.  You figure out what you are doing. [APPLAUSE]”

Warren Buffett & Bill Gates on CNBC

Saturday, 14 November, 2009

Here is a link to an online video of the complete CNBC Town Hall Event “Warren Buffett and Bill Gates: Keeping America Great”, hosted by Becky Quick (aired on Thursday, November 12, 2009 at 9p ET).

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