Ditch #complicated #remdesivir #Patent2017 and focus on #GS441524 #Simpler #Safer #ancestor #Patent2009?

Thursday, 14 May, 2020

The following news is highly technical #Chemical #Pharmaceutical #Covid19 science. If I may share with you my trick and general approach to learning: I often try to read something and understand it as much as I can KNOWING I don’t know a LOT. Knowing what questions to ask and what we don’t know is part way to understanding/”some minor progress in understanding” new cutting edge science. To quote a Quote I LOVE by the Nobel Economist Ronald Coase when he was 100 years old, “You don’t know what you can learn until you try to learn.”

Have a read of May 14, 2020, Stat News, “Gilead should ditch remdesivir and focus on its simpler and safer ancestor” By Victoria C. Yan and Florian L. Muller  [HT Gabriel @gmleunghku for his RT this morning, I saw the STAT News op-ed but his RT put it more on my radar]

Here is an excerpt from //Opinion: Gilead has another antiviral that’s easier to make and safer to use than remdesivir. Why isn’t it giving that drug any attention? The world can only hope it isn’t for the sake of protecting its intellectual property.//

“The attractive profile of GS-441524 from both manufacturing and clinical perspectives raises this question: Why hasn’t Gilead opted to advance this compound to the clinic? We would be remiss for not mentioning patents, and thus profits. The first patent on GS-441524 was issued in 2009, while the first patent for remdesivir was issued in 2017.

We aren’t the only ones questioning Gilead’s strategy. We have spoken with a number of chemists, biochemists, veterinarians, and others who are also surprised that GS-441524 has remained out of the spotlight. Veterinarians we spoke to have noted that the strong antiviral activity of GS-441524 has resulted in a “miraculous turn of events” for cats infected with feline coronavirus, which was once considered a death sentence.

Given GS-441524’s optimal properties, we — along with the millions of people awaiting an effective treatment for Covid-19 — are left to wonder why Gilead isn’t giving it the same attention it is giving remdesivir. The world can only hope it isn’t for the sake of protecting its intellectual property.”

[NOTE: Do NOT take experts’ words blindly but let them highlight potentially interesting questions or where cutting edge science is]

P,S, In the 90s, I, for no good reasons that I can remember and may be I had too much money to waste/spend, subscribed to The New England Journal of Medicine for one full year! May be it was to broaden my understanding of medical science, better armed myself to read medical research, or simply to reduce my fear of reading research papers that I really know very little! I particular enjoy, if I remember right, reading the concluding paragraphs of many research papers talking about what’s “NEXT” for the researchers, what were their “unknowns”!

Gilead should ditch remdesivir and focus on its simpler and safer ancestor - pix

Gilead should ditch remdesivir and focus on its simpler and safer ancestor – pix

#Obit is Never For – Another poem by Kempton Lam – Poem2 inspired by Mr. #JerryStiller (92)

Monday, 11 May, 2020

Obit is Never For – Poem2 by Kempton Lam inspired by Mr. Jerry Stiller (92) (1927-2020) – (version 1.0) (original Tweet thread version 1.0)

Obit is never for the dead as the dead seldom read.
Obit is for us the living
to grieve,
to pause,
to rethink,
to laugh,
to learn,
to redo,
to do,
to learn how to live on forever
in hearts & minds of others.
For what is important is not what we own,
it is what we leave to others.

==== Notes ====

* 20200511, NYT Obit:

“Mr. Stiller and Ms. Meara’s swan song as a team was a series of web-only video clips produced by their son and posted from November 2010 until March 2011. Each clip lasts about two minutes and consists of the two of them discussing a single topic. One topic is obituaries.

In that clip, Mr. Stiller says he is “shocked” that The New York Times might have already prepared their obituaries and wonders whether the newspaper is “up to date” on his having worked with Veronica Lake in a production of “Peter Pan” (about six decades earlier). And Ms. Meara reveals that years ago Mr. Stiller had persuaded The Times to publish her father’s obituary by falsely claiming that he had written material for their comedy act.

Mr. Stiller’s agitated response: “What you just said is going to get us in trouble with The New York Times! I may never get an obit!”

He needn’t have worried.”

* 20200511 Ben Stiller’s tweet, “Thanks so much for the incredible outpouring of love and appreciation for Jerry. I know how much it would mean to him. And he would have loved this beautifully written obit in the ⁦@nytimes ⁩.”

