Remembering Violet Large – Lottery winner who gave it away dies

Wednesday, 20 July, 2011

I was very much saddened after watching the news of the passing of Violet Large on CBC “Inspiring Lottery Winner Dies“.

Violet is a true inspiration to anyone who has heard her story. Here is an excerpt from The Chronicle Herald (emphasis added),

A Nova Scotian woman whose tale of generosity touched millions around the world has died.

Violet Large, 79, died Saturday in Colchester Regional Hospital after a battle with ovarian cancer.

The Lower Truro woman and her husband Allen Large became household names not for their July 2010 lottery win, but for what they did with the millions they received.

Despite the windfall, the retired couple continued to drive their old car and truck, and lived comfortably in their 147-year-old farmhouse.

And they gave away almost all of the $11.2 million they received.

“What you’ve never had, you never miss,” Violet told The Chronicle Herald in November. Read the rest of this entry »

Best way to spend $11.2m in lottery winnings – Good Luck Allen and Violet Large

Wednesday, 3 November, 2010

Best way to spend $11.2m in lottery winnings - Good Luck Allen and Violet Large

Nova Scotians Allen and Violet Large won $11.2 million on July 14. And CBC News today reported almost all of their winnings are gone now. Here is an excerpt from Toronto Star (emphasis added),

“Married since 1974, the couple does not live large. They don’t travel, they don’t gamble and they don’t buy what they don’t need.

“We have an old house, but we’re comfortable and we’re happy in it,” Violet said.

They spent 30 years in Ontario where Allen was a steel welder and Violet worked for cosmetics and chocolate companies. They retired in 1983 and returned to Nova Scotia.

“We were pretty well set, not millionaires, but comfortable,” said Allen, 75.

So when they hit it big in Lotto 6-49’s July 14 draw, they decided to give it all away.

Here is the July 22nd CBC News report with video, “Lottery-winning N.S. couple facing cancer“.

Here is the Nov 3rd report, “VIDEO: N.S. millionaires give away winnings

I want to send my warmest wishes to Nova Scotians Allen and Violet Large. And wish Violet the best of luck in her fight with cancer. Good health to you two and your families.

Allen and Violet, thanks for inspiring Canadians.

Nov 4 Update: CBC News, Would you give away your winnings?

UK Daily Mail, ‘What you’ve never had, you never miss’: Canadian couple who won $11.2m in the lottery give it ALL away to charity

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