I am the F**King Virus – a Pandemic #Covid19 Documentary Poetry short film

“I am the F**King Virus” is Kempton‘s first foray into Poetry, specifically Documentary Poetry (see note below), and even more specifically the form of Documentary Poetry short film.

==== See Director’s statement plus more reference notes below after the documentary poetry ====

I am the F**King Virus – a Documentary Poem by Kempton

(20200417 version 2.48163264128256512102420484096)

I am the F**King Virus

You covered me up. And let me killed thousands

Thank you. Xie Xie. Or is it Xi Xi

WHO studied me and recommended how to beat me

but few read her report so I infected 100,000s more

How do I say thank you in Italian, Spanish, German, Persian, French, Korean, and Trumpian

I am the F**King Virus

We shall fight on the beaches

We shall fight under the cherry blossom trees

We shall fight in the churches, mosques, and synagogues

We shall fight in close combat less than 2 meters apart (with no Physical Distancing)

We can stop fighting now IF you accept my price of 1.4% of you ALL
(mostly elderly, the weak plus some healthy young human beings)

I am the F**King virus

I am on the Edge of Tomorrow or is it Live Die Repeat

You are now awakened. You want to act brave and play Emily Blunt or Tom Cruise

You have finally found those bottles of deathbed messages on your empty beaches

You finally care. WHO cares. Really. Always

Give up now. My first offer of 1.4% of you ALL has expired.
Now my market price has gone up to 9% (thank you China, Italy, Spain, Iran, France, and the good old US of A)

I am the F**King Virus

I am not your “Chinese Virus”. But I love your infighting.
Hatred is my Superman’s Yellow Sun

My name is COVID19.
My friend WHO gave me that lovely name.
WHO talked to me, cared about me, and studied me when few had heard about me.
I am the Fun King of Virus. Your Holocaust 2.0.
How Game of Thrones should have ended.
Your World War III genocide of humans.

I love sports. See you in Tokyo Olympics. Yes to “Faster, Higher, Stronger”,
especially Faster. Faster, Spread Faster

I love infecting and killing you exponentially fast.
I want to mutate faster to kill you better

Stop trying now.
F**k WHO-China Joint Mission report.
F**k The Lancet.
F**k The New England Journal of Medicine.
F**k Stat News.
F**k WHO global SOLIDARITY megatrial.
F**k your research for vaccines & effective therapeutics.
F**k your “Testing, Testing, Testing”.
Most of all, f**k your handwashing.

I am the F**King virus

I am COVID-19 of the House SARS, the Second of Her Name,

Reigning Fun King of Virus, Stopper of Flights,
Builder of Walls, Destroyer of Alliances

Divider of United “PPE for Highest Bidders” States,
Breaker of Supply Chains and Mother of Bats.

Unless Humanity stops her infighting and work together as One to end me now

I will be back. I promise


(Written originally on Sat & Sun March 21-22, 2020 and then finished further update on Apr 17th as the world fights the deadly covid19. My heart is broken. I wrote without malice but with hope. Never Give Up! We can and will win this WWIII of Covid19 together! Inspired by poet & reporter Yuri‘s poem “I AM THE VIRUS“. Many thanks to Yuri for her encouragement plus wonderful feedback & suggestions for improvements. As I tweeted, “Life is too short so I’m going to make a fool of myself by attempting my first poem! I hope I won’t die of #shame before #covid19 kills me!” Will see about that.)


Director’s Statement: I am the F**King Virus – a #Covid19 Documentary Poem short film written, read, directed by Kempton Lam filmmaker of “Revolution Trilogy「革命三部曲」”, three documentaries made from 2005-2015.

In “Revolution Trilogy「革命三部曲」”,  Kempton tried to capture three historically tough & challenging periods of Hong Kong history during her democratic struggle with the increasing brutal totalitarian Chinese Beijing central government ruled first by General Secretary Hu Jintao 胡锦涛 (2002-2012) and then by Emperor Xi Jinping 习近平 (2012 – present).

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