* 20200511 Jerry Seinfeld’s tweet, “Jerry Stiller’s comedy will live forever.” Another tweet photo of the comedy album “The Last Two People in the World”

* 20200511 “George Shapiro @georgeshapiro So sad that Jerry Stiller left us at the young age of 92. There was no one sweeter than Jerry. He was a joy to work with and brought countless laughs to the set of “Seinfeld”. One memory was so vivid with him & Julia breaking each other up doing “You want a piece of me” bit (Red heart)”

* 20150526, Guardian, “Anne Meara obituary – Actor and comedian who teamed up with her husband, Jerry Stiller, to form a favourite American entertainment duo”

* 19950201, NYT, “THEATER REVIEW: AFTER-PLAY; When the Dinner Conversation After the Theater Gets Crazy”

* 20110105, “Theater Talk: Stiller and Meara Extravaganza, Pt. 1 of 2

* 20100114, “Theater Talk: Stiller and Meara Extravaganza, Part 2 of 2

P.S. In life, it is ALWAYS up to us to learn whatever we want to learn and what we think we can learn. If we think there are nothing new to learn in life after age 60 (or whatever age you think that is), then we will indeed learn nothing because self-fulfilling prophecy is as powerful as you think it is!

Still learning from Ms. Anne Meara and Mr. Jerry Stiller (1927-2020) as their loving words and insights will remind in my heart and mind for the years to come!

P.P.S. SATC S06.E14 “Miranda’ Family
In this clip: Anne Meara, Cynthia Nixon, David Eigenberg, Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis.

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 10.46.01 AM - Stiller and Meara (part 1 of 2)

A Good #Obituary – A poem by Kempton Lam – Inspired by Mr. #JerryStiller (92) (1927-2020)

Monday, 11 May, 2020

#MyManagerHadRetired #IWasCloseTo70YearsOld #NeverGiveUp
Goodbye Mr. Jerry Stiller (92) (1927-2020).

A Good #Obituary – A poem by Kempton Lam – (version 2.0) (original Tweet thread version 1.0)

A good #Obituary is like a good #DryRun for us the living to learn more about a life well lived.

A good #Obituary is a good #ThoughtExperiment (#假想實驗) to help us to try to find out the important things in our own lives from the less than important stuff.

A good #Obituary is a good ending that help us think carefully how better to tell the stories of our own repeated meetings with Triumphs and Disasters and treat these impostors just the same.

A good #Obituary is a good short 3 minutes read to help us briefly reflect and maybe better live our own lives.

Goodbye & thank you Jerry for your 92 years of laughters & services to try to make our world a better place than the one you found in 1927, in the only ways you could!

Note: See also, “#Obit is Never For – Another poem by Kempton Lam – Poem2 inspired by Mr. #JerryStiller (92)

==== Inspiration & References & Thank ====

* Inspired by Mr. #JerryStiller (92)’s AP Obituary, “Jerry Stiller, ‘Seinfeld’ actor and Ben Stiller’s father, dies at 92

* 2012/03/20 “Hannibal and Me – A book Review” (with video) – by Kempton

* One of the above lines is inspired by the poem “If—” by English Nobel laureate Rudyard Kipling (1865–1936)

* My thanks to Mr. Larry McShane (possibly Twitter handle @lmcshanenydn) principal writer of Jerry’s AP Obit.

* 20150526, Guardian, “Anne Meara obituary – Actor and comedian who teamed up with her husband, Jerry Stiller, to form a favourite American entertainment duo”

* 19950201, NYT, “THEATER REVIEW: AFTER-PLAY; When the Dinner Conversation After the Theater Gets Crazy”

* 20110105, “Theater Talk: Stiller and Meara Extravaganza, Pt. 1 of 2

* 20100114, “Theater Talk: Stiller and Meara Extravaganza, Part 2 of 2

P.S. In life, it is ALWAYS up to us to learn whatever we want to learn and what we think we can learn. If we think we can learn nothing in life, we will learn nothing!

A Good #Obituary - A poem by Kempton Lam - Inspired by Mr. #JerryStiller (92)

A Good #Obituary – A poem by Kempton Lam – Inspired by Mr. #JerryStiller (92)

Colourful Dresses & Colourful Flowers – A 2020 Mother’s Day Poem by Kempton Lam

Sunday, 10 May, 2020

Colourful Dresses & Colourful Flowers – A 2020 Mother’s Day Poem
by Kempton Lam

(彩裙 彩花 – 2020 母親節詩 – 錦堂 敬給 偉大的母親 – 中文版見下)

Mom loves colourful dresses and colourful flowers
I love colourful shirts and colourful flowers

Mom makes friends with restaurant helpers, store keepers, neighbours and strangers
I make friends with restaurant helpers, store keepers, neighbours, and strangers

Mom is stubborn and steadfast with friends
I am stubborn and steadfast with friends

Mom has taught me many things by her actions and by her words
I listen, I filter, and I learn. And sometimes I do

Mom hasn’t often heard the Chinese word for “LOVE” 愛 because my generation of HongKonger parents and children don’t say “LOVE” 愛 to each other
I changed and learned to be better. And I made sure I told mom I “LOVE” 愛 her Read the rest of this entry »

Cheap & Precious Americans’ Lives

Wednesday, 6 May, 2020
20200506 - CNN - Trump pivots hard away from fight against unvanquished pandemic

20200506 – CNN – Trump pivots hard away from fight against unvanquished pandemic

“Wartime” President Donald Trump abandons #WW3 #Covid19 and wants to move on. Meanwhile #Covid19 keeps infecting and killing Americans (71,078 dead) and world citizens (257,818 dead) 24/7 non stop. (see pix at bottom of post)

The #Trump #ElectionMath is simple: How many Trump voting Americans can die and new Trump voting Americans be created in order to win re-election in Nov 2020. The prices of Americans’ lives have never been seen as so cheap and so precious at the exact same time by a sitting POTUS!

