Dark: Seasons 1+2+3 Recap+Ending Explained+Interviews

Just watched (almost non-stop Friday-Sunday) the whole Netflix Dark TV series seasons 1+2+3 in the last few days and quite enjoyed it! Here are a few spoiler-filled Recap+Ending Explained+Interviews that I had a lot of fun watching, enjoy (I tried to put the ones I enjoy more first)! BTW, did you watch Dark in its original German audio track or English dub? I think I may rewatch the series finale once more, this time in German, just to see how it goes.

DARK Season 3 Ending Explained! (K’s note: one of the better (or the best?) ending explained of Dark S3 so far)

DARK SEASON 3 Ending Explained Breakdown + Full Series Spoiler Talk Review | NETFLIX

Dark Season 3 Ending Explained | Netflix (Note: I feel like this reviewer, in fact, I skipped episodes 5, 6, 4(?) and jumped right to e7 and e8)

Louis Hofmann – Dark Season 3 Exclusive Interview

Lisa Vicari – Dark Season 3 Exclusive Interview (Note: Same interviewer but this interview with Lisa Vicari, to be frank, wasn’t as compelling/insightful as the last one. I’ve included another interview with Lisa Vicari which started much better. BTW, she is in the 2020 Netflix German romantic comedy film Isi & Ossi (trailer clip), will see if that is any good).

Dark: Seasons 1 & 2 RECAP (K’s note: Love this recap!)

Bonus Interview: Louis Hofmann & Lisa Vicari explain the shocking ending of Dark [FULL SPOILERS]

Bonus**2: Isi & Ossi | Offizieller Trailer | Netflix (starring Lisa Vicari) (film wiki)


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