Magazine profiles by Leila Chan, independent reporter

Sunday, 30 September, 2012

I love all sorts of biography, auto-biography, magazine profiles, and I will sometimes arrange and conduct phone and video interviews. I recently got hooked on Leila Chan’s magazine profiles (in Chinese). Allow me to recommend a few of them to you if you can read Chinese.

* “周榕榕 人生是自己的

“[周榕榕] 選擇新聞系,媽媽沒有反對,能夠進到大學已經好好;工作才一年便辭職,媽媽也沒說什麼,女兒一向都喜歡旅行;可是旅行回來,還不上班,一年兩年過去,媽媽終於忍不住。


* “葉劉淑儀 母女如兄弟

“「我媽媽很重視健康,好守規矩,那些好難食的穀物早餐,呢,好似樹枝那種,我見到都想嘔!但她日日吃,並且定時吃飯、吃好多生果蔬菜、做運動。媽媽常說:『健康一點,可以陪多你幾年。』我爸爸是六十幾歲時死的,媽媽現在六十二歲了,所以立法會大樓有細菌,真的好可怕。」榮欣坦言,不能想像沒有了媽媽。 “

* “楊崢 雲吞原來可以買現成?



* “周國豐 童年惡夢

“「家裡都是媽媽做飯,我和爸爸都喜歡吃肉,媽媽便拼命煮一大堆,像是要把我們養到肥肥白白。」 Read the rest of this entry »

Classical Chinese Poems in English

Saturday, 15 August, 2009

杜牧: 泊秦淮
Du Mu (803-852): Moored on River Qinhuai

1 煙籠寒水月籠沙
2 夜泊秦淮近酒家
3 商女不知亡國恨
4 隔江猶唱後庭花

1 Mist-clad, the coldish water! Moon-filled, the riverside sand!
2 I moor for the night on the Qinhuai, where wining houses stand.
3 O simple song-girls know not, the shame of a kingdom demised,
4 Still sing from o’er the river, that song by the merry king’s hand.

Translated by Andrew W.F. Wong (Huang Hongfa) 譯者: 黃宏發
2nd June 2009 (revised 3.6.09; 4.6.09; 5.6.09; 6.6.09; 8.6.09)

It is wonderful to read Mr. Andrew Wong’s (黃宏發) English translation of some classical chinese poems. To me, a self-proclaimed translation geek (translating English TV shows to Cantonese), I am even more amazed of the scholarly and insightful notes accompanying all the translations. Andrew’s choices of words are also careful and well thought out.

First Bilingual Chinese & English 2 weeks 1 gather (number 11)「兩周一聚」(十一): 傳統 & 傳統智慧 / Convention & Conventional Wisdom

Saturday, 28 March, 2009

I proposed the topic for our first bilingual Chinese & English “2 weeks 1 gather (number 11)「兩周一聚」(十一): 傳統 & 傳統智慧 / Convention & Conventional Wisdom”. And now I’ve posted my “傳統 & 傳統智慧 / Convention & Conventional Wisdom” entry.

I took a chance in proposing a topic to be written in two languages by the self-nominated participants but I believe it is a chance that I want to take. The Canadian sensibility in me lead me to give this bilingual idea a try.

You see, in Canada, English and French are official languages and the two languages are being used daily in businesses and in parliamentary debates, etc. Hong Kong and other cities we may have come from may use Chinese & English in their daily lifes, which is why I love to see the participants in this virtual and self-nominated gathering to give both Chinese and English a try. As I mentioned in the topic proposal, even one sentence in Chinese or English is good enough for this idea.

Now, let me share with you a “secret” and please don’t laugh too hard! (smile) I am still waiting for the day when my French is much improved (getting to know a pretty French-speaking lady will help (smile)). I took a French class in Hong Kong years ago but not much of those French are left in my head now. But I think, fundamentally, the willingness to communicate will travel a long way in creating a better world.

So here is my “secret”. My two fluent French sentences are,

“Excusez-moi, je ne parle pas Français. Parlez-vous Anglais?”

which you may have guessed the meaning in English and it is of course,

“Excuse me, I don’t speak French. Do you speak English?”

I believe when I am willing to step into another person’s shoes and try to speak her/his language, then the other person may be much more willing to help even if his/her English is not fluent. (Thinking about it, who said my English is fluent? (big smile))

港女港男對講@星期日檔案 2009-03-15 (War of HK sexes part 2)

Sunday, 15 March, 2009

如果你還沒有看,請看看 港女港男對講@星期日檔案 2009-03-08

我看完港女港男對講@星期日檔案 2009-03-15之後,我將會寫多篇文章(請等一等),但係我基本上仍然認為 “港女港男,早死早著!

The Memes of Hong Kong Ladies and Gents 「港女」與「港男」

Wednesday, 11 March, 2009

If there were a time that I have to write in Chinese, this would be it.

In this bloody war between the two sexes in Hong Kong, the fighting on the battle ground of the memes 「港女」(Kong Girls) and「港男」(Kong Boys) are getting nastier and nastier. Writing in Chinese will let me reach out to the most Hong Kong Chinese readers and to communicate with them directly in their language of preference on a topic that they are all very passionate about.

I am quite proud to have written “港女港男,早死早著!“, which I hope will be an insightful article even I deliberately picked a seemingly insulting title to make the article eye-catching.

Whether my insights help or not, I had a ton of fun writing in Chinese in a humorous tone and sharing my “insights” and unique perspective one the matter.

If you can read Chinese, check out my “港女港男,早死早著!“. Hope you enjoy it as much as I in writing it.

Recent Chinese Entries – 最新中文博客條目

Tuesday, 10 March, 2009

Here are some of my recent Chinese blog entries. Feel free to check them out if you can read Chinese.

Writing in Chinese (中文寫作)

Friday, 6 March, 2009

Thanks to the kind help from a few encouraging blog friends, I have ventured into writing more blog entries in Chinese (中文寫作). Which is why you may be seeing less blog entries here. Feel free to check out my Chinese blog (加燦指點) if you can read Chinese.

While I am not comparing myself to the economist Steven N. S. Cheung (張五常), whose main accomplishment at the end may be his efforts in bringing some western economics ideas and analysis into China, but he has set a good example. I think it helps to write in Chinese if I want to share some of my insights with Chinese in Hong Kong or other places.

As an aside, I am proud to be a Canadian as I think our multicultural and diversify mixed of cultures are our key assets in this new connected world. We don’t have the military power of US, we don’t have a large foreign currency reserve like China, but we do have so many different cultures living relatively well together and  a government reasonably respected in the world (a bit diminished under P.M. Harper).

I will continue to post entries in this blog but please check out my Chinese blog (加燦指點) if you can read Chinese.

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