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Monday, 23 July, 2018

2018 Nov 13 update: ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL | OFFICIAL HD TRAILER #3 | 2019

(Note: I just asked/begged Nick to do another one of his commentary! :) )


Just watched the fascinating new trailer of “Alita: Battle Angel”. The purpose of this post is to collect some info that I find interesting. I hope to add more later.

Alita: Battle Angel | Official Trailer (July 23)

Live Q&A (July 23) with James Cameron, Robert Rodriguez, Jon Landau & Rosa Salazar

I LOVE this Alita manga created chat, have a watch for sure!

Alita- Battle Angel is More Important Than You Think [HT NickOnRipple]

Some extra info

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Anne (2017 CBC) starring Amybeth McNulty

Wednesday, 29 March, 2017

I really enjoy the new Anne (2017 CBC) (Facebook) (based on the 1908 novel Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery) starring Amybeth McNulty (Twitter) in the role of Anne. You can watch the full episodes online at CBC.

I really like this official Facebook page video “Meet the cast and crew who have brought this new take on a beloved classic to life.” where the show creators talk about from episode 2 onward there are more creative story telling with sprinkles of the classic moments added to the inspired story.

G&M, “John Doyle: Anne of Green Gables adaptation is sublimely reinvigorated

Huff Post, “The New ‘Anne Of Green Gables’ On CBC Is Super Dark, Feminist

Anne of Green Gables returns — again (The National CBC)

Amybeth McNulty of ‘Anne’ on the Musical That Changed Her Life

Bonus: Quoting John Doyle G&M, “And it is somewhat startling to find the Tragically Hip’s Ahead by a Century used over the opening credits. It’s a song with profound resonance for so many Canadians. And the line “Illusions of some day casting a golden light” amply works its magical power here.

The Tragically Hip – Ahead By A Century

The Life and Times of LM Montgomery” (poor audio but still nice to watch)

I was told a Japanese animated Anne series was made and I found most of its 50 episodes (with English subtitles) on YouTube where you can watch via this YouTube Playlist. Here is episode #1.

CBC Archives – Japanese adore Anne of Green Gables

Howl’s Moving Castle – Call Me, Maybe?

Monday, 24 December, 2012

It all started with me trying to find a video clip from Howl’s Moving Castle to go with a cryptic FB Status, “Hello ATCO, Our fire demon is sick and waiting for your help.” It is not in my nature to let a good idea go wasted, so I did some research & search and found the wonderfully made HMC | Call Me, Maybe? ♡

Spoiler Warning: Do not watch clip if you want to watch the full film spoiler-free. Howl’s Moving Castle is a 2004 Japanese animated fantasy film. At heart, it is a most enchanted magical story about love.

NFB Get Animated in Calgary FREE on Nov 6th, 2011

Wednesday, 5 October, 2011

Check out NFB‘s annual program Get Animated, a FREE celebration of animation in Calgary, Alberta on Nov 6th, 2011.

The Trembling Veil of Bones won two Leo Awards

Monday, 27 June, 2011

I want to congratulate Matthew Talbot-Kelly, talented filmmaker & storyteller (of Moving Tales fame), for winning two Leo Awards (best direction and best music) with his The Trembling Veil of Bones. Congrats Matthew!

Have a watch of my extensive interview with Matthew about his award-winning film. And see my review of the excellent Moving Tales iPad app ”Unwanted Guest“.

Congrats Jeff Chiba Stearns, Webby winner for Ode to a Post-it Note

Friday, 17 June, 2011

Congrats to Jeff Chiba Stearns, Webby winner for Ode to a Post-it Note. You may remember that Jeff’s feature length film “One Big Hapa Family” was one of my 2010 CIFF Picks.

Jeff’s 5 words Webby acceptance speech.

Diana Wynne Jones, author of Howl’s Moving Castle, has died

Sunday, 27 March, 2011

Have a read of a beautiful UK Guardian obituary of Diana Wynne Jones, author of Howl’s Moving Castle (I love the film).

Howl’s Moving Castle – US Trailer

TV show recreates balloon house from Pixar’s Up

Monday, 7 March, 2011

Good to have something nice to start the week. From National Post, “National Geographic TV show recreates the balloon house from Pixar’s Up”

iPad app review: Moving Tales’ Unwanted Guest

Thursday, 3 March, 2011

Moving Tales' Unwanted Guest - pix 1Moving Tales' Unwanted Guest - pix 2

Apple iPad app:  ”Unwanted Guest

Price: US$ 4.99

Star rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Unwanted Guest“ is great story and wonderfully designed app by the creative people at Moving Tales. The story about a poor old man, down on his luck and living in a tumbledown house, is visited by an unwelcome house guest was very engaging that I ended up finishing the app/book in one reading! The animations are beautifully imagined, stunningly designed and rendered. The English, French, and Spanish voice-over all sounded very engaging and worked great with the story. I can imagine some parents using the foreign languages option to teach their children one or more of the languages. I highly recommend you check out ”Unwanted Guest“.

