UK Supreme Court: Suspending Parliament was unlawful, judges rule (reflecting on Canada PM Harper 2008 prorogation)

After three days of hearing last week (full video here), UK Supreme Court has ruled PM Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament was unlawful. From Supreme Court: main link for case details, judgement (PDF), and summary (PDF).

Sept 24, 2019 Supreme Court: Suspending Parliament was unlawful, judges rule – BBC News

The PM’s “shark fin soup” funnies from yesterday before his pants caught fire! (start 8m2s)

20190924 Guardian, (23:40 podcast) “Unlawful: the supreme court stuns Boris Johnson – Philippe Sands QC on the decision by the supreme court to rule against the government on the suspension of parliament.

20190924 BBC Newsnight “Supreme Court ruling: Where does the defeat leave Boris Johnson?

On days like today, I very much wish Governor-General Michaëlle Jean had this Supreme Court of UK for her legal advisors to use as a precedence to stop PM Harper from delaying a vote of no-confidence in 2008 by prorogation. #Canada #cdnpoli

P.S. 20190924 Update: Guardian, “Remainers sing in rain as far right chant for Johnson at supreme court

20190924 BBC, “Supreme Court ruling leaves Queen in middle of political storm” [emphasis added]

Former Conservative prime minister Sir John Major commented after the judgement that “no prime minister must ever treat the monarch or Parliament in this way again“.

He chose his words – and the order of his words – carefully, and conservatively. First monarch, then Parliament. He understands the damage this has done to the position of the Queen.

20190924 New York Times, “How the U.K. Supreme Court’s Rebuke to Boris Johnson Remakes British Law Image” [emphasis added]

The unanimous decision, handed down on Tuesday, is an unalloyed defeat for Mr. Johnson and will propel Britain into a fresh round of political turmoil. But it is even more significant for what it says about the role of the country’s highest court, which has historically steered clear of politics.

By ruling that Mr. Johnson acted unlawfully — and doing so in such stark language — the court asserted its right to curb a government that obstructed Parliament’s ability to “carry out its constitutional functions as a legislature and as the body responsible for the supervision of the executive.”

20190924 (Worth a read) Guardian, “Gina Miller: the woman who took on the UK government and won – twice

20190924 Guardian Opinion, UK supreme court, “The supreme court judgment is a devastating blow for a failed prime minister – Boris Johnson’s position must be in question. But this ruling bolsters parliament against many other outside forces


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