News Clippings 20191203

I’ll try to add my collection of News Clippings regularly if I can. Here are a few added on 20191203:

– Sportsnet, “Lowry’s imminent return will boost deep, red-hot Raptors roster

#TeachableMoments I love the Raptors but I’m not a traditional basketball fan. I love and look for those moments/insights that transcend the sport and try to learn from them. Just LOVE this Serge Ibaka segment in the article so very much, thanks Arden Zwelling for the great writing,

Davis remembers Ibaka sitting him down shortly after Lowry’s injury to talk about his expanded role — how important it was for him to seize the opportunity as long as it lasted and prove he could be relied upon in critical moments.

Davis says he needed that talk to help drive home the fact he wasn’t only playing to help himself and his team presently, but in the future. Ibaka says it’s a message he might not have known he needed to deliver earlier in his career.

“After winning a championship, I learned that to win a championship, you need everybody. You need everybody to have confidence to play at a high level,” Ibaka said. “And since I want to win another one, I have to make sure that everybody around me is good. So, I’m going to start with the young fellas.

“I spoke with (Davis) a couple times. Just trying to make him understand that he has a chance to be great here. All he has to do is focus and do all the little things because he has talent. Sometimes, as a young guy, it’s very hard to understand that when you come into a team that has already won something. Even if you have talent, you have to do the little things to give your coach the confidence to put you on the court. So, it’s our job as the vets to talk to them and make sure that they understand that.”

– The Stand News, “警謊實錄:謎一樣的煙霧餅


Germany DW, “To the Point – Hong Kong elections – Wake-up call for Beijing?” full video program ~26 minutes.

– #DailyPositive How sweet! Making a positive difference in retirement. via CBC News, “91-year-old spends retirement building 900 birdhouses — and counting – ‘Mother Nature’s been pretty good to me all my life so I’m making a little effort to give some back‘”

– #China #TwoMichaels, G&M, “China wants Canada to shut up. That’s exactly why we shouldn’t

//It was a year ago Sunday that Canadian officials arrested Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver International Airport on an extradition request from the United States. A lot has happened since then. Beijing retaliated by jailing two Canadians in China on trumped-up security charges, and has been holding them as political hostages ever since. Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig have reportedly been subjected to conditions that are considered torture by human-rights groups. China also banned some Canadian agricultural products.//

– xxx

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