By the way, if you haven’t seen Moving Tales‘s first story app ”The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross“, have a look of my 2010 August app review and you may want to get that app too. By now, I have seen and reviewed producer/director/animator Matthew Talbot-Kelly’s Moving Tales team of creative people’s last two out of three story apps and they are setting very high standard for the industry!

The following is a promotional clip of the app from Moving Tales.

Always With Me – Spirited Away

Tuesday, 21 December, 2010

Here is “Always With Me” (いつも何度でも Itsumo Nando Demo) sang beautifully by Youmi Kimura (木村 弓), a song in the popular 2001 anime film Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki, a film that I watched again recently thanks to the Calgary Public Library 2-disc DVD version with additional bonus features.

Studio Ghibli: The Borrower Arrietty

Friday, 15 October, 2010

The Borrower Arrietty (借りぐらしのアリエッティ Karigurashi no Arietti) is a 2010 Japanese anime film produced by Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli, based on the fantasy novel The Borrowers by Mary Norton.”

Studio Ghibli has done so many great films over the year,  looks like another great film. Here are some trailers which look wonderful even I don’t know what they are saying in Japanese.


1:56 trailer.

World’s Smallest stop-motion animation character filmed with Nokia N8 and CellScope (a diagnostic-quality microscope)

Saturday, 25 September, 2010

World’s Smallest stop-motion animation character filmed with Nokia N8 and CellScope (a diagnostic-quality microscope). Really cool. [HT Discovery News]

Dot. The world’s smallest stop-motion animation character shot on a Nokia N8

Cool looking: Nokia N8 TV ad – It’s not technology, it’s what you do with it.

Jeff Chiba Stearns – shares his “Yellow Sticky Notes” animation magic at 2010 CIFF

Saturday, 25 September, 2010

Jeff Chiba Stearns rough animation demo – 2010 CIFF Calgary International Film FestivalJeff Chiba Stearns rough animation demo – 2010 CIFF Calgary International Film Festival

In the following interview/demo, Jeff Chiba Stearns, filmmaker of “One Big Hapa Family“, shows us how he use the “Yellow Sticky Notes” (viewed over 1.4 million times) style of animation to draw and create his magic. Also check out my video interview with Jeff.

P.S. I really appreciate Jeff openly sharing his creative work-in-progress here. It reminds me of my 2008 interview with painter Christine Cheung where she chatted with me about her abstract painting and let me interviewed her and filmed her painting.

Jeff Chiba Stearns interview – One Big Hapa Family – 2010 CIFF Calgary International Film Festival

Saturday, 25 September, 2010

One Big Hapa Family posterJeff Chiba Stearns interview - One Big Hapa Family - 2010 CIFF Calgary International Film Festival

I had a great time interviewing Jeff Chiba Stearns, filmmaker of “One Big Hapa Family“, last night and I am looking forward to watching his feature-length documentary One Big Hapa Family on Sunday, Sept 26, 2:45pm.

In the interview Jeff and I chatted about what inspired him to make the documentary, why he thinks may explain the stats of 95% of Japanese-Canadian marries inter=racially or Japanese of non-Japanese decent (South Asian is 13%), why can we learn from this difference. Jeff and I also talk about the animation techniques he used, what inspired him to draw some of the scenes in his over 1.4 million views “Yellow Sticky Notes“, his recommended animation book “The Illusion of Life“, and other animation/filmmaking ideas. Enjoy.

One Big Hapa Family - Jeff & GrandpaOne Big Hapa Family - Sushi

One Big Hapa Family - Chalk HapasOne Big Hapa Family - Koga Reunion 2009

2010 CIFF Picks: One Big Hapa Family

Friday, 24 September, 2010

2010 CIFF Picks: One Big Hapa Family

New 2010 Calgary International Film Festival Picks: One Big Hapa Family by Jeff Chiba Stearns (CIFF screening info: Sunday, Sept 26, 2:45pm, Globe Theatre) (film website at Meditating Bunny). (Short film  “Out of Infamy: Michi Nishiura Weglyn” is also screening at the same time.)

