Fuck! 53 is just too young! We are all #STARS of #OurLives

Fuck! 53 is just too young! May you rest in peace Mr. Irrfan Khan (1967-2020). Link to samples of movies by Mr. Khan below!

We are all #STARS of our own movie that is called #OurLives. Some people chase fame or fortune (or both). I like to say both fame and fortune are NOT enduring as no one on their deathbeds ask these two questions:

Q1) How famous am I (how many Facebook/Twitter/IG followers do I have)?
Q2) How much money do I have in my bank account or how many houses do I have?

Years ago famed investor/philanthropist Warren Buffett (1930- ) (and via his biographer Alice (1956-)) taught me a lesson via his own teachings to his children.

Warren could have gifted millions to his children and let them do nothing! He didn’t! He made sure his children find meanings in their own lives. He would have easily destroyed his three children’s lives if he wasn’t careful. IF he had not taught them to find meanings in their own lives for he had/has so much money that none of his children need to lift a finger to do anything and they would have every material thing they ever want in life.

But is that a good life? Warren taught us, no.

That would be horrible lives to live.

Find meanings in our own lives. Especailly in our #Covid19 age is important. I believe (I might be wrong) that now is the time where we (you and me) are resetting the world, hopefully for the better.

“Make this world a better place than the one we found” was a nice slogan for years. And now we, with luck, can try to “Make this world a better place than the one we found” for real.

So we continue to make the movie called #OurLives. #OurLives may end at 53 (Irrfan Khan), 102 (Ronald Coase), or 23 (Abbigail Cowbrough), … We just don’t know how long we have on this earth. So try to live our lives and treasure each day as if today is our last because some day it just might …

//Irrfan Khan, the Indian-born actor who achieved considerable success in both Bollywood and the west, has died aged 53. During his career he had a string of Anglo-American successes, staring in films like Slumdog Millionaire, Life of Pi and Jurassic World. Here’s a look at five memorable roles//

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