Have a watch of Laurie Garrett (writer at Foreign Affairs, and author of “The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance” warning us of Corona Virus risks decades ago) having a long conversation on @CNN with @andersoncooper talking about #COVID19 and why her most optimistic scenario has it endangering Americans for another 36 months.

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 5.12.50 AM - 71,078 Americans deadScreen Shot 2020-05-06 at 5.12.06 AM - 257,818 dead

Ref: 20200506 CNN, “Trump pivots hard away from fight against unvanquished pandemic

Warren Buffett Made money in USAir but not when he sold BRK entire stakes in American, Delta, Southwest, and United Airlines

Sunday, 3 May, 2020

Tap Dancing to Work: Warren Buffett on Practically Everything by Carol J. Loomis - pix 1


Good written report of Warren Buffett selling Berkshire Hathaway’s entire stakes in American, Delta, Southwest, and United Airlines from Will Horton @Forbes,

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway BRK.B has sold at a loss its entire portfolio of U.S. airline stocks comprising American Airlines AAL , Delta DAL Air Lines, Southwest LUV Airlines and United UAL Airlines.

“We put, whatever it was, seven or eight billion into it and we did not take out anything like seven or eight billion,” Buffett said during Berkshire’s annual meeting on May 2. “That was my mistake.”

“We have sold the entire positions,” he said. “When we change our mind we don’t take half measures or anything of the sort.” 

And as I reported in an 2012 post talking about Carol Loomis’ Tap Dancing to Work,

“… the afterword for articles like “Buffett Hits $200 million Downdraft” (Nov 17, 1994) reminds readers that Warren actually made money on the USAir investment (which many people may have an impression of it being a money losing investment).”

Warren Buffett: Why we sold our entire stakes in American, Delta, Southwest, and United Airlines


Bambi Assassin and my Optional Left Eye

Sunday, 3 May, 2020


Smashed into thousand pieces & yes, those are deer hair!

Smashed into thousand pieces & yes, those are deer hair!

Reading my friend thanking her car for 8 years of great services got me thinking of our last car, a very loved & trusted Saturn (we call it Saturn車車). Almost exact two years ago today (May 4th, 2018), Saturn車車 saved me one last time! We are not into getting new cars, so we kept maintaining/fixing it and driving Saturn車車 for an amazing 23+ years! And as my and Saturn車車’s luck had it, in her final days, a young deer (the famous Bambi Assassin) ran into our Saturn車車. Bambi Assassin broke the rear passenger (driver side) window glass into a thousand pieces, bounced off the car, and ran away! Bambi Assassin and me got out of the mess relatively safely with big thanks to Saturn車車!

As my friend said well, it “sounded like a scene in a Nordic film.” Totally, Bambi Assassin on the road in a city with one million plus population! And I totally agree that “Cars might be our angels!”

Yes, that May 4th day might hav been quite an action horror film starring Bambi Assassin & me! I still vividly remember that day! There was a traffic jam that day on the main road near our home with traffic stopped with cars on the road with incoming traffic. Without any warning, Bambi Assassin just jumped out between the gaps in the cars as I was driving in ~50km/hr speed on my side of the road!

If I was slower by split of a second, Bambi Assassin’s head would have been right inside the glass of my driver’s window. At a minimum, likely taking out my option left eye and adding a few character-building scars to my left face IF I was lucky. If I was NOT lucky, the massive head and body of Bambi Assassin (~200lb easy) could have knocked me out, given me a concussion while bleeding me out, all very cost effective in creating nice scenes in an action horror film. Not that I’m a fan of action horror film, especially one starring me in real life.

I hadn’t shared these pix before because they were a bit too close and scary to look at. But now two years have passed, may be I can be a bit more reflective. Some days I like to think/pretend I was a good man so it was my good karma. Some days I think I was just plain lucky!

Does near death or almost being killed in a car accident or #Covid19 or … change our perspective on life or how best to live our lives? Maybe. At least, I hope so. For nearing death (almost accidents or almost #Covid19 or almost …) sometimes shine light on what are the more important things in our lives.

We each must find our own ways and meanings to our lives. But I do think the two popular “meanings” #fame and #money cannot be the simplistic ultimate goals in our lives because no one, on their deathbeds, ask how #famous they are (e.g. how many Facebook/IG/Twitter/etc etc followers the have) or how much money they have in their bank accounts.

Well try it as a #ThoughtExperiment and ask yourself what would YOU care about on your deathbed? Here writes a man whose better half will confirm he is neither rich nor famous in any measurable way! #LifelongLearning

Yes, those are deer hair!

Yes, those are deer hair!

Auto glass smashed into thousand pieces

Auto glass smashed into thousand pieces

Fuck! 53 is just too young! We are all #STARS of #OurLives

Friday, 1 May, 2020

Fuck! 53 is just too young! May you rest in peace Mr. Irrfan Khan (1967-2020). Link to samples of movies by Mr. Khan below!

We are all #STARS of our own movie that is called #OurLives. Some people chase fame or fortune (or both). I like to say both fame and fortune are NOT enduring as no one on their deathbeds ask these two questions:

Q1) How famous am I (how many Facebook/Twitter/IG followers do I have)?
Q2) How much money do I have in my bank account or how many houses do I have?

Years ago famed investor/philanthropist Warren Buffett (1930- ) (and via his biographer Alice (1956-)) taught me a lesson via his own teachings to his children.

Warren could have gifted millions to his children and let them do nothing! He didn’t! He made sure his children find meanings in their own lives. He would have easily destroyed his three children’s lives if he wasn’t careful. IF he had not taught them to find meanings in their own lives for he had/has so much money that none of his children need to lift a finger to do anything and they would have every material thing they ever want in life.

But is that a good life? Warren taught us, no.

That would be horrible lives to live.

Find meanings in our own lives. Especailly in our #Covid19 age is important. I believe (I might be wrong) that now is the time where we (you and me) are resetting the world, hopefully for the better.

“Make this world a better place than the one we found” was a nice slogan for years. And now we, with luck, can try to “Make this world a better place than the one we found” for real.

So we continue to make the movie called #OurLives. #OurLives may end at 53 (Irrfan Khan), 102 (Ronald Coase), or 23 (Abbigail Cowbrough), … We just don’t know how long we have on this earth. So try to live our lives and treasure each day as if today is our last because some day it just might …

//Irrfan Khan, the Indian-born actor who achieved considerable success in both Bollywood and the west, has died aged 53. During his career he had a string of Anglo-American successes, staring in films like Slumdog Millionaire, Life of Pi and Jurassic World. Here’s a look at five memorable roles//

Jewel talks Art of Mindfulness and sings “Hands,” Discusses Song’s Origin

Wednesday, 29 April, 2020

2020 April 28, great  101.1 CBS-FM radio interview by Brad Blanks, “Brad Blanks Discusses the Art of Mindfulness and Meditation with Jewel “All meditation is being constantly present”

And I googled around and found this GREAT clip “Jewel Sings “Hands,” Discusses Song’s Origin” to watch!

Here is “Jewel – Hands (Official Music Video)”

Gloating? #Covid19 #HongKong vs #Singapore (& #Canada) #You & #Me

Sunday, 26 April, 2020

I know the word “gloating” may be too strong to use to describe how some HongKongers and HK public figures felt when they saw #Covid19 cases grew by a ton in Singapore. But “nearly”, “almost”, “a little bit” gloating might not be too far off in describing how some HKers seemed to think or feel.

I might be wrong but my working hypothesis is that #Covid19 behaves like water (poetically speaking, not for real of course), it will wait patiently to search, look, and seek out the place/country’s weakest links, and then proceed to attack these weak links 24/7 non-stop.

Are these cage homes (via CNN) Hong Kong’s weakest links? I don’t know. It is NOT up to me. #Covid19 has and loves time. Maybe HK is perfect. Maybe there are no weak links in HK. Maybe, maybe, maybe … And then #Covid19 just keep looking …

Let me be clear. This is DEFINITELY NOT a case of a silly old man #gloating in Canada. We in Canada are absolutely #GriefStricken of the many many and many deaths of our elderly in nursing and care homes, the ones that build our country. We utterly and catastrophically failed our elders, our grandmothers and grandfathers! So wherever farthest away from #gloating, that is exactly where Canada is right now.

This is not #gloating because #covid19 royally kicked our asses. What I hope is to warn HongKongers not to think too highly of ourselves. Yes, HK so far has “succeeded” against covid19. But like I hypothesize, covid19 is merely waiting, looking, and searching, for those weakest links …

#Covid19 infects & kill our bodies, poisons our minds, and it seems it also spotlights the worse sides of our systemic failures, how shitty we are when we think no one is looking.

So they say, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” I say, “When life gives the world #covid19, make the world a better place.” The world is not going to rebuild herself after this #WW3 #Covid19, a massive catastrophic failure. Who do you think are going to do the real hard work, if not you and me?

Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 6.38.23 AM - CNN news pix

References News:

2020 Apr 26, CNN, “Social distancing in 100 square feet: Hong Kong’s cage homes are almost impossible to self-isolate

2020 Apr, 23 UK Guardian, “‘We’re in a prison’: Singapore’s migrant workers suffer as Covid-19 surges back – Singapore was lauded for its swift action to suppress infections but crisis has shone spotlight on how it treats marginalised migrants

2020 Apr 26, SCMP, “Surreal life in Singapore, from Covid-19 to ‘circuit breaker’ and migrant workers’ plight ** Things are feeling out of place, with local media seeming to bury news of a record number of cases and the enigmatic posts of the prime minister’s wife ** There is perhaps no other place on Earth where life is split so acutely and strangely, writes Tan Tarn How

20200425, CBC, “How the COVID-19 crisis in Quebec’s nursing homes unfolded
Social Sharing – More than 1,000 of the 1,340 Quebecers who have died from COVID-19 were seniors in care

Principal Legal Officer @WHO Steven Solomon talks #Taiwan

Wednesday, 15 April, 2020

In this press conference, Steven Solomon, WHO Principal Legal Officer talks Taiwan starting at the 17:54 mark.


1:46 Dr Tedros WHO Director-General opening statement and a bit of history of WHO and UN
13:50 Q1 NBC: Exact amount of US funding (minus private contribution from Gates Foundation, etc)
14:25 A1 WHO DG:
15:05 Q2 The Lancet (?):
15:50 A2
16:15 Q3 NHK re Taiwan
16:54 A4a Dr. Mike Ryan: Multiple sources of info on Dec 31, 2019. Including directly from Wuhan Health Authority …
17:54 A4b1 Steven Solomon, WHO Principal Legal Officer talks Taiwan
22:52 A4b2 Steven Solomon: 5 more examples
24:59 A4c Dr Maria Van Kerkhove speaks about her experience briefing Taiwan experts.
26:26 Q5 Russia news agency
26:54 A5 Dr. Mike Ryan


What If the Slowest Horse Win in a Burning Racecourse Challenge? #Covid19

Monday, 13 April, 2020
Slowest Horse Wiin Tweet Challenge + Co-opetition book

Slowest Horse Wiin Tweet Challenge + Co-opetition book

(#GameTheory Part 1 of 2) The #Challenge: 🔥Fire🔥 struck @KemptonParkRace Course during imaginary (NOT real) 10-horse race! Instead of Fastest horse winning, the SLOWEST horse will WIN this race! 9 horses have human jockeys. 1 horse is ridden by #covid19. Suggest an idea to save ALL humans+determine a winner at the same time?
#TeamHuman vs #TeamCovid19 Challenge #FuckCovid19 (version 2.0)

#MySolution: So my solution is first recognizing the name of the game is suggest ***any idea***. Any idea including changing the “game itself”. So I suggest this (there may be other ways):

Instead of everyone standing there, including covid19, waiting to find a winner (the slowest horse) while being burned. Tell everyone to switch horses. So one of the human jockeys have the covid19’s horse. In fact, send the best of the human riders to ride covid19’s horse to try to “win” the race , guaranteeing it will NOT be the slowest.

And the other 8 human riders’ jobs are, well, think of it, can do anything! Doesn’t matter. I originally think of the 8 riders working together trying to block covid19 from riding to cross the finish line. But then as long as covid19’s horse get pass the finish line the 2nd, then well, it won’t win!
The core #OutOfTheBox idea is to change the game that they are playing. From riders riding their own horse to try to be the slowest. To riders riding others’ horse and to “win” to race fastest.

I saw this idea some years ago but adapted it to this challenge.

If we Think #TeamHuman vs #TeamCovid19 Challenge …
the idea is once we realize #TeamHuman should really work together. who “win” in terms of inventing or discovering a vaccine (making lots of money), who “win” in terms of making a lot of ventilators needed by the world (again making boat load of money), etc DOES NOT matter that much because all humanity wins! We just want to get #TeamCovid19 to lose.


Think about it some more. Once the idea of suggesting the 9 jockeys and covid19 switch horses. The game is OVER for covid19. It will take super stupid humans to let Covid19 win. Because they have to let covid19’s horse to be the slowest which I hope #TeamHumanity is NOT that dumb to have let happened!


Yeah, it is game over when covid19 horse is first to finish in this new game! And in fact, it is game over for covid19’s horse to finish from 1st to 9th. Just, please, the human riders don’t let covid19’s horse to go 10th because that means covid19 win.

So by changing the rule of the game, or putting the game in a different mindset, all humans win. Instead of everyone sitting at the racecourse waiting, waiting, waiting to be the slowest …
Kinda like an anology for we different countries (China, Taiwan, USA, Iran, …) fighting each other while covid19 infecting and killing us 24/7 non-stop around the clock and around the world! Super horrible!


In Game Theory, there is an idea call Non-Zero Sum game. And if we don’t like the game we are play, we can and should just try to change the game! Remember, in real life, we can strive to create Win-Win games and play those instead!


(#GameTheory Part 2 of 2) Years ago in my MBA school days, I took a class in Negotiation. In the first class, we MBA students were put into groups of two and told to conduct an negotiation exercise. At the end of these group exercises, the professor asked what negotiated outcome we came to at the end.

My classmate J (I don’t want to embarrass J but I think there is nothing to be embarrass of) and I came to a result that has such a massive big differences in the whole class! Basically, I “gained” the most advantage over J on the surface! The professor and the whole class likely came to the simplistic conclusion that I managed to majorly and royally screwed J.

My professor and my classmates were WRONG if they thought I had screwed J. I only play WIN-WIN games even then!

I, at the time, had done some “for fun” studies of negotiation by reading some business books and articles about negotiation. I was NOT merely playing the basic game of the single negotiation task that the professor assigned the whole class.

I explicitly and deliberately CHANGED the game that my classmate J and I were playing by expanding it. I suggested, which J and I agree to expand the figurative “pie” we were playing by making it 30x or 100x times bigger than before.

So effectively J and I were making a ton more $$ (or whatever) when the game itself was expanded massively.

I wish my MBA professor was more knowledgable and recognized that I was playing a different game. But then the professor had a course outline and stuff to cover so she missed a good #TeachableMoment.

Anyway, by me Turning the professor’s Zero-Sum game into a NON-ZERO-Sum game, it makes a world of a difference!

As a funny aside. I was such a rebel that the class paper she assigned us to write, I instead wrote about something else. She scored me badly like a “B-“ or something which is OK. I got to write about the more important things I learn about Negotiation which I LOVE and the ideas were from the great book:

“Co-opetition: A Revolution Mindset that Combines Competition and Cooperation” by business strategy, and game theory professors Adam M. Brandenburger and Barry J. Nalebuff.

I went to MBA school to try to learn, not just to get “good” grades. Good “grades” by themselves are pointless. Anyway, sorry my dear MBA professor for dissing you in this FB post so many years later. I bet you don’t remember me. And I didn’t name name.

Hope you are well and healthy in our covid19 time!

True Face of #Humanity, Deepfake of #Tedros #Covid19 #Avengers #InfinityWar #EndGame #TheEnd

Monday, 13 April, 2020

In “Humanity: Infinity War” against #covid19, Humanity got exactly one out of 14,000,605 futures to defeat #covid19! And we stupid humanity is now looping, wasting valuable #time fighting amongst ourselves so badly, that the movie production of “Humanity: Endgame” is basically being cancelled because we all (you, me, the smart people who made the deepfake video of Dr. Tedros & Xi Jinping, everyone of us) do not really deserve to have a slightly happier ending remotely like what “Humanity: Endgame” could have been.

At this rate, all we deserve is “Humanity: The End” as a sequel. And you know what will that movie show? You see, “Humanity: The End” is not even a brand new movie but just a duplicate copy of “Humanity: Infinity War“, so no one need to waste time doing another deepfake video. We just need to show half of humanity dead like Avengers: Infinity War. We all happy?

I wrote my first-person narrative documentary poetry “I am the F**King Virus” (now a short film), this is how I ended my poem, no one can accuse me of sugarcoating it:

//Unless Humanity stops her infighting and work together as One to end me now
I will be back//

It turns out my documentary poetry has been written based on solid provable science (so far) and too painfully real observations of humanity and how stupid we are!


deep fake of Dr. Tedros, WHO (merging with Xi Jinping)

deep fake of Dr. Tedros, WHO (merging with Xi Jinping)


Note: I wrote this post originally as a comment for a wise friend but I like it enough to share it publicly.

“I am the F**King Virus” – a #Covid19 Pandemic Documentary Poetry short film

(the “14,000,605” reference) Doctor Strange Looks into the Future| Avengers Infinity War )


Honest Doubtful Armchair Epidemiologists #WW3 #Covid19

Sunday, 12 April, 2020

I had a great laugh from watching ABC The Armchair Epidemiologist but find it also wrong and misguided. (video embedded below)

*** 1) What is good science?
Before we get to epidemiology, lets talk about what is good science? I like what Natalie Jeremijenko, an artist engineer once said,

“Science is question-driven. And the more interesting the questions, the more compelling the results.”

Yes, good science comes from good questions. Why does light travel in a straight line? Why is antibiotic resistance dangerous? What makes some computer problems much harder than others? Is P=NP? What does it mean by “P=NP?” and why does it have a US dollar one million prize on solving it? (sorry, I let the computer geek inside me spoke ;) ) What is 4D Printing? Why does a vaccine takes 12-18 months at best or may be longer and why can’t we create a vaccine in one or two months? If you ask good and interesting questions. Then you may get compelling results.

Good question to ask why can’t we, with the whole world working together, NOT be able to create a vaccine in one or two months? The challenge with vaccine is that it has to be absolutely as safe as humanly can! Why? To paraphrase Dr. Mike Ryan from WHO, what is worse than a bad disease is a bad vaccine. A bad vaccine is super bad because imagine for a second, we inject bad vaccine into healthy people and harming us. We cannot do that so we must ensure safety as FIRST priority. “Do no harm” is a good rule even in the days of Greek Medicine, the so called Hippocratic Oath. So vaccine takes time.

*** 2) Armchair Epidemiology
To be honest, I’m actually rather sad to see millions of HongKongers and even some reporters suddenly all decided to become Armchair Epidemiologists with main focus on the political side of Epidemiology and *without* paying the needed attention to the science of Epidemiology. Epidemiology is NOT easy but it is also NOT impossible to try to read and understand a little. A not very smart man like me can start to learn about the science of Epidemiology in the last few months, you can too!

How to learn more about the science of Epidemiology you ask? I say skip the Wikipedia page of Epidemiology, but start watching some good YouTube videos! What videos? Some legitimate University may offer some free online Epidemiology courses but I haven’t taken any myself so I cannot recommend you which ones to watch. But I LOVE learning by doing. So weeks ago, I started watching the WHO daily pressers and even downloaded their transcripts to read for precisions. When the WHO Director General Dr. Tedros, Dr Mike Ryan, and Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove gives their joint pressers, they give a pretty good overview of things, and then this is the good part, great and insightful reporters ask very good questions of them. Listen to the questions carefully, and listen to their answers carefully. DO NOT simply take the answers blindly. Think for yourself. Filter and consider these answers with your scientific mind, slowly learning bits and pieces to create a framework.

And don’t stop at the WHO YouTube video pressers. Go read letters and research papers in The Lancet, The New England Journal of Medicine, Stat News, etc. Speaking about Stat News, follow on Twitter https://twitter.com/HelenBranswell . If you can remember just ONE thing from reading this post, remember @HelenBranswell and read her!
Helen, unlike the too many non-science reporters in Hong Kong and around the world, is herself is senior writer focus on infectious diseases! Helen’s spider sense picked up this on Jan 1, 2020 long before others did
“Thanks. Wasn’t so much thinking that this was SARS itself, more that it reminds me of the start of SARS.” (Tweet link)

So read more and many more science reporters’ work and skip the meaningless politics because when covid19 kills one of us humans, it doesn’t check our passports, race, or gender. Covid19 interests in two things and two things only, infect us quickly, and kills us fast-ish-ly.

*** 3) Honest Doubt
Honest Doubt is key in learning and trying to be better a “scientist” or has a scientific mind. Sometimes some “Armchair Epidemiology” can be good. Why? Because we need to all understand a bit more about the science of Epidemiology in our #covid19 age. And #covid19, I believe and suspect (a view hold by Bill Gates as well) that #covid19 will NOT be the last nasty virus or infectious disease we humanity will face. So it helps to be more scientific.

*** 4) Don’t blindly trust me!
I don’t blindly trust anyone! Blind Trust is dangerous. But careful consideration of what some experts say and then take careful time (for important enough topics or ideas) to study these ideas or claims is well worth it.

*** 5) My critique of the #ArmchairEpidemiologist comedy
I am NOT funny. I have too much respect for knowledge, respect for science and most importantly, our pursue to learn more about science and other topics. It is human nature to want to appear smarter than we are (well, heck, what do you think I am doing here!!!!). ;) But wanting to be smart is ok AS LONG AS we are being both honest of what we don’t know and also be doubtful of what we think. Constantly checking and critiquing our own reasonings and thinking.

*** 6) Lifelong learning

In closing, let me end with a quote by the then 100 year old Prof. Ronald Coase which is exactly how I try to live my life in learning.

You don’t know what you can learn until you try to learn.

Constantly trying to better ourselves with each passing day. Keep learning. Yes, I have a hashtag and it is #LifelongLearning! Thinking about it, I actually have a photo album that I call “Lifelong Learning (online)” on Facebook trying to document some of the stuff that I have taken time to try to learn over the years.

Pick something you like to learn and go ahead to learn more about it. I hope you live a long life and enjoy your journey in learning as much as I do.

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 7.29.36 AM

Have a watch and a great laugh: ABC The Armchair Epidemiologist.

I am the F**King Virus – a Pandemic #Covid19 Documentary Poetry short film

Thursday, 9 April, 2020

“I am the F**King Virus” is Kempton‘s first foray into Poetry, specifically Documentary Poetry (see note below), and even more specifically the form of Documentary Poetry short film.

==== See Director’s statement plus more reference notes below after the documentary poetry ====

I am the F**King Virus – a Documentary Poem by Kempton

(20200417 version 2.48163264128256512102420484096)

I am the F**King Virus

You covered me up. And let me killed thousands

Thank you. Xie Xie. Or is it Xi Xi

WHO studied me and recommended how to beat me

but few read her report so I infected 100,000s more

How do I say thank you in Italian, Spanish, German, Persian, French, Korean, and Trumpian

I am the F**King Virus

We shall fight on the beaches

We shall fight under the cherry blossom trees

We shall fight in the churches, mosques, and synagogues

We shall fight in close combat less than 2 meters apart (with no Physical Distancing)

We can stop fighting now IF you accept my price of 1.4% of you ALL
(mostly elderly, the weak plus some healthy young human beings)

I am the F**King virus

I am on the Edge of Tomorrow or is it Live Die Repeat Read the rest of this entry »

We are Your Tomorrow, with love – a poem by Kempton #covid19

Friday, 3 April, 2020

Note: Few days ago I wrote my first poem, a #covid19 poem as well and you can read it here: “I am the f**King Virus“.

We are Your Tomorrow, with love – a poem by Kempton.
(version 1.0 0.65 Work-In-Progress poem)

We are Your Tomorrow, from Wuhan with love

We fled our city when we knew a lock down was coming

Our supermarket shelves were emptied by us in a hurry

We overwhelmed our hospitals as the cases grew exponentially

Our divorce rates spiked as we got fed up of each other

We are Your Tomorrow, from Hong Kong with love

We hoarded toilet paper as if we all had diarrhea

Our political leaders were totally useless and mistrusted so chaos ensued

We hunted for masks and were royally gouged

Our critiques of Emperor Xi legitimized our bigotry for all mainland Chinese

We are Your Tomorrow, from South Korea with love

We went to churches and “Patient 31” was reborn as “Super Spreader” accountable for half of our country’s Red Sea of Infections

Our military cleaned our streets with theatrical fogging disinfecting guns Read the rest of this entry »

WWIII #covid19 Human Spirit

Tuesday, 31 March, 2020

In humanity’s WWIII against #covid19, a disease that infects and kills exponentially, keeping our human spirit high is important for our long war. Here are some examples.

20200331, CTV News (with video), “Calgary teachers find socially distant way to celebrate principal’s retirement: a parade

WWIII #covid19 Medical Equipments and Supply Chains

Tuesday, 31 March, 2020

In humanity’s WWIII against #covid19, a disease that infects and kills exponentially, our medical equipments supplies (e.g. PPE (Personal Protective Equipments), face shields, etc) are in severe shortage in Canada, US, and globally. Even our Supply Chains are under attack and severe stress. This post is meant to collect some good news from our battle fronts.

20200331, Calgary Herald, “Corbella: Donated RVs help health-care workers isolate from families

20200331, WaPo, “3-D printing face shields for hospitals in need

Crystal Blair, Truck Stop Owner on Nova Scotia highway offering free meals

Crystal Blair, Truck Stop Owner on Nova Scotia highway offering free meals

20200328, CTV News (with video), “As COVID-19 puts strain on truckers, this truck stop is offering free meals

20200326 KTVQ News (video), “Montana truck stop giving goodie bags to truckers


WWIII #covid19 – Thanks Sir Dyson for your CoVent

Sunday, 29 March, 2020

20200328 Dyson CoVent - pix 01

Thanks Sir Dyson for your inventive and entrepreneurial spirit in our WWIII against covid19! May your CoVent ventilators save thousands and thousands of lives in UK and around the world soon!

Reports from 20200325 Guardian: “Dyson and Airbus expect green light to start making ventilators – The companies will start making up to 30,000 ventilators from next week to help the NHS fight Covid-19

“Dyson has been working on a completely new model of ventilator with The Technology Partnership, a Cambridge-based group of science and innovation companies with expertise in medical equipment.

Work is going on at Dyson’s Hullavington laboratory in Wiltshire, where it was designing an electric car until the plan was abandoned last year. Dyson believes it can meet the government’s requirements by deploying knowledge in areas where there is some crossover between its products and ventilators. These include digital motors, battery packs, expertise in airflow, and HEPA filters, which block fine particles but not air.

Sources familiar with the two schemes said they were in a position to start work but have been waiting on the government to give its blessing to one or both of the projects. The government is expected to provide further details on Thursday.”

From Fast Company with a reprint of Dyson’s internal email to employees: “Dyson plans to build 15,000 ventilators to fight COVID-19 The company will donate thousands of ventilators abroad.

“As the world faces ventilator shortages in the growing COVID-19 pandemic, Dyson—the U.K. company known best for making vacuums, air purifiers, and hair dryers—is collaborating on a ventilator in coordination with The Technology Partnership (TTP). Dubbed CoVent, it’s a bed-mounted, portable ventilator that can run from battery power in field-hospital conditions.

Working under a grant from the U.K. government, with oversight from the U.K. National Health Service and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), Dyson has agreed to produce 10,000 ventilators for the country. On top of that, it will produce another 5,000 ventilators for donation. One thousand of those will go to the U.K. The remaining 4,000 will go to other countries. CoVent will need to receive regulatory approval before receiving funding and going into production.”

Disclosure: Years ago I sold ads in a blog post featuring you, your biography and vacuum! I’ve yet to own any Dyson products myself. May be I should find something Dyson to buy to celebrate IF (a big if) and when our WWIII against covid19 is won. It is way too early to tell…

20200328 Dyson CoVent - book - pix 02

Your #covid19 control measures have got to be exponential – New Quote I Love

Friday, 27 March, 2020

Here is a new addition to my collection of Quotes I Love.

“”This is a virus (#SARS-CoV-2 / #covid19) that once it does take off, it is going to move and increase exponentially, … your control measures have got to be exponential as well to get in front of it. So small incremental measures won’t work.”” – Dr. Bruce Aylward, WHO

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