Jeff‘s award winning “Yellow Sticky Notes“, viewed close to 1.5 million times, is a very charming animation short film and I love it. So I am very excited and looking forward to watching One Big Hapa Family on Sunday.

Check out this film trailer. (added on Oct 11th, 2010)

Here is “Yellow Sticky Notes“.

Check out Jeff’s interview on MTV LIVE , a creative and fun Post-It note ad, and Jeff’s 2010 Emily Carr Award acceptance speech. I will be interviewing Jeff later tonight, so stay tune for that.

Here is Meditating Bunny Studio Reel 2010

The Trenches – TIFF 2010

Monday, 13 September, 2010

The Trenches is a great Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) 2010 short film. Check out more info and filmmaker interview from NFB.

Trailer of The Trenches.

The sound environment of The Trenches.

Pedlar Lady is Apple iPad App of the week for US & Canada

Thursday, 19 August, 2010

Pedlar Lady - iPad App of the week for US & Canada (Aug 19, 2010)

I am excited to report the really cool Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross app is,

– Apple iPad app of the week in US and Canada!

– #1 on iTunes Canada Top Paid iPad Book Apps.

#2 on U.S. iTunes store – top paid AND top grossing iPad books.

Check out my review of the Pedlar Lady iPad app. And my video interview with Matthew Talbot-Kelly, director and producer of the app, to talk about the app.

Congrats Matthew, really happy for you and your team!

Pedlar Lady - iPad App description

Cinematic iPad storytelling app review: “The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross”

Matthew Talbot-Kelly “The Trembling Veil of Bones” interview

Tuesday, 10 August, 2010

Matthew Talbot-Kelly interviews (Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross iPad app & The Trembling Veil of Bones animation)

Matthew Talbot-Kelly (imdb), director & producer of the animated short film “The Trembling Veil of Bones” and creator of the “The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross” iPad app, is an animator that was trained in architecture. In the following Skype video interview, I chatted with Matthew about how his knowledge of architecture influences his animations, why he decided to find an actor to play Bones, the story’s protagonist, the meanings of some of the images in the film, and more. Enjoy.

The following are clips produced by the National Film Board of Canada.



iPad app interview: Matthew Talbot-Kelly “Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross”

Tuesday, 10 August, 2010

Matthew Talbot-Kelly interviews (Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross iPad app & The Trembling Veil of Bones animation)

Aug 19, 2010 update: Pedlar Lady is Apple iPad App of the week for US & Canada


It was a lot of fun chatting with Matthew Talbot-Kelly (imdb), director & producer of the Apple iPad app “The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross” (see app review here).

Matthew got the idea to develop an iPad app right after watching Steve Jobs first demoed the iPad online (in late Jan 2010). After watching Jobs’ demo, Matthew concluded Jobs “didn’t really have the killer app” for iPad and demoed uses were things people could already do with their computers. Soon after the Jobs’ demo, Matthew took one of his animation projects (one previously pitched as a short film) and pitched it again, but this time as an iPad app. And Matthew was able to quickly find an interested Vancouver investor. A note to creative people out there: sometimes your prior creative ideas/efforts can generate result in unexpected places at a later time, you never know if you keep your eyes open.

Pedlar Lady is a story based on an 800 years old poem and this story has many variants around the world. Matthew turned to his partner Jacqueline Rogers and asked her to write and transform the story into a story telling text that is playful, magical, dynamic and alive at the same time. The time it took to create the iPad app is hard to determine because it included a long process of research & development to figure out what are possible or not possible in the current iOS software development kit 4. There are more technical discussions in the video interview.

The animation artists involved int app development are experienced 3D or 2D animators, so animated objects are 3 dimensional and are in prospective. Take a look of the included promotional clip to see what the animations in the app looks like.

The creation of the Pedlar Lady was the beautiful result of an international effort with Matthew and his partner based in Gibson, BC and other collaborators working from Ireland, New Brunswick, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, South Africa, London, Mexico, Peru, Finland, etc.

The following are the videos of my interesting Skype video chat with Matthew. Enjoy.

Here is a promotional clip of “The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross” iPad app

Chat with Cam Lizotte, animator, at Banff World TV Festival 2010

Thursday, 8 July, 2010

The following is my video chat with Cam Lizotte, animator at Camosabee Animation Studios, at 2010 Banff World TV Festival. Also take a look of Cam’s demo reel & portfolio.

P.S. I found this video clip from NFB.

P.P.S. I met Cam by chance at a Banff breakfast. It was nice to see him again by chance the following day, this time, part way through his breakfast, he got a chance to pitch his animation projects to a broadcaster. :)

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