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Wednesday, 25 November, 2015
胡琳 Bianca Wu quote from RTHK interview

胡琳 Bianca Wu quote from RTHK program: 12音樂門‧逃 – 爵士貓 · 胡琳

By random chance, I came across Jazz singer 胡琳 Bianca Wu (Facebook) in some RTHK promo clips of a program about her. I ended up watching the RTHK 12音樂門‧逃 – 爵士貓 · 胡琳 (full 50+ minutes) last night and really enjoyed it.

Have a listen to some English (e.g. “Fly Me to the Moon“, “Night and Day“), Cantonese, and Mandarin songs and in 胡琳 – 《Bianca Live: with the New York Jazz Cats》

I wrote a more extensively in a Chinese post